Request : Update from Poloniex on STEEM/SBD transfers.

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It has been since HF19 that Poloniex has "Temporarily Disabled" STEEM transfers without any explanation of the problem to the community.

This has a negative impact on the value of STEEM at the worst possible time, (HF19 + EOS), I know many people who would be more than grateful to help out the engineers at Poloniex get their node in order.

I think it's important that we get some correspondent from Poloniex to updates us on Steem in times like this.

I'll upvote any posts that help speed this up!


It looks like a generic message they're putting on all wallets that they haven't enabled:

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 09.04.35.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 09.06.06.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 09.09.15.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 09.09.43.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 09.09.57.png

The fact that other exchanges are not experiencing the same problem will tell most users (that do their due diligence) that the issue lies with Poloniex not the coins.

thankgod i left polo for bittrex

I transferred everything I could out of Poloniex over just this issue. A trading site that regularly prevents people from trading simply isn't worth messing with.

exactly! poloniex is still better than a bank...but ya they must step up their game...this is life and death for some of us! especially users in Africa like @xpency and @tj4real we should show poloniex how freezing funds of people in developing nations can get them KILLED so we need to point out poloniex as being responsible for the deaths of people who cannot buy food because poloniex has frozen their funds

this is also why you cant ever hold

if all the witnesses ganged up on @poloniex we could seize their entire account! Its the same idea as bitcoin being able to change whatever they want with consensus from miners

and so if poloniex keeps this up, all witness nodes could just take a vote and over ride the poloniex account and seize their steem ! its possible but not as easy as I just described and @poloniex should take note!

they just need some time tho, poloniex doesnt have nefarious intentions, they are just a garage ban that grew too large but refused to buy a new offiice and wants to run a multi national global finance corporation out oftheiir moms basement and let the neighbors run security and let their neighbors kids do the marketing...

That would do nothing to reopen the exchange. They hold the keys to mine and every other wallet.

no i mean we could get the steem out of the POLONIEX account WHICH HAS ALL our steem in just one account @poloniex
all poloniex steem is NOT on the exchange! its on OUR blockchain!
my point brings up many questions that noobs will end up freaking out over for the wrong reasons... (not u)i mean i am just talking aout the seem on poloiex

its al in the @poloniex steemit accpunt and so witnesses could all manually override poloniex just like how bitcoins transactions could theoretically be reversed if ALL bitcoin miners manually go back and all reverse it! totally possible! so is confiscating poloniex's steem! but t wont come to that poloniex isnt gona try and just take all the steem.... aha ust bringing up some theoreticals! haha

I transferred everything I could out of Poloniex

Yup. Me too. At this point I have the equivalent of $0.02 in Poloniex. Took everything out.

hat site did you use pal? I'm looking into bittrex

I moved my coins from Poloniex to Steemit. I post on how I've done it.

Another member told me, he's coins is on hold for the last four weeks. So I tried to find a way to get out there.

Please follow me @Yehey
Thank you.

My coin also stuck in poloniex almost a month, if you get the solution

appreciate that inform me


True. I have been using Bittrex without any issues (they trade STEEM and SBD).

Yes. In other words, it's total BS.

I start to think that they are greater interests in place like price and volume control.

Seems like they have all kinds of problems and don't really want to provide customer service. People have had SJCX (Storj coin) stuck there for months now with little to no communication. No traditional exchange/broker would ever get away with stuff like that.

The blue pills are 1 dollar the red pills ae crypto's :

The blue pills are 1 dollar the red pills ae crypto's :

I agree. It's not the first time they've done this in regards to coins. I mean, there are literally 20 something other exchanges out there. Pick another one that works for you.

Yeah, but it does seem to be having a chilling effect on the price of steem, which may actually be part of their intention.

This is the most frustrating thing. It's bad enough to have deposit and withdraw blocked for so long on both our currencies - can we at least get some transparency? It is not hard to predict that users will want to know why these are restricted... not a good sign.

I was just able to withdraw my STEEM. Like 5 minutes ago!

Exactly, I've just wrote same thing it looks more and more fishy, more and more scary.
Poloniex is big and we would all loose when it would fall.
There's no "Too big to fall".

Im with you but I think poloniex have done enough damage to the market and have got away with it... I think a decentralised platform on the blockchain is the only solution... Ive lost all hope in poloniex, I believe its centralised just as a bank which is why it should be abolished

That's why Bitshares was created... a decentralized platform. Unfortunately, the likes of Polo, Coinbase..etc don't want to utilize it for some reason or another. My only guess, is they want to maintain control and manipulation of the markets. Pure and simple!

