Let's Make STEEM a Top 20 Cryptocurrency - SteemBlast September 3

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As many of you have heard, I am organizing an Invest in Steem Social Media Blast Day. The goal of this event is to coordinate a massive social media "blast", where everbody starts talking about how amazing Steem is - all at once. I want to generate as much "buzz" about Steem across the internet that investors can't ignore it.

My (ambitious) goal is that as a result of this social media blast day, we push into the top 20.

Ways to Help (on the day of the event)

  • The main way everyone can help is to plan on talking about Steem on the day of the event. Plan to post on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Minds, Gab, memo.org, Instagram, Reddit, etc. (Wherever you have the opportunity to get the word out on Steem.) Go crazy!
  • Find articles on other platforms that are relevant to Steem, and reply to them with thoughtful comments that plug Steem in a non-spammy way.
  • Talk to any of your friends/family who are curious about investing in cryptocurrencies about investing in Steem.
  • If you have artistic skills, take a look at our meme contest.
  • If you have suggestions for "talking points" (positive things to say about Steem), share them here.

Discord Channel

If you are interested in helping out with the event, join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/UHHQXz3

Advanced Ways to Help

  • If you have any contacts at hedge funds or other investment firms that are interested in cryptocurrencies, reach out to them.
  • If you are able to get an article published in a cryptocurrency publication, please reach out to us in our discord channel.
  • If you are interested in sponsoring paid advertisements, please reach out to us in our discord channel.


  • Promote, but don't spam.
  • Do not lie, mislead, or share untrue information.
  • Focus more on Steem as an investment than the blogging/end-user side.
  • Focus on Steem or all of the DApps built on the blockchain (not just “Steemit”).
  • Try to save as much of the activity as possible until the day of the event.


The morning of the event, we will be posting material that you can reference/use when talking about Steem. This will include a blog post that you can link to, pre-written text that you can post/tweet/etc, talking points that you can use to write articles, and of course - memes!

The Date

The "blast" will start on Monday September 3, 2018, at 11:00 am Eastern time (UTC-4). It will last for 24 hours. So everybody get ready to start talking about Steem!


Why not schedule it at HF20 date, this day the motivation of all Steem holders are on the roof and it will be easy for new users to create an account as well.

The event is about so much more than a single hardfork. Also, all of the signup issues are not going to be magically fixed the day of the hardfork. It may still take a long time before the benefits brought by the HF will fully be realized.

One small thing here: I would suggest not to use that Cyanide & Hapiness image. I think Steemit fame of plagiarism is already big enough, so...

Hmm, I actually wasn't aware that was what it was based off of. Do you think this would be OK though under "fair use" doctrines?

I am not sure but i think it would be a good idea to get their permission to use the image, because even though they are stick figures, their style is easily recognizable.

But i think they will probably be ok if the source is cited.

Also, who knows, maybe you can even convince them to give steem a try...

Damn... i almost forgot how good they were:

It would be incredibly hard to get that justified as fair use.

No, it would absolutely not be okay for use under fair use doctrine because you are deliberately and explicitly doing so with the intent of making a profit or for financial purposes. With a specific product in mind which the Cyanide and Happiness guys are not party to.

This is the sort of thing for which you get permission for.

Worse, however, is you didn't use their artwork directly but created a derivative work there from, altering it, and making it server message it did not originally possess, and failed to credit the original creator in the image – not that such would have saved you, it just makes you look even more like a douchebag if this ever goes before a judge.

Respecting other people's work is not that hard. Unless you're trying to say that there are no original artists available on the steem blockchain, at which point you will get an incredibly hard stare.

Just to be clear, "I" am not the creator of the meme. [image credit @rannarvasa1]

I'm also getting various responses from people that say it depends on the purpose. If a user were to share that on their personal facebook page for example, it is similar to a lot of other memes that have been based off of the same comic.

You are promoting the meme, with the clear intention of enhancing the spread of this pseudo-event by attachment to something you consider amusing.

Which, cynically, might be a perfectly reasonable metaphor for a lot of the usage of the steem blockchain right now.

If a user were to share that exact image on their personal Facebook, it would technically be an example of fair use. But you, who in theory wishes to represent the steem blockchain is a place where content creators can and should share their material freely in exchange for just compensation, in the process of promoting that very thing violating that axiomatic principal – it looks worse than bad.

