Interview a Steem Stakeholder Series - Interview with @donkeypong (500,000+ STEEM Stakeholder)

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The Interview a Steem Stakeholder Series is a project to help inform the community about the views of the largest Steem stakeholders. The goal is to help "regular users" better understand the views of the largest stakeholders on the platform, so they can better align their actions with what the stakeholders are looking for.

In this post, @donkeypong (a stakeholder with over 500,000 STEEM) answered several questions about his views on the Steem platform and community. Below are the questions that were asked and responses from the interview.

Keep in mind that the stakeholders are individuals, and not all of them will share similar views. The views expressed in the interview are the views of the one stakeholder conducting the interview. They are not intended to represent the views of all stakeholders.

The Interview with @donkeypong

How did you become a part of the Steem project?

Early in my journey through cryptocurrency, I decided that Bitcoin and the Litecoin clones would not be the ones. The mining is too wasteful and that’s not sustainable. Instead, I gravitated towards proof of stake projects and was active in BitShares. When Dan and his team moved over to Steem, I followed them and haven’t regretted it.

When did you join?

A few weeks after Steem launched.

How did you acquire a majority of your stake?

Posting, investing, and curating. I’m not sure which one accounts for a majority, but I’m guilty of all three.

How many STEEM tokens do you currently hold?

Is this the part where I have to disclose which accounts are mine? Let’s go with 500K. It’s higher than that, but don’t tell anyone. Whenever the STEEM price gets low, I can’t help buying more. People see my main account. Other accounts are curated or delegated or voting on trails. Keys are locked in cold storage and I don’t even vote all of it on my own posts.

Do you have a large stake in any other tokens besides STEEM?

I have truckloads of something called SounDAC (XSD). It was formerly known as MUSE and its original name was BitShares Music (which was when I acquired most of my stake). It’s basically like Steemit for music. After going dark for years, the project’s development came back to life and the first app (Peertracks) has been working really well. The CEO there is a music industry veteran and has agreements in place already with some labels; you can stream Beyonce and Snoop Dog right now if you want. There are other music blockchain projects out there also. I’m hoping someone gets things right with the blockchain in that space, because the music industry could use a shakeup. A lot of independent musicians deserve a better economic model that works for them.

What else do I own in crypto? I collect physical Bitcoin tokens (such as early Casascius and Kialara coins), as I’ve written about on my blog. Other than that, some of the usual well-known cryptos, plus modest stakes in a few promising smaller projects like Sportspodium. I bought some EOS early on as a hedge and am sorry that I did; it’s a train wreck. I don’t mean the price, which I’m sure will rebound at some point. The project itself was never well defined and EOS governance is a mess, so it’s coming to mean very different things to different sets of stakeholders on a chain that will largely be centralized and expensive to use. Those groups probably will end up on separate forks eventually.

What Steem apps do you use on a regular basis?

I’ve dabbled, but Steemit is the only one I use regularly. Label me lazy.

What would you say repels investors or otherwise discourages investment in the Steem blockchain and STEEM tokens?

For outside investors, there’s very little understanding of what the development team is doing and where the project is headed. That’s probably why the outside world values us at the bottom of the Top 40 crypto projects (though to be honest, even the scant communication here is more than you get from devs at a project like Ethereum). I believe Steem is still the best project in crypto, but I don’t see how outsiders could possibly dig enough and learn enough to trust this team and feel anything close to my level of faith. In other words, there’s been little communication and a complete absence of marketing so far (which is probably deliberate as they complete the development of some key pieces).

Most people see the Steemit site as the ecosystem’s flagship and yet the site has changed little since it first debuted 2.5 years ago. The main page is a cesspool of bidbot-supported posts, though if you dig deeper there is plenty of good content. I’ve been very disappointed that Steemit Inc has ignored content and failed to make a few simple changes that could have improved the user experience there. Some of the other Steem-powered sites and apps may do a better job, but most are subject to similar limitations and may not be quite ready for prime time.