Agreed, moved from polo to bittrex but their ask/bid placing table is really pissed me off (in my opinion).
I think table of placing bids/ask should be more comprehensive and user friendly like general forex standards. PEACE

I know exactly what you mean. I've since gotten used to it, but once or twice I paid more than I meant to and received less coins than I'd intended.

@tj347 u lucky one... it happened with me so many times... but i recovered my losses by catching some good trades... @poliniex

is there other site aside from poloniex that has the same functionality?

Have you checked, Bittrex? i elaborated on this on my comment below. Bittrex does not have lots of issues like Poloniex..good to diversify.

Yobit is better as there trollbox is still runing @charles1 @yobit @trollbox

you know what sucks? it took a week to post this 'info' message on the exchange page. if it takes another week to post another update while our coins are lost in hyperspace, it sucks even more...

Very suspicious behavior if you ask me. Why the silence when they are the ones who disabled the thing in the first place. Didn't anyone think to inform people why they've disabled? They obviously knew why they were disabling but they chose to withhold info

Yes I also find this a little bit suspicious. Never trusted silence.

it is kindof suspicious...

Better customer services ... more trustworthy company/exchange @iamwatsi

forget polo!

I agree, hence why I advised most of my contacts to diversify to Bitrrex. See My comment below in this post also elaborated on it and why. Good comment @cqf

Hey can u tell me good exchange sites? I've used Polo but want to try some new maybe better one. Thx 4 that :)

Poloniex are damaging their own reputation with this. A trading platform that suspends trading for so long will only harm it's reputation in a market place where user trust is vital.

I completely agree, POLO sure have taken their time to back to us or give any response. Surely sending out an email to the user base wouldn't have killed them?

There are enough talented people here that could probably get involved to expedite the situation, so this post is a great idea to bring the problem to the surface again and get it the attention it deserves!

I cannot believe they still haven't fixed the issue.. All other coins would be ok... but not this one!

This is a very good strategy from you @transisto to resolve this issue. Issue is not to help Poloniex but do they want to be helped??? that is the million dollar question. I think that (just my own view poin) that it might be done on purpose by a competitor to compromise steem due to the positive trend and potentials of steem. However, with little time, Poloniex will see the light and resolve the issue. The same issue with peoples account, hence why most are changing to Bittrex.
I will send them a note and hope that many will join in knocking on their door till we knock it wide open and they resolve this issue: the power of crowd and team work in action...they must hear our one united voice.
Upvoted and resteemd (for others to join the fight), thanks for sharing and all your support here.

@transisto in addition to my comment above, I was wondering : with strategic innovation and design thinking strategy (I can help) plus all the human capital we have here at steemit, we can actually have our own exchange in order to take the fight to the likes of Poloniex and Coinbase et al that plays on us when ever there is a big sale in the market in order to take advantage. However , on the other hand, this will need lots of work, costs and will take some time to achieve. But we will surely reach there if we try and this will add value to steem ecosystem and most importantly, give us all a rest of mind. A win win for all.

Yea, Poloniex's level of service has declined ever since trollbox has gone and no one's been able to discuss issues in real time..

Wow, had not notice they had taken off the TrollBox

To meet the increasing demands on support staff, the Trollbox has been disabled indefinitely and moderators have been reallocated to assist in support.Posted by OldManKidd at 2017-06-07 06:10:17

Yes, sad indeed, but I guess their support was overwhelmed and that too is sad lol

There is blood in the streets! Great time to buy steem @ $1.50

Thanks, now I'll know what to look for.

First time ive thought of that one literally! ...eek :/

The idiot's just disabled BTS (bitshares) wallet also !!!

Wow! I wonder if they are campaigning against all coins Dan created?

I raised trouble ticket to polo few days back and they did not reply at all. I like bittrex more and we should support decentralized exchange like #bitshare. I tried bitshare on Monday and it works perfectly for withdrawal my steem to steemit.

In the mean time, you can use @blocktrades. I've found their service to be reliable and fairly straightforward. Hope this helps.

There seems to be a lot of issues with Poloniex at the minute....
I hope they can resolve the issues. I am loosing more and more trust in these exchanges...