That it doesn't even occur to you that it might be a problem is triply damning.

It stands as a cultural problem with the user base of Steemit that one of its strongest, most aggressive boosters gives not even the shadow of a thought to potential copyright violation, issues of derivative work, consideration of whether or not a creator wants to be associated with a commercial work, the recognition that a post on Steemit is a literal commercial work (because you can receive compensation for the act of posting it self, and as of the time of this posting are looking at roughly 20 steem of value as a result of this post)… This is all a huge problem.

It's a huge problem for the platform, and it's a huge problem for the user base, and it's a huge problem for boosters who want to try and encourage people to use the platform.

I'm actually disappointed that it didn't occur to you when you were thinking about this whole "blast" thing that for a near microscopic offer of steem to one of our native artists, you could commission an original piece to promote the site and instantaneously improve the standing in the eyes of artists and other creators. That didn't occur to you.

That's terribly sad. It didn't occur to you.

What does that actually say about the community?

You are reading a lot more into it than what is there. I actually had no idea that it was based on a famous/known comic until someone brought it up.

The idea that someone can take someone’s work and create a meme on it is definitely in the territory of “fair use”. I am not a lawyer or an expert in this area, which is why I am asking the question here and having the discussion.


i have access to a few of my friends that are big actor names. if you need a few tweets by big names to get @steemit @steem going i have a few buddies that have 8-15mil followers. that might help you as well

Yes! Please join our discord channel so we can continue talking there.

You can count with me @timcliff, from Venezuela I'll be doing my best effort to show the people how to use Steemit and all the many DApp's as a way to change the economic structure as we know today.

The steem Blockchain is the future, and the future is today, this is the best chance to add value to the STEEM and trust in crypto's to evolve and planify awesome things that would come. STEEM on!!

If you can bear some skeptic but good-intention tip: please, try to really focus on quality - seen many, many, many folks talking about how Steem content is trash. This prejudice would be very important to eliminate.

I like the idea to raise awareness as none of my friends have any clue about apart from the ones that i have tried to convince to join. Just a couple of thoughts on the matter which have probably already been discussed.

  1. The timing: I see that you are pushing for it to be on the 3rd of September but is this not a bit premature. Does it really make sense to promote the blockchain and steemit before the hardfork at the end of the month which will fix the issues with signing up? I know that you are pushing more towards investors with this blast but if you are pushing steem across social medias trying to catch peoples attentions will it not be counter productive if they then go to try and join only to face the same joining delays that have already cost us thousands of members.

  2. The message: Do you have a clear media package put together and ready to go. If you are going ahead on the 3rd then it would be great to have everybody working off the same sheet. If people are just all putting up there own separate messages there could be confusion and contradictions in what people are seeing. If the main team has a set package of facts and graphics that everybody can work from, it would be great as you can be assured that everybody is getting the same correct info. I know you have said that there will be material ready but do you have an all encompassing package that will cover everything that people will need to know?

  3. Profile picture: It would be great to have a good and simple profile picture that members can put up with a small message about steem. I know if i saw a few of my friends putting up the same profile picture on facebook it would catch my interest at the very minimum. If all your contributors were to put up the same profile across multiple medias it should get some people to do a little more research into the subject and hopefully come across the more in depth content that you are providing.

Just a couple of thoughts from me anyway. Feel free to use or ignore.

  1. No, I do not consider it premature. The main premise is that the Steem blockchain is already great the way it is, and it is getting even better. Also, signups are not going to automatically get 'fixed' with HF20. It will still be some time (possibly 6-12 months) before that all gets smoothed out.
  2. We will be providing material on the morning of the event, so everybody will have the same base content to work from.
  3. This will be part of the plan :)

It's definitely getting better and there is a lot more in the works. All of the apps coming on-stream are going to add users and value to the blockchain which does bode well for investors. I'm not trying to be negative by any means but these were the first place my thoughts went so i usually follow them.

I have great respect for all the people here who are working towards a better blockchain from any angle and investment is obviously an important one. Hopefully this will be a success and get a lot of people interested in what we have here. I will be looking forward to your media package and will play whatever part i can at the time.

There are still a lot of issues on here that will need to be taken on at some stage but for now growing the site is a worthy aim. Best of luck with it.

