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Hi guys, just a quick update regarding the profit share tokens reward.

As a reminder - if you use @tipU voting service and request an upvote for a new post, you will receive a @tipu profit share tokens (TPUs) as a reward. But the payment had to be at least 1 STEEM / 0.5 SBD. I've removed this limit so now every upvote request on a new post will be rewarded with TPUs :)

I think this change makes the whole concept a bit more simple and also even small upvotes will get those tasty TPUs.

You can read more about the @tipU profit share Tokens here. Cheers!
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I have used your services twice today, but have not received any tokens. Are you transferring the tokens manually?

Oh, and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments! Also @tipu help

Awesome. I’ll start using this.

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If i send 16 sbd what is the upvote value in return and what is the tip token payout how do i recieve them? I read in a previous post 2.5X is that the rate? @tipu

If i send 16 sbd what is the upvote value in return

Around $20, depending on current upvote return.

what is the tip token payout

Around 0.32 @tipu tokens will be send.

Where do the @tipu tokens go I have a 801 sp delegation can they be deposited there

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steem-engine.com :)

Very nice, tipu!! You are the best upvote service on steem, in my opinion.

Just a thing,
Could you guys come back with a steemonsters booster pack draw ?? I think they already did that and it was pretty cool. A booster pack would be really cool, it's cheap and would be a plus for those who buy the votes ....

Interesting marketing choice. Not sure if this is really getting steemians into using the service or will end for the regular user as a freeloader experience.

I, for my part, can't wait for the reinvest feature for delegations. That should be awesome.

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