One big limitation: it can take weeks to get a new account approved, which is a great way to kill anyone’s excitement. That also makes it very difficult for community members like us to conduct or support meaningful outreach/marketing. And the concentration of voting power into the hands of a few SP holders creates inequity in voting, making it difficult for normal people to earn much from posting.

Ha ha. Now you’re wondering if I still believe in Steem. I do! More than ever. See the next part.

What would you say attracts investors or otherwise encourages investment in the Steem blockchain and STEEM tokens?

In time, Steem will be huge. Combining cryptocurrency’s monetization with social media is the most powerful idea to hit the Internet in a long time. It has taken the development team at Steemit many months to solidify this as an industrial strength blockchain, capable of handling larger growth. The work they are doing is groundbreaking.

While I’ve been unhappy with how long the development has taken, it’s more important to remember that these brilliant engineers are tackling and solving problems that are cutting edge. There is no blueprint because no one has ever done this before. The work they are doing does not focus primarily on, but on positioning this blockchain to be able to power a ton of other apps and sites. (I would have preferred they had done both, but in the long run, the latter will make more of an impact.)

Once this work is truly ready, I think we will see that Steem provides modular monetization to any content site, app, or project on the Internet. Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) with Hivemind’s tools will allow anyone to plug right in and essentially create their own custom crypto economy under the umbrella of Steem. And apps like DTube, eSteem, and others should be able to command large audiences.

With, we’ve seen how hard it is to build something truly new and find the right balance of content and interests. It’s difficult to make something new that works. But all over the Internet, there are other sites and apps that have been around for decades and already work very well. Their problem is monetization, since ad revenue is the only thing that has ever really financed the Internet (with an honorable mention for subscriptions, which can work for some niche content). So from YouTube to Reddit to the New York Times and a lot of smaller providers, there is a lot of content out there on platforms that already work.

What those content sites and apps lack is monetization. Steem may be content-challenged, but it has monetization ( and others have proven this use case). So on paper, it’s a perfect match for much of the Internet. When some of those sites and apps realize they can plug in with Steem’s SMTs, customizing and branding their own tokens … watch out! Investors: there is nothing else like this in crypto. I’d love to see the masses come to Steem, but before that, Steem can come to the masses.

In addition to holding tokens, how else are you involved in the project?

I’ve worked with a lot of communities to help them build around good people and content. I co-founded Curie and Steem Guild as curation projects to help support good content creators; Curie is still very much active. I also became concerned early on that there was an imbalance of voting power in the hands of people who were English speaking or clustered in other developed countries. Early on, I helped ensure that Spanish and Korean language posts gained some early voting support, worrying that their posts would not get many votes otherwise. And look at them now! (Those became two of our largest sets of communities on Steem, due to their hard work).

Since then, I’ve worked with some topical content areas as well as Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Brazil, Italy, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa, while also assisting to a lesser degree (mainly with voting power) in places like Poland, the Czech Republic, India and Malaysia. Once Steem is positioned for massive growth, much of its user base will come from these regions, because the developing world is a large source of potential users. We have great community builders on the ground there and talented curators who know how to spot and reward great content. Steem can change a lot of peoples’ lives in regions where employment prospects are limited and hope should be encouraged.

What types of things do you do specifically to get a ROI on your investment?

STEEM @ $100 = my ROI. Until then, I don’t check the price every day and I’m not paying much attention to the money part. I still work a full-time outside job and have never gone full-time with crypto. Therefore, I can laugh at the crypto price swings and have a casual attitude rather than stressing out about the whims of the market. I sympathize with people who depend on this, but am fortunate that I can take a long view.

What are ways that "regular users" have potential to affect your investment in a positive way?

The more regular users we have and the more adoption, the better STEEM will perform. We don’t have to think about the money part; we just build and support good people, content, communities, and apps. Over time, that will have a positive effect on our investments. One of the great things about Steem is that these interests should align, so there’s no reason anyone needs to choose money over people or projects. We can row the boat in the same direction.

What type of contributions do you consider to be adding value to your investment?