I'm well aware of the many issues too, and working hard to address those as much as I can :)

I'm sure you are as i have been following your account for a long time and have seen some of the good work that you are doing. Fair play to you and to the other people that are putting in the hard graft to improve the site, it doesn't go unnoticed even if it might be under appreciated.

Would it be possible to get the material at least a day before the event so we have extra time to work from it and write something of quality? I like this idea.

I want to make sure people aren't promoting false messages to "investors" by saying things like "sign up for steemit because you can make $1,700 per post here." I've seen so so so much of that clickbait stuff on youtube followed by hundreds of comments "wow I signed up."

If you join our discord group, everything is being prepared ahead of time and shared in there.

@niallon11 I really like what you said about having a clear message that everyone can kind of work from. It would be not so great if people were spreading misinformation, etc. I was thinking the same thing. Glad to see you brought it up. Upvoted

Thanks @nomadicsoul. I think that there are so many great people here all working towards the same goal so if I can do anything of help I will. I just think that's it's important for people outside to see it. I've introduced a few people to steemit but they all lost interest fairly quickly without giving it a proper chance. I've heard the same story hundreds of times so I think that's it's important that a clear message goes out with what we do have here and not just people pushing the site for the sake of it.

The blockchain has some great features and hopefully the package that they put together can show that to investors and potential users alike.

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Yes I completely agree about not just pushing the site for the sake of it. I've also had friends lose interest quickly and leave =/. And I've also seen the effects of people pushing the site on youtube and then false expectations were spread so of course they were never met and people got frustrated and left.

I'm sure though that we'll prepare a good message!!!

I'm sure that the team will. Timcliff knows a lot about the site and won't just be pushing a get rich quick scheme. What you said about people's frustration is the same story that I've heard a thousand times and it's because people don't undrstand the site. It can be a bit tricky to use at first and it will be slow but that's the same as any site really.

If I join Instagram companies won't pay me millions to showcase their products because I'm a nobody with no followers. They pay stars with millions of followers and famous followers the big money to do it. Its the same here, people with lots of followers and powerful friends will make more money on their posts and people need to realise this coming in. If your good at what you do then people will follow you and eventually you will make some money but you have to build a profile first.

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The "blast" will start on Monday September 3, 2018, at 11:00 am Eastern time (UTC-4). It will last for 24 hours. So everybody get ready to start talking about Steem!

I'm in. 😊

as much as I try to make every day a blast day for STEEM I will make extra efforts on that day!

Im in :-)
I have visited your discord channel, amazing work being done. Looking forward to this initiative.

I just heard of that for the first time - this is pretty awesome! So what exactly do you want recipients of the message to do? Buy Steem? If that's the case, I would suggest to communicate that the ideal case would be for newcomers to buy BTC / ETH with $ first, and then to buy Steem using BTC / ETH. That way, new money would get into the system.

From a longer-term perspective, however, I think that getting people on the platforms to actually use it and create valuable content. This would have a more sustainable effect.

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Hi Tim what about a kind of template post to all of us use and share on others social plataforms?

Yes. We will be putting together some pre-written content and sharing it the morning of the event :)

I think like this could be something more accurate and organized ;)

This is a great initiative! I will think about ways I can also support it that day. While my reach outside Steemit is limited, I can sure talk about it with more friends and family! Look forward to supporting this and gathering idea to see how we as a community can get the word out!

So far I have scheduled a post in one of the leading local blogs on crypto taxation in Israel. They have a large audience of investors and crypto specialists. Should help. :)


I started re-posting my Steemit blogs to my Instagram now, not just my recipes, but travels, crafts, etc. I gotten some dm's due to my Steem, steemitbloggers, Steemit tags. So that's a good sign, getting there slowly.

My husband's been doing promo-steem as well whenever he travels abroad for work.

We are seeing another travel soon to three countries, crossing fingers. If that will happen, we will be doing some promotion there as well - we are aiming more for the investors rather than common bloggers like myself :)

My son is attending an IEEE workshop tomorrow and I have asked him to tell the students and attendees about steemit. He called earlier today and told me that he talked to the senior student about how he has written for steemit.
As for fb and twitter, I have put up steemit logo pic as the backdrop. If every member does it, it will be a great ad by itself.

Nice :)
One thing though, is I would suggest talking more about Steem (the blockchain) than Steemit (the website). Most of what people think is "steemit" (such as posting, voting, and receiving rewards) is actually going on behind the scenes on the Steem blockchain. Steemit.com is just the website that people use to interact with the blockchain.