That is impossible. Poloniex is cutting off communication in all forms. They claimed to shut down the troll box to devote staff to providing more support, but if you contact support about the Steem issue, or the reason why bitcoin transactions are taking as long as 10 days to complete, support doesn't respond.

Let me ask you where do you think people would communicate with one another to alleviate their concerns about Poloniex issues and the potential loss of their holdings?


The Trollbox on Poloniex used to be the reason why I used it now I have to find some other site to exchange

This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed ASAP

I feel Poloniex's biggest issue is their lack of communication, and transparency!

I have been waiting for months to have my account verified. Tickets sent and no responses.

Thank God I don't use poloniex, half-assed message blaming the team behind the coin for the issue is just not right

It's back up now. I just transferred some steem from poloniex and powered up.

Yeah! This is clearly becoming a burden, no wonder a lot of users are on Bittrex, we need to give it a couple of years for more Exchanges to become as liquid or more, so Poloniex really needs to up their Game if they want to stay popular in the future

I think it is the worst exchange even! Slow support and poor service!

Ive been hearing that there are issues from not only Poloniex but also from Coinbase at the moment as well. People tried to withdraw money during the ether price crash and they were told that the "service was unavailable" .... things are starting to get a little fishy with some of these companies.

Not only cant they handle when a price increase happens and people join on board the crypto train, but they also seem to have a hard time dealing with prices going down and people wanting to get their money back

I hope this isn't another case of ETH becoming ETC2 and they revitalize a new ETH3

Coinbase is always doing this when they are uncertain of things. Remember their own exchange is GDAX, so things are linked together and they batten the hatches when a storm approaches. Unprofessional? maybe! Safe? Probably!

Time to buy more.

bittrex the best!!

Hard to not be the best when there is only one left. lol

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u r dam right!!

I agreee..i have used kraken, coinbase but i found bittrex the most user friendly.

They could also become scam)) Everyone can

Suggest alternatives for Steemians. Waiting for you poloniex to fix the issue ASAP.

Bittrex is probably your best bet at this time.

This stuff is is driving me nuts. Coinbase has been killing me. Hey look, ETH is $230, lets buy, aaannnnnndddd service unavailable.

I feel like they don't pour any profits into their backends to handle the traffic, ike when the market shifts and people wanna buy or sell the sites go to shit haha

Same day the HF19 SBD and steem both went unavailable....... I have sent half a dozen support contacts too. Nothing.

I normally use Exmo to buy and sell crypto for traditional money (fiat). They support Payza, Payeer, and a handful of others. I never even managed to get verified on CoinBase there was always some bs pending.

And on the otherside when wanting to sell GDAX/Coinbase loves being offline. Really is frustrating. Exchanges are facing such an increase in users and it seems they weren't anticipating that explosive growth in any way. These growing pains will subside but they won't disappear unfortunately.

Poloniex.. that is a whole other story isn't it?

it really suck when exchanges don´t have their shit in order for us to use. This kinds of problems really cost money when you cant trade when you want.

Im sure in some cases that its cost people thousands of dollars at one time, if you see the price dropping you want to get out as quick as possible....but all these exchanges keep telling people that the service is temporarily unavailable ....which is horrifying ! imagine having half a million dollars that you cant touch!

That, unfortunately is the game we play of being a completely unregulated industry. I think regulation won't be far off.

Oh yeah, thats been approaching for some time now, im actually shocked that it hasnt already happened, especially in a sphere where people are becoming millionaires over night... you would have assumed the regulation hammer would have slammed down months ago

Thats bad business behavior somebody has to
sue them or teach them some manners
thanx for this post dident know !

Resteemed UPVT Cheers Mate

I said as much in my ticket with them also, and i'm done, permanently, with dealing with them from here on. They also are refusing valid proof of address documents and identity documents from me as well.

looks like they really love there customers
at least there money :)) well what can you do
move on !

I have pretty much already written it off my mental ledger, so if it comes back, it will be a bit like a windfall. Fortunately I have learned not to allow my surplus to get so thin that even 1233 steem lost is not a disaster.

@transisto i saw you post and i enjoyed reading it, could you please have a look on my daily analysis for Oil and give me your opinion.

This happens to Poloniex most of the time for some reason. The same happened with SiaCoin. I still have a withdrawal there which got "bugged" somehow/stucked my SiaCoins, and as of today I still have not received anything nor an answer from the support of Poloniex.

