Curating content that bring views to Steemit - From Reddit. Step by step guide for "whales" and "dolphins".

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Up-vote everything but the bad content. (could be fake / paid upvotes)


Click the top posts


Check view count and hit that up-vote button.


*optional, (you might have to read the actual thing)

Find a comment that look informative and up-vote it to the top.


Repeat every day.


Hold and drag this link in your bookmark bar.

In other words; judge and reward the effort that was done to promote Steem content OUTSIDE OF STEEM!

Now minnows, you also know how to attract big votes. Get it out there!

Alternative frontends links :


I really like this initiative. Moreover the referencing on Google also has an enormous impact.

Look at the number of views of this article --> , it's pretty impressive. (300K views ++ It's a good thing you voted for him, by the way.)

And of course he's number one on research: Bitconnect Scam

I noticed this when I realized that one of my articles was still getting between 150 and 200 views a day, months after its publication. --> (16.5K views)

And of course I wrote an article in French, about the referencing Steem offers -->

I don't have time to translate it into English but if a Steemians wants to do it I give him all the rights to do the translation ;-) .

Yeah, and that impressive 300K views ++ article only has $58 SBD as a reward, most of it coming from ONE upvote.

Which became something like $19 SBD for the author. After shares and whynot.

I am seeing on top of the trending a FREAKING "LIST OF REASONS WHY THIS PLACE DOES NOT SUCK THAT MUCH" earning ALMOST $2,000 SBD with 4,000 views.

So... why would i spend a minute "getting more views" for my posts, again?

All parameters must be taken into consideration. If you are writing an article and you think it will bring value to the network or benefit many people, consider including links in this article that redirect to other publications of yours.

You can also embed links to your own website to convert a player into a subscriber or customer. There are many things you can do to optimize the reach of an item beyond the rewards received on Steemit.

The purpose of the article I left in my previous comment (in French) ,is to make understand that the referencing of is very powerful. And that we must act knowingly, because even a $2,000 article that would make millions of views would not be paid enough.

To be well referenced on Google some are ready to pay crazy sums. Here, with steemit we have the chance to send our articles in the top results Google without paying 1 cent.

It is really up to us to take into consideration all that this ecosystem has to offer and make the most of it. Voting is only one aspect of this whole ecosystem, Steem goes far beyond that :-)

I think you're confused about 58 SBD being worth 19sbd, authors reward is 75% and SBD are worth about 2.80usd each


Thanks for your useful post. I have learnt a lot from it. Looking forward to a new post like this again.

To promote steem content outside of steemit?? 🤔🤔

What does this exactly mean?

I share all my posts on my facebook profile, linkedin profile and twitter.

Is that what u mean 🤔🤔


Yes, You're doing the right thing!

Okay. But I still have to fight a lot for curation 🤨

Everyone but the big stakeholders has to fight for curation, unfortunately...

I don't even know what that means fight for curation?

curation most of the times stands for upvoting. In this case fight for curation means fight for getting upvotes :D

thank you!
my upvotes seem to not mean anything yet

Every time there is something new that revolutionizes the way people see the world, there is going to be some backlash. I don't remember what the name of the person was, but there's a story that the person who created the device that allows people to communicate over radio frequencies was told to go to a mental asylum by his friends because they didn't believe it was possible. There will alwyas be backlash until the revolution is seen as "normal" and accepted by others. Crypto won't really be accepted as "normal", in my opinion, until big corporations and companies accept it. But then again, crypto is disrupting their playing field. So it may be difficult for that to happen since they have so much power.

I would partly disagree. I dont think its only about a new technology being troubled either by its own design or by people who opose it. I think the facinating question is - as I understand: Is steemit realy a new social innovation, or is it a new technology reproducing the patterns and mechanisms of the conventional technologies? And this power relationship here on steemit seems to not be any different from other power relationships. At the very least there is established doubt, that this social platform at this moment is not so unique as I thought it is. The technology for sure, but the interaction modells of people here not so much.

Exactly, if you buy some fb, twitter or instagram accounts with high friends and followers count and just post on these accounts then you get high traffic and high votes. It is just an idea and there are a lot more.

ok... Who are de police here?

