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A lot of newbies have been asking me about Steem Power. I believe that if you have to be asking someone about how to buy Steem Power, then you are probably not ready to buy it. This is because Steem Power is an investment. If you want to invest you have to be responsible enough to go to Google and Youtube and make a little research. I will not ADVISE anyone to buy Steem Power. I'm not even a financial adviser. You can still make money from steemit without buying Steem Power.

However it is my OPINION that Steem Power is the best investment you can make today. This is just my opinion. I'm using dollar cost averaging to accumulate Steem Power because I believe in the long term success of the platform. I will never power down until steem gets to $100 (this is not a promise, lol)

Why am I Being Careful?

I have advised and encouraged people to invest in online businesses before and it didn't turn out well. I stopped doing that.

The reason I Promote Steemit on FB and Everywhere Else

I found a way to EARN money from the internet by creating and curating content and I wish to help as many people as I can to benefit from this opportunity. Its is never my aim to peddle investment vehicles.
I'm in love with steemit because i totally agree with its value proposition.

You Wanna Invest in Steemit by Buying Steem Power?

Read the following posts I have made about the subject.
What is Steempower?
Why is it Important to have Steem Power?
How to power up using blocktrades.
How to power up using the internal market.


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It's a weekly selfie contest that opens on Sunday and closes on Saturday.
I'm giving away $15 to some "selfielicious" people.
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Keep the promotion up. Steemit need it

Thank you so much

WOw man you are really doing well with your VIDEOS! keep showing the african streets with your vlogs! you found a great niche! MAN u are doing go! get more africans around u on steemit!

Thank you mehn

Im already creating a comprehensive tutorial on how to do steemit

exactly I think so.

Thank you for this content. I've been looking for a little clarity. Keep the info coming!

I'm glad that I could help you. Thanks for commenting

Thanks for keeping me encorage!

The pleasure is mine

totally agree, there's no better suggestion

Well, what would you say if I told you reddit is valued at 1.8 billion dollars and has 500,000,000 users and steemit is valued at 300,000,000 dollars and only has 330,000 users? Sound a bit overvalued to you? Don't get me wrong I love steemit. But there are definitely investments with higher ROI out there.

$100 steem? Well, let's get to $3 first lol baby steps.

I strongly believe in steemit bro but you are right. I would prefer a gradual progression

I just signup, steemit is great!!

Yes, step by step. Although if steemit will become as big as Reddit(or even bigger), then I could imagine a $100 price.

Lol yeah. True

steempower is steem invested in your account to keep new steem out of the market to trade in a certain amount that's why the 13 weeks of powering down. if one can earn steem (in steempower) by creating content in comments, posts and or other activity like voting, and builds up shares like that, you are, or own part of the whole platform. So activity creates steem, and who creates earns steem that adds to all. If one who owns a lot steem drops it in an instant and sells it on the market, he adds traded steem that circulates there in an instant.. he adds to the supply and not the demand which will fluctate in huge numbers if all of a sudden a lot of people with steemvestments (steempower) do that. and that's why everybody should invest in steem by buying it as steem and transfer it to steem power so that you can create more to earn more and at some point earn enough to be able to earn enough steem dollars that you can pay out by selling it for other currency without harming the supply of steem in the market and influence the price of steem negatively. If all do like this then steem will become more and more valuable and there will be a balance in growth and amount of created steem supply

if you look at bitcoin for example.. the whole journey up is related to growing demand on a limited supply

This is profound. Thank you for sharing

I tried to put it down in a simple way actually but it's not that difficult to understand if i am correct in how I say it. steempower = investing in steem, having steem = like a warrant is in stocktrading

If you understand it, it would help people if you maybe make a video about it too.. don't be scared to give financial advice btw ;) all say they don't give financial advice but making a video about how you feel about an investment possibility may also trigger people to get a mindset or certain view right? so it's not bad thing to actually give financial advice, I give it all the time to my friends who are still skeptics or affraid of losing money they would spend rather in one night in a bar than giving it the chance to grow also next to losing it all.. depends on the amount how to lose it but spending on small useless things like expensive clubnights every week or so people will lose the same amount or more as someone who buys a new car every year:) so stupid investments are relative I think... If you are 100% sure it goes down and you don't sell or you buy on the highest of highest ATH of a stock or buy crap apartments to rent which cost more to redeem than to earn from, investing without any research, that's your own fault then.. same is for blindly trusting someone to be right without any study on the info yourself ;) investment advice is not for people with brains, because they don't need advice ;)

Hey @tojukaka you sound like a responsible guy. You are very right about Steem Power. It's difficult giving people advice (especially financial) and sometimes you just have to do it by allowing people to see that its working for you.

Moreover, be sure to use you words wisely and tactfully (in a strategic way) when attempting to help others learn more about investing in crypto and enjoying life at Steemit!

Thank you sooo much

Hahaha good one from the street of Lagos? regards and support to you.
In addition to my last comment, feel free to join the conversation in my new post about future of will motivate you more about steem . More success to you.

What sort of return do you think could be expected from Steem Power?

depends on what you do with it. If you delegate it (like with minnowbooster) or use it to upvote yourself you can make about 25% more steem each year. Also when the price rises your investment will gain value. I think 10 dollar steem is possible in the next 2 years. and 100 in the next few after that. So buying steem rn is a great choice.

Yeah this advice is totally correct for anyone willing to invest in Steemit, as it's an up an coming FB replacment for the future like bitcoin that is possible to make a ton of profit by doing so, whoever this is a project for the future not now.