Since this happened I decided to move over to Bittrex until Poloniex would actually improve their service and support. They don't even bother responding to a 1 month old ticket. -_-

Good idea. I'm moving my coins off of Poloniex. Ones that I am not trading actively because the worst thing is having them frozen in limbo with terrible customer service. Sorry your coins are currently stuck like this.

it's the same issue, siacoin, storjcoin x, sbd and steem are all out of order. oh, and bytecoin.

I'd hate to be working for them...

Well for me poloniex is not doing steem any good and on the long run it will affect poloniex more as this delays is already putting doubts on their sustainability...

Poloniex is in trouble
We usually withdraw money through poloniex then to bitcoin, and last to rupiah

Many of my friends who transfer sbd to poloniex
Then, on a few days ago, they could not sell to bitcoin.
This is a constraint for the steemians who want their money liquid.
What's wrong with poloniex?
And so far until now, poloniex very good.
Now why are there such obstacles?

Sorry if there is my writing that can not be understood,
Because of my lack of English.
And this I am asking for help google translation

thats why i moved to bittrex

This is a bit messed up. Why is polo having so much trouble with wallets all the time?

This is true. Moreover, people like me who have recently joined steemit or are new here are facing even more problems these days. Poloniex has temporarily disabled the deposit and withdrawal of steem and sbd. Now what do we do? I read that bittrex, bitgo, coinbase, etc can also be used but they charge a lot of transaction fees? Is it true..? I mean, newbies here are really totally messed up deciding what to do and what not to do. We really want someone to help us out. Which is right now the best for trading SBD?

The way I was able to get Steem into Steemit was using Changelly to convert my BTC to STEEM and get it deposited here. Poloniex just hasn't made it easy.

Bitrex also has STEEM but the fees are minimal, just like any other platform.

Coinbase you actually cannot purchase STEEM.

What are you looking to do?

I'm actually looking for buying btc using SBD. Yesterday, we all know that the Bitcoin price was very down so it wanted to buy btc from sbd. But poloniex was temporarily disabled and bittrex (one of my friend said that it charges a lot of transaction charges), so it could not buy it. And i decided that first I'll know more about all this and then only I'll trade.

openledger got SBD. and you are charged by BTS. not 0.25% like bitrx...wonder how much poloniex charges on all transacations.

Even I wonder how much poloniex charges on the transactions made. Well, thanks for helping. Even a littlle bit of help matters to me.
Thanks a lot and have a nice day. And, happy steemin!
You can also check out my latest post and help new comers by commenting and sharing your knowledge for them. Thanks again.

Bitrex charges 0.25% on all transactions

On Poloniex it depends if you are a market maker (0.15%) or taker (0.25%). Either way it is a very small price to pay if you want to purchase Bitcoin and shouldn't restrict you from doing so. Https://

@gamerveda, this is quite helpful. And, I thank you a lot for sharing some really valuable information. But I think Bitcoin is not the last money that anyone wants. Everybody is interested in changing btc to their own local currencies. So, it's important to keep in mind the transaction charges that we'll be charged for converting btc also to a different currency. What do you think?

If you are in India then Zebpay or may be the best option if you are looking to get INR for your STEEM. You could use to convert STEEM to Bitcoin (they take .5%) and deposit it directly to your wallet. Then use Zebpay or LocalBitcoins to sell it for Fiat. Keep in mind there will be costs associated with either service to convert back to Fiat. Just the nature of the game. Hope that helps

Be careful with localbitcoins though, never ever disable the escrow function, and never meet in person in a private place.

Yes, that's really helpful. And yes, zebpay is the one that converts btc to rupees and I'll use it definitely. But I've heard that bittrex etc charge 0.25% for local transactions but external transaction charges here are high. That's why I just wanted to do it in poloniex. Till then, I'm going to earn at least 100 sbd. And I just hope poloniex starts working by that time.
Thank you so much for your time and comment. :)

Well, what's best is to do a little homework and find out what the costs actually are since the actuals seem to be your concern. Good luck

don't forget @blocktrades - and if you look in your wallet, now you can find links at the bottom of the menu on the balances that open up blocktrades with the right pairs set up (btc->steem steem->btc and same for sbd)

In my experience, blocktrades has been the most helpful when things went wrong, I was never in the lurch for more than two days, and sometimes, they were even MY mistakes!

Give me my STEEM! I did a post on the same topic!

I need to power up!

That's why i prefer bittrex :) But i wont put you up to change your market :)

I suggest you use as many exchanges as possible in order to diversify counterparty and hacking risks.