Yes, true. Thanks and I will convey this to him.

Luego de votarte como testigo (curiosamente no lo había hecho a pesar de haber participado hace semanas en redactar un post sobre #SteemValue). Luego de votarte pasé por tu blog y veo esto. ¡Me parece genial, como siempre de tu parte, esta iniciativa.

Cuenta conmigo para ese día @timcliff. Particularmente comparto la mayoría de mis posts en mi Facebook y Twitter. También en grupos de bloggers, tratando de animar a bloggers tradicionales muy buenos para que traigan su excelente contenido a Steemit. También leo que además de usuario se quiere es traer inversores de Steem. Pues me comprometo a compartir imágenes y/o memes en grupos de criptomonedas en Facebook, LinkedIn y demás redes. Estuve revisando el meme contest y hay muchos excelentes. Trataré de editar algunos al español.

Me parece excelente esta explosión. Comparto lo que leí en uno de los comentarios de usar una foto de perfil única para todos y así que todos vean que algo pasa en las redes. Hacer viral esas publicaciones que ustedes están preparando.
Sin embargo "me preocupa" el contenido de los memes o publicidad en español. Pero puedo ocuparme de ayudarte en caso de que no tengas a alguien para ello. Mi hermana @parauri es diseñadora en caso de que lo estén preparando con archivos Corel o Photoshop, también manejo básicamente esos programas. Así que estoy a la orden en lo que pueda ayudarles.

Ya me uní al canal de Discord. Estaré atento de los preparativos para es día. No hablo inglés pero puedo hacer lo posible para comunicarme contigo por privado (DM) si gustas.

Un abrazo y el mejor de los éxitos a esta iniciativa explosiva.

¡Eso es genial! Me alegro de tenerte a bordo :) Con respecto al inglés, he encontrado que Google translate hace que sea fácil ir y venir.

Claro, perfecto. Podriamos comunicarnos ayudándonos con esa herramienta. También hay una muy buena llamada Deepl. Estoy a la orden hermano.

That is really crazy ..so many people together on Steem...only for your event, I will be relogin into my FB , which was closed for 2 years. How about making a common logo, or meme or image for the event....just my input, it would be great so many people would see some common images everywhere....on all social platform

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thanks for taking one for the team!

It is going to be a blast hopefully. I will give it a up hand with whatsoever it is in my capacity...

Count on me @timcliff! An old Steemit Friend, @ecoinstant, invites me to this BLAST event and I to Discord as well. I think this is an inspired idea and I’ll do all I can to contribute!

Top 20 you say... but 10 would be a more a rounded number!

It would be a pretty significant jump to make in one day. I'd be happy to end up there, but I wanted to set a realistically achievable goal :)

This. This is the good part of the plan. Hope sign up works :)

Ah, bummer! I’m going to miss this as I’ll be disconnected on the Playa somewhere. Thanks so much for your efforts here, Tim. I think this a great idea and one that we should learn from and repeat as we go forward. STEEM truly is an amazing cryptocurrency and the world needs help knowing this.

On the Playa?! Have fun, Luke! Maybe you can spread the Steem love via word of mouth.

Tim, stoked to see this push for positive marketing and raising awareness of the awesomeness of this blockchain!

you will have to get the bartender to open a steemit.com account! ;)

The date is set. I'll be looking forward to a bug news network giving steem a shout out.

that's great news. I will start preparing my post(s) for that day.

@timcliff thanks for bringing that special day I will try to promote it as much as I can and will bring 500 SP on that day I can't bring much at the moment but will carry on adding on every event you organise. You are doing great job keep it up dear I am sure you will bring it in top 20.

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Yes lets do this, great post!

Let's make it happens!

I am making a list of people who actively read, react to or upvote comments on their articles.
This list will be everyone that I follow (my following list).
You are actively engaged in your comment section and upvote the usefull feedback, so I have added you to this list.
I hope this will bring you and the others like you good fortune! keep it up!

If you know someone who you think should be added to this list please let me know in the comment section under the article in the link below, so far I have found around 30 authors that are worth commenting on after reading.


credit where credit's due.

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Very good blog ... I like it

Yes, timcliff timcliff go go go!!!

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Excelente iniciativa... saludos

Best of luck to us !!

This is one of the best blogs for those who are new in the crypto market and they don't know about the best trading exchange option.

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