yes, man
the issue with steem is on going since one week
this is really bad ..i was considering passing to another exchange
I have wrote a post about it as well...

I was telling people about polo twice !
POLONIEX NO Withdraw/Transfer STEEM , HOLD your STEEM

yes ..I see ...that is already viral and still while i write steem is not available :(

In the next withdraw

I've used @blocktrades for changing my SBD into BTC and it worked like a charm.
I'm also trading so I need a market. For that Poloniex is great was ok, huge volume, many different assets.

But it works is it right?

Someone i follow said to make sure that the poloniex acount is spelled correctly, according to his post the is a fake poloniex around but his account is spelled poloneix the "e" and the "i" in the name is swapped around. Also according to the post this simple spelling error could cost you your account

Thanks for info, I'm careful when it comes to transfers.

I use mostly livecoin. There are no problems yet at this exchange.

There are no problems with Poloniex as long as there are no problems with Poloniex.
When they are, then you wait for support for a month or two (see their twitter for examples).

Thats why you should keep your coins in more then one place :)

That's why I'm not at their doorsteps yet ;)

It was scary

Yeah its a burden with those
platform Crypto exchanger !
Thank you for this Post
Keep Steeming, SteemOn

Cheers Buddy

Ya, I belive
steem can rise until $8 in this year end

I havent used poloniex and bittrexx in a WHILE because of this very thing, especially since my bittrex was hacked into....twice...

but it seems like a few exchanges are having these lock up issues at the moment, its because of the massive panic selling thats going on at the moment

Someone hacked into your bittrex twice? That's scary. Think about hiring some security advisor to get thing sorted out. Few hours of trainings and you would be much safer.

Yeah it could be that maybe my password was just too short? im not even sure, but i kept on getting the message that a successful account login had happened and i was like....well... i was definitely asleep during that time, so it wasnt me, and then it happened again 2 days after so it was a bit of a shock

poloniex scam haha, just look at the prices, each market their own stuff... time for some arbitrage

I think bittrex is still doing fine at the moment and advice that you spared your coins out don't put all in one basket.

Sure, I'm using it already, but Polo is much bigger.

After not receiving an answer to two support tickets about same issue over several days, I moved my steem off Poloniex to Bittrex via BTC. Just seen the bright yellow warning on Poloniex on the actual trade chart! It wasn't there 7 hours ago, yet Steem/ SBD has been disabled for a week or more. I guess many people are moving out due to previous lack of communication. 7 coins are still disabled.

Looking at various cases described by Polo users, you never know when they refuse your withdrawal.
They would need a lot of effort to rebuild their reputation. And they need to start that process now.

Indeed steem network had some issues, it was indicated at steemd, I just don't know if it was severe issue or not

Steem network is fine, otherwise you wouldn't be able to write this :)

I'm not saying "steem did not work", I'm saying "steem had issues"

They keep the volumes under control so the spread gives them profits every time and they don't have to cover losses when BTC and ETH are down...

This is standard.
Try Bittrex

Thanks, using Bittrex too but much lower volumes, plus no chance for arbitrage when Poloniex is down.

Try another exchanges. Im writting post now about it :)

As far as I'm aware, there's no bigger than Bittrex, except Poloniex, so...
Ping me please when you finish your post :) Thanks.

Thanks. Aside from language barrier, Polish sites doesn't trade STEEM.

you can always take profit from SBD since there's only 1 pair for SBD in Polo; SBD/BTC. Sell it then you'll have your profit.

As long as I can deposit. But I can't.
Currently over 40% difference between markets.

Yeah... Poloniex been shhhity friend last couple of days :(

Love the pic! Upped!

Cool right? Made by me. Just saying. In case I have a chance for polo's brand manager position ;)

I'm currently using Poloniex but I'm just new in the platform. I need you review, guys. Should I continue using Poloniex or should I switch to other platform? I don't want to risk my investments. Thanks for this post. Really helpful and alarming.

I don't want to spread FUD here. Maybe a bit ;)
Personally I'm not withdrawing all my funds yet.
I'm keeping only as much as I'm able to withdraw within my daily limit.
Not much patience left.

There are so many similar stories like this including my own.

Sorry to hear that. Despite my rant I still hope that it is just temporary.

Yeah, poloniex is broke. Coinbase isn't much better. Seek alternatives. I don't see how Poloniex will recover the Public Relations nightmare this has become. So many people are mad.

Too big to fall? Maybe they don't know that it doesn't work that way in the world of cryptocurrencies?

My experience to poloniex is

I deposit my Steem coin to poloniex on 5/6/17

but until now didn't occur in poloniex

I have send ticket(almost everyday) to ask the status

but no reply from them

Is a scam platform

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