I read all your posts, and they are awesome!

Nice post friend

Thanks for the tips! This is much needed!! Upvoted!

This post, with over $50.00 in bidbot payouts, has received votes from the following:

postpromoter payout in the amount of $276 USD.
smartsteem payout in the amount of $60 USD.
rocky1 payout in the amount of $44 USD.
promobot payout in the amount of $40 USD.
upme payout in the amount of $23 USD.

For a total calculated bidbot upvote value in the amount of $443 USD.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @transisto and is by no means a judgement of your work.

Thanks for the accounting and transparency! As I see it this is vital to all understanding the system and what it takes to gain curation upvotes and increase monetary income. Yes reach, influence, marketing, branding are all also valued for many.

Does anyone know of a way to see what the top posts are on a consistent basis? I am super curious.

Thanks, @fieldsofgold

Thanks for the reply.

Not sure if you know, but almost all of the curation goes to the bidbots, not those that later upvote the post. There is very little left over once the bidbots take their share.

Thanks for your useful and helpfup post @transisto.

Hi @transisto, we recently started a witness on a platform which should, I believe, please you (because it's in the common interest of all steemians). We plan to not only run a server (that's the minimum requirement) but to focus on:

  1. getting great content (from outside) on Steemit (Busy, etc.)
  2. spurring adoption of steem as a performant blockchain back-end for business projects (which should greatly increase the status and reputation of Steemit outside the small world of crypto enthusiasts)
  3. working locally with BitStamp and bitFlyer Europe (both based in Luxembourg) in order to get STEEM quoted (against fiat) on at least one of these exchanges

The full witness application is here

I've noticed that you not only have an empty slot for a witness but among the 29 you approve there's "roadscape" which is a "long absent" witness.

Thanks for considering our application and maybe giving us your approval


I want to learn a lot through dialogue. but i can not speak english. google translate so a tool. so just can read it.

Thanks for the heads up.

  1. View count on condenser is not working properly, it counts every refresh.
  2. (sorry for tag)
  3. I get you have a good intention but steem is in a good place on alexa this means we show up on many search results, if I were an outsider I wouldn't enjoy this post.

But appreciated.

This is a very great idea, thanks sir @transisto, now we minnows know what to do in order to attract big upvotes, hopefully the Dolphins and Whales will follow your advice...

How can we bring new users on the platform, when there is nothing for them. I invited hundreds of people to try steemit, and each of them soon left the platform saying content creation is of no use here. Paid votes is the only way.
I promote steem as I believe in the project, but can harldy do so cause of present situation.

I'm not sure how this benefits steemit.

Thank you for saying such sad truth...

Hi @transisto , This is an important topics and your post really beneficial for steemit user so far.thanks

Thnnxxx fr knowing us a nic thing tht is useful to us.....☺
Thnxx fr sharing sir..😃👌

Who said who are police here?

Are you more specific?

I promote steemit on my facebook wall and also my friends at school which some are already registered members.

About upvoting good comment to the top, I noticed on some post that the post owner might upvote certain comments and leave the rest. Now, I understand why that is done

That's a good idea, I will start to promote my posts in reddit.

Any other website do you recommend to promote our posts @transisto?

Hey @transisto, that is a very good one approach. I have a few others in mind like searching on google for steem and steemit, to appear in the recommended search options of other people when they type 'S' in the search bar, or like writing short how to tutorials that will drive new people here. I found a lot of good posts about these things on Steemit and I was happy to see them here by just searching on google.

On another note, can I ask you to take a look at this if you had the time, and at least pass the ideas to @haejin. He won't read my words as I am nobody here, but you have a louder voice. Of course, if you find anything useful there. I have dedicated almost all of my free time to this place, and I would hate to see others not treating it as it should be treated...

It's a good idea... but it's still just within the Steem ecosystem on a different platform... still, if something gets enough votes it could make the front page.

thanks for best suggestion its help us

Nice Thank you !

Thnnxxx fr knowing us a nic thing tht is useful to us.....☺
Thnxx fr sharing sir..😃👌

a doubt.!! the votes that one gives in are credited in steemit or in

Great post, i love your post, !!