Any good content improves the site and its ecosystem. Eventually, I’d like to see some real outreach and marketing, which we’ve lacked so far. Hopefully, that will come as SMTs and post-Hive communities come online, assuming that the account creation bottleneck also is removed as a limitation (which I think it will be).

How do you discover and reward those types of contributions?

Click, click. The site needs good curation/moderation. We have some, but not nearly enough if we truly care about the people and the product.

Do you delegate SP to any projects? If so, what types of projects do you support?

Yes, I delegate from minor accounts to a few apps that are promising. I love what @princewahaj has done with the @super8ballclub app. I think Steemhunt shows promise. The @c-squared project is a very talented group of curators with Curie experience. There are other great projects also, but those I support partly because I think they deserve more than they’ve gotten.

In general, I don’t like making delegations. They are rigid and tie up the SP for too long. I am active enough that I prefer to use an account’s voting power and retain that flexibility as needed. Delegations are useful for people who want to set and forget it for a while, which isn’t my preference.

How "hands on" do you expect to be in projects you support?

Quite hands on at the beginning and then let someone else take things over completely. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a mean to fish and I can trust that person to take on a leading role, which frees me up to help on other projects. Once things are established, I’d rather they handle things and not bother me so that I can devote myself to other useful projects. There are usually people close to the project who have the skills to manage it overall and run (or supervise a team to run) the day to day operations.

What type of accountability reporting do you expect to see from a project that you support?

It depends on the project, but I want to see budgets, timelines for achieving benchmarks, and 100% honesty. If someone comes to me and has a project they’ve already been working on with very little support, I’m far more likely to support that than to help someone who comes to me asking for support before they have created anything. All of the best people I’ve worked with would fit in that first category. They put the community first and started working hard even before they were earning anything for it. Those are the people I’ll support.

What do you look for when casting witness votes?

100% dedication to Steem. The technical ability to keep a server running (preferably not in Germany, as we are overly centralized with too many witness servers located there) and update it as soon as needed. A minimum of politics.

And I don’t want to see divided loyalties. It’s fine to invest in other projects, but if you are earning money as a witness here, then invest your energies in Steem. When someone asks me for a witness vote, I want to know how they plan to use the income. If they’re just supporting themselves with it and running some code, that doesn’t excite me. Top witnesses make plenty of income even with low prices (no, your server doesn’t cost that much); they can use some of it to help fund communities, app development, marketing, etc.

Each top witness should be important to this ecosystem. Some are developers who need to finance their work on the code or on certain apps, etc. Others may have other niches, such as marketing, though we’ve seen precious little of that so far (and that’s not all the fault of witnesses, since Steem hasn’t been quite ready for a mass audience yet). Some witnesses represent particular communities or curation projects (e.g. @cervantes or @steemstem), some of which are very important.

Witnesses need to communicate with the members of the community and their constituents. @timcliff is one of the best in this regard, actively seeking to fill gaps in the community’s understanding. It still shocks me how few others communicate at all about their work or plans. If not, then why on earth should I vote for you? There’s a sense of entitlement. If I vote for a new witness, I almost never receive a ‘thank you,’ but the moment I unvote anyone, I hear from that person in about 5 minutes. Why didn’t you keep me up to date about your work for the last 6 months or year? Why didn’t you ever ask me what I want to see on the platform or share your ideas with me about what you’d like to see (and perhaps collaborate with me on)? Please communicate.

Some witnesses are either scamming voters by overstating the cost of the servers they run (making a lot of profit) or they are misguided conspiracy theorists who think that the lizard man got stoned on chemtrails and ate the white queen. They’re all welcome to their theories and communities and niches, and I appreciate that each of these people does do some useful things in the ecosystem, but voters should exercise their power responsibly. I’ve supported enough of that junk via witness votes for long enough. The witnesses I trust still have my votes. But as to the others, I’m comfortable maintaining some blank spots on my voting slate and saving those for better witnesses in the future. We’re through most of the forks, so the code stuff won’t be as big of a deal going forward. I’d love to see more witnesses who focus on supporting promising communities and/or working on outreach/marketing.