Thanks for the contribution

@tojukaka i am still not able to understand completely about how should i operate steemit... i have followed you and upvoted your video... kindly share some more videos... and content.. and this one is also very much useful.. thanks :)

I'm eager to serve you.
Thanks for commenting

Do u have any specific tutorial in mind?

ya u can share your success with us.. :)

Muy buen análisis, me fue de gran ayuda.. Saludos

@tojukaka very informative post thankyou

My pleasure

Thanks for posting.Good read!!!

I agree with your points and I also Promote Steemit on my friends circle and aware about steemit . Most of them joined. Great video.

Thanks for following closely

thanks sir.
Have a look into my blog, you may like any of my posts :-) @piyushkansal

I wanna see steem on top of the list....
well i can see it value grow to 100$ in 3rd quarter of 2018...

Yeah me too

after a couple of months i feel the opposite. I'm powering down.

I've seen many cracks in the system as well, but I still have this felling about steem. With DTube now growing, and maybe some GUI updates on the site, I dunno, shit could get real.

i will still keep around 3% in my portfolio I'm just not locking it up in steem power for 13 weeks

good advice bro. am 💪up.

I feel how inspired you are just from reading your post!) Great job!

Good read and some sound advice, cheers mike

Thank you @mikenevitt
I appreciate your comment

Greetings know my steemit colleagues love to meet you this beautiful dememit to share the experience

Just imagine steem gets to $100 ?

If steem went to $100 I would have almost $1 million worth of steem. Let's Go!

First time I seen you @tojukaka... Will support you on your journey!! :)

Thank you so much bro

Thanks for this article. Since few days I am thinking about to make a bigger investment into Steempower but until now I​ am not fully convinced. I don't know what exactly is holding me back, maybe that this site is still young and it could disappear​ in few months. I know there are many who believes​ that steemit is the next big thing but who knows. On the other hand if you are making a good investment now you will profit from it later.​

I invest into steem power every week using dollar cost averaging. Even if its just $50.
I believe in the long term success of this platform

But do you have some parameters or other forms of signs that is feeding your faith? Why you think this site will stay for a long time?

I will never power down until steem gets to $100 (this is not a promise, lol)

Thank you for not promising that. lol

I'm on the same boat as you, bro. I think Steem and Steemit have a good thing going and that this can end up being HUGE.

I totally love this platform and the more I delve into it the more I fall in love. The effect that steemit would have on society is going to be very positive.

Indeed Steem Power is the best investment for people like me who believe Steemit will be a big platform a few years from now.

I truly believe Steemit is the Future of Social Media and cryptocurrency.

I have tried many online business and non comes close to Steemit and that justifies my belief in Steemit.

Steemit is just too fantastic. I'm in love with the idea, the value proposition and the community

Absolutely agree with you @tojukaka. Steemit is amazing and I'm also loving the community and all that comes with it. It's like an addiction for me. I just keep learning and making friends and trying out to give back and help as much as I can. And you @tojukaka are doing such a fantastic job for this community, so thank you

Very inspiring and educational post. You are right man this ia the best time to buy steem and ita going to rfor next year. The valuation is only gping to go higher from here..

Following you now...sww you around...:-)

Thanks for the info... Keep it up Bro.

Very interesting your publication that good the raised in this publication

Hy tojukaka,senang bisa mengenal anda,,salam dari @itikna09,salam sukses luar biasa,jgn lupa di vost dan komentar nya blog @itikna09, follow me,,,

Nice strategy, let's keep steeming and promote steemit on social media. i'll surely read your other posts.

Thank you for commenting

who will send me 0.050 SBD to that I will forward 0.150 SBD

I was just thinking to myself if I was doing on steemit what I was doing on Facebook all this while there is no way I wouldn't have been a whale by now. Hehe

Thank you

well said tojukaka!


Always on point. Like i said before Steemit is the way.

I have been thinking about buying steem power since my friend @lbuluhi talked to me about it but i don't get the clearest information and guide to do it. No one teaches me about steemit clearly so that i am a bit doubtful to invest. So far, i have just meet the beginner of steemit and we are still dummy about it. Everyday, I search myself about steemit and i love it because there are thousand people out there have been successful in steemit.

thanks for the info... and i have entry on your selfie contest!

@tojukaka - your shirt alone has more Steem Power than I have. Good luck with your venture here.

Thanks for the love bro

This platform has a chance to make the world a better place.

That's a very short and to the point video. I like it. Yes, I agree with your investment opinion.

Good post Bro! Thanks for the information.

Odi nma Nwa nne ! Good stuff, I will follow

You're right. I really like how you think. You're a very intelligent guy

I would power up soon. It makes sense to power up.

I hope steem gets to $100! We would all be on beaches.

GREAT VIDEO show more of africa! it will only help you! people will want to help you more the more of real life african streets you show! it has an amazing effect, its real life, its gritty and its real and people want to see you as an island of crypto wealth

Thank for the good info

This is a nice piece of information......

Thank you for sharing......

Thanks for more light on STEEM POWER. It could be actually also very good tool for fundraising. We are trying to save forest in your neigbhouring country - Cameroon. We developed a voting bot called @treeplanter which plants trees in Cameroon and pays you for it. Check it out our website
Thanks a lot.
Nice day


Thanks for your great advice!

Great post! Thank you and have a wonderful day :)

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