Help me

Thanks for the reddit promo page i shoild fibd use

GRACIAS THANKS @transisto and all steemians than shared yours valious comentarys here... They have been very useful to new-steemians as I... I'm a writer and artist who lives in a country with an illness they call hiperinflation (Venezuela)... So, every single steem than I could get is highly apreciate ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
yomismosoy’s Blog

gracias por ayudarnos con tan maravillosas información

Excellent guide to help the steemianos to grow within the community, many congratulations

replying to save this in my page

My son (@cmp2020) and I founded the @classical-music account, the #classical-music tag, and Steemit's Best Classical Music Facebook page with this sort of thinking. I don't keep up with it as much as I should, but @bengy has joined our efforts, launched the @classical-radio account, and helped grow the tag into a budding little community.

I would encourage whales and dolphins to also look at the articles we share on the Facebook page. (which are usually not our own. We share them to promote steemit, not ourselves).

Great post
thanks for sharing with us

This is very cool. Happy reddit and steem user here. This is much better than looking at the content on

"1,2or3-GuessTheNumber" - Use your logic only in order to guess a secret number selected by the random number bot every day. If you wish to participate, please put your number (i.e. "1", "2" or "3") in memo and send exact 1 SBD to @monitorprivate Steemit account. Check at the end of the day if you guessed the correct number randomly selected by our bot. By giving the right answer you will be awarded with 2 SBD to your account. Anyone is welcome to participate only once every day. Good luck.

You got a 54.82% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @newsflash!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

I mostly share my stuff (not much but some) via Facebook

thanks for your posting. I'll post about steemit in my wordpress blog.
Steemit is amazing ~~!! ^^

this is good news for steemit.I hope steemit will be first rank of weiss raiting.tnx for your good information.
i am also trying "whales" and "dolphins".@transisto

Excellent post friend. I invite you to visit my latest publication regarding things we think about when we are going to start in this great community that is Steemit.

Hey @transisto, @shenanigator here.

This is similar to what we're doing over at @tangerinetravels.

We send 1,000s of unique non-steemian visitors to Steemit every week.

You can check out that post to see more details. But in short, we're members of quite a few Facebook groups that are related to our niche. We post our Steemit posts there daily and have gotten pretty good at using Facebook's algorithms to drive a lot of traffic to Steemit.

Osea que al final terminan ganado más las personas que solo votan que las que generan el contenido? No debería haber mayor incentivo para los escritores?

Thank you, good job, blessings

This is a very useful post... Right now I've gotten answers to most of my unanswered questions; well done.

Greetings from Poland

Greetings from Poland

Make sure that other suggestions are useful and useful to us. This content is good for making profits

We'll be sure to start advertising our SteemIt Content on Reddit as well as encouraging people to upvote our posts.

@transisto Whats ironic about the competitor platforms e.g. Reddit or Facebook is we need to use them to grow the steemit platform. Even though I'm a minnow I have been acting like a whale because I want to grow.
I have been posting on facebook the posts I admire e.g. art, fractals etc...

yeah, cool, this is a very necessary information for me in order to make steemit better in the future, I think promoting steemit content beyond steemit why not? that's a good move. Keep coming back for me again the information you provide is very helpful to me, thanks for writing @transisto :), keep working and working hard, keep the spirit.

Nice post about steemit...your post is learning .

Great sharing sir

Good post

If I have a blog outside and I have 1000s of readers everyday, posting duplicate is a problem for most of the users, how to tackle that situation?

Very good post friend @transisto appreciate that you share with us so good information will be following and supporting your next greetings and success

thanks @transisto for the effort, I hope this makes things better

The Tree of Life, or Etz haChayim (עץ החיים) has upvoted you with divine emanations of G-ds creation itself ex nihilo. We reveal Light by transforming our Desire to Receive for Ourselves to a Desire to Receive for Others. I am part of the Curators Guild (Sephiroth), through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals Itself!

Thanks for the tips! I believe steemit will be huge and I love this growing community where your votes matter!

Shoutout to everyone doing it big on steemit

Excellent post.........It teaches us something much better............. @transisto

Fantasztikus! Thank you so much for sharing,

Fantastic friend I hope you can support me with one of your votes or resteem I will be grateful blessings for you