If that sounds reasonable to you, feel free to set @donkeypong as your voting proxy and I’ll try to keep up to date with the best witnesses to support. It doesn’t cost you anything and I don’t make money if you name me as your proxy. Then you don’t have to worry about researching the witnesses or voting. Researching them thoroughly is quite difficult when so few communicate regularly.

Do you have strong views on any of issues that are frequently discussed, or any upcoming changes?

The tech stuff should be left to people who are smarter than me. My general view is that we’re getting where we need to go, though it is taking longer than some of us had hoped. Getting it right is important; good coding takes time.

What would you like to see more/less of from "regular users"?

Regular users are great and they deserve more attention from the rest of us. Since my time is limited, I tend to focus on helping visionaries, community builders, and curators rather than merely good content creators, but I strongly appreciate the content creators also and vote for some of them.

Some of the best ideas I’ve encountered have come from regular users. If you have a community or app that is promising and need support for it, feel free to contact me. Sorry, I will NOT work with anyone new or who hasn’t built up a track record yet because I don’t have the capacity of voting power to help everyone. But if you represent an existing community (even a small one, regional or topical) or have started to build an app with a strong potential use case, feel free to contact me and I’d love to hear more about your plans.

What sort of profit margins do you hope to see for your investment?

STEEM @ $100.

Do you have a time frame for how long you plan to hold STEEM? Or a price target?

No. Maybe I’ll sell some before it hits $100, but at these prices, I’m buying.

Do you believe that the delegating of SP to bid-bots as well as self-voting/circle-jerking is harmful to long-term ROI?

Self-voting is human nature, though it would be nice for content consumers if some accountholders would hire authors to put something engaging on their blog before clicking the upvote button. Voting for one’s friends is the essence of how social media works, provided they are adding value with their own content.

The bidbot stuff is selfish and short sighted. Steemit’s main page looks like crap, and how will that help your long term investment? But in defense of the people gravitating towards bidbots, it’s also a function of the free market under an economic scheme that still has some flaws. We’ve been waiting a long time for development on the site to mature and it’s hard for me to blame accountholders for trying to make some money in the meantime, even if they are placing their own interests above those of the project.

Steemit Inc still controls the vast majority of Steem. That entity should have deployed its stake during this time to achieve a better balance and manage the content on the site. Steemit Inc’s completely agnostic attitude towards the decline of quality on the site has been one of the most puzzling things I’ve witnessed. Social media with no moderation? It’s like having a fish tank and choosing not to filter the water, letting it get dirtier for the fish in there (and for any potential investors to see) as you construct a bigger tank.

The Steem chain is decentralized; is operated by Inc and does not need to be decentralized. If it were my site, I’d want to exercise good stewardship and implement some healthy moderation to keep the site usable and attractive/palatable to potential investors. Hopefully, we’ll get real moderation with post-Hive communities, since it’s long overdue if we care about having something we can use.

What factors affect your decisions to go after short term returns that may hurt Steem in the long run vs. decisions to take a longer term strategy?

My horizon is long term, so that informs most of my decision-making.

Are there other forms of obtaining a good ROI from STEEM that you think will be possible in the long-term?

I don’t think about ROI. SMTs and communities should be fun and they should introduce new possibilities and potential income streams for active users. I’m looking forward to watching those develop as I support a few promising things.

What do you think is the biggest disconnect between stakeholders and "regular users"?

Regular users expect that good quality content will be rewarded. Instead, rewards are clustered around big accountholders or those they support. Aside from the handful of curators who are out there looking to reward good content and being supported for their trouble, Steem’s economic design has not promoted content discovery efficiently. Again, I’m hopeful that better-moderated communities and SMTs will help shift that balance soon.

If you strike it rich from STEEM, what do you plan to do with your money?

When, not if! I’ll be working on a project that I’ve been planning for some time. It will help people in many communities and it will help the environment where they live. There may be a Steem connection. When the time is right, I’ll move into working on that project.