Absolutely agree here if trading. Else use a wallet that you control . Wallets on exchanges are not actually our wallets. As a result they are at risk of being hacked and stolen from. Plus freezes constantly occur as with many of the popular exchanges recently.

Second that. At the moment that is the best option. It is just like having many bank accounts.

Completely agree. But again, if you aren't trading take it offline onto a locally stored wallet.

Luckily I hoard all of my STEEM right here in my wallet. I recently had withdrawn all of my Golem from Poloniex, but I still had a few altcoins stuck due to these disabled transfers.

i want to trade with potrex

It happened to me. 60 SBD unclear transaction till now. In mw steemit report was done.

Poloniex is a freaking joke sometimes... I've seen more coins disabled on there than I have any other site. What is their deal?

A very good friend of mine just reminded me a few days ago that poloniex is taking the same steps that cryptsy did before going under.
Remember the trollbox being disabled? Wallets blocked? Tickets not being resolved in a timely fashion?

It is pretty much step by step what cryptsy did before closing its doors.
Not fear mongering, just drawing a comparison.

It's situations like this that turns people off from trusting in exchanges. Hope everything is resolved for everyone soon

poloniex is found of doing this alot and they have a story behind it

Unfortunetly we cannot do anything but wait i guess.

ok guys, i agree last times poloniex has many problems of deposits, withdrawals, some coins under maintenance, but my opinion all of that, which platform suffer from attack DDos? which platform great than poloniex? which platform that not accept any coin till complete all conditions to join poloniex? poloniex is the giant and great of platforms and best place to trade altcoins. poloniex has a beautiful interface than others, and so easy to understand and find all options to trade in comfort.

together we can make a change ,I think a platform should I arranged for problems like this .

i smell something fishy tbh lets keep our fingers crossed, loosing isnt why we here in the first place, they make you feel its forthnox then pull the rug from under you...we watching and waiting and hoping for the best while we at it...@transisto dont forget to upvote a brother lol. thanks.

Why would this have to do anything with hf19

If you don't HF your node get out of consensus.

i see, so steem has no future, is that what you wanna say?

Poloniex operators have revealed a new speculation, stating that SBD was not having sufficient trade volumes in the past few weeks. But after sudden surge in the total traded volumes and capital turnover (SBD/BTC), they will look forward to enable the SBD Deposit/Withdrawal facility within a few days.

Idk about you but I prefer to be wined and dine before I get f#$%ed

I keep reading more about the negatives of poloniex. I may be taking all my funds out. Smh

There are buy and sell orders still taking place on Polo for SBD/BTC. Could this be reflection of the SBD action taking place on other exchanges?

I personally think that POLO grew faster than they were able to keep up with. Hence the crazy slow transaction times when trying to make a couple of extra few bucks when trading. POLO still is the most user friendly in my opinion, and the ease of use makes it No.1.

But they will need to pick up the pace, because before long some other exchange will take it's place.

It's a Dog eats Dog world out there.

Legit Question Here: ->

Yes, bytecoin is also Temporarily Disabled on poloniex , i have contacted them but till now no reply

Poloniex, you gotta be kidding me

This is rather disturbing to say the least

Can you help me guys to get steem :(

I agree. That's why I switched to Bittrex. And it has a lot more coins to choose from.

How about everybody to reply to this post to give their opinion, share their experience and mention @poloniex and hope they check their mentions.

Engineers can go further and offer their advice and/or help.

Looks like they are not very active here( well, I never! )

They are not active at posting but I believe they have to check the account in order to effect transactions and in the process I hope they check mentions or at least the number of mentions.

Since a great number of their customers use the STEEM platform, checking their mentions and also the tag #poloniex would be a great way to gauge customer satisfaction.

Poloniex really disappoint us ! Being a reliable exchange , It should not just disable steem dollar without any explanation and notification ! This greatly affect many user , and cause huge loss to user who store some SBD in it !

Thank you for the information I am new to crypto and I did join poloniex so I can now check my account.

Hey @transisto, great post! What would your advice be to earn money on posts for people that are struggling? I'm sure many people will be interested to hear this :)

PS. Follow @enazwahsdarb for entrepreneurial value content, my blog!

And I check out the poloniex transaction history, it still enable someone to transfer SBD to the account (someone did!) despite the suspension. Poloniex is kinda irresponsible on this.

I love your post, it true that there should notification