Is there anything else that you would like to add that wasn't covered by the questions above?

Thanks for having me on your blog.

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If you are a stakeholder with 100,000 or more STEEM and would like to participate in an interview, please reach out to me on or Discord.


Most comprehensive interview I've ever done on here. Thanks to @timcliff for asking some great questions!

Great interview Tom! Of course you support a ton more projects than you mention here but I was very honored to see @c-squared made your short list of mentions here :) Cheers

Thank you for doing the interview and providing such great responses! :)

Somehow I didn't know most of that! It was nice to read such a relaxed and insightful tone here - informative and useful (I am checking out Peertracks now). Thanks for your support of the blockchain here.

Btw, In case you missed it, @oracle-d and @promo-steem are getting more support to promote Steem now - expect great things!

My project Steem Ocean might be interesting if you missed it.. but maybe I'm just too willing to research and comment on the darker side of life to qualify for an upvote.. lol

Great interview! You've been one of the few manual curators I've looked up to through the years who has stuck to his principles. Thank you.

Great interview, @timcliff! No one - and I do mean, no one - has had as positive an impact on Steem as @donkeypong. This place would be significantly worse without his contributions in ways he's too modest to mention, and in ways we take for granted and cannot imagine. The day even half the top witnesses, Steemit Inc and whales cared for the social aspect of Steem (Evidently, most people have forgotten this is supposed to be a social network, not a money making scheme) much as him, Steem will be at $100. We're a long, long way off from that.

I hope people are paying attention.

Nice comprehensive interview. Very valuable. Upvoted.

donkeypong has been a class act since day one. I can't recall any real controversy involving him and I know he's supported many here. I'm sure he's seen his fair share of drama, but seems to stay above it. And I'm grateful to him for giving me a boost early on with my first big payout, more than a few moons ago.

Thanks for the interview, Tim.

Thanks for all you do, ponkeydong! ;)

Drama is a bump in the road. If we think long term and keep our eyes on the ball, the little things are just petty distractions.

Such a great interview Tim!! Its been a long ride since you commented one of my early posts in July 2016 and invited me to stemit chat @donkeypong. Best mentor ever!! We will never forget your constant support to make spanish what it is now in Steem

I agree 100% He's one of the best humans you'll ever meet and it's a blessing he's on steemit. The support he has given to so many people, communities and projects is incredible. Personally, I'm very grateful to him just as you Manu. Great interview by Tim as well!


Tom is one of the biggest contributors to Steem community. This was a great interview just as were previous in this series. Keep them coming! And of course, thanks @donkeypong for all the work you put in building this platform.

This is one of the very best interviews I've ever read. Guess what? I don't usually read posts in full but this one was brilliant, especially because it features our one and only @donkeypong! Thank you very much @timcliff for interviewing him.

I really loved to know that he's looking for a long-term hold, as it may take years for STEEM to reach $100 but it definitely worths waiting. Enough to give me the confidence that I'm not alone in my long-term view.

Indeed, proof of work is wasteful and not all countries can participate in Bitcoin mining due to the electricity cost and other required resources. Proof of brain is just perfect. Mining could be considered "a set and forget" thing for investors but proof of brain requires interaction which is healthy for the price of any currency.

And the main part, @donkeypong was the one with whom I shared the initial idea of @super8ballclub. He motivated me enough to get this project done, both with his nice words and other actions. The role he played is big enough. Even after getting me start the project, he continued his support and delegated 5,000 SP to @super8ballclub. He is still continuously supporting the blogs (i.e the winners announcements and the payouts).

Thanks @donkeypong for everything you've done for us and for steemit as a whole. You're truly the man!

Thanks for posting this series @timcliff

@bala @inuke @sayee & others @indiaunited ,

Please check this:

while also assisting to a lesser degree (mainly with voting power) in places like Poland, the Czech Republic, India and Malaysia

We can try reaching out to @donkeypong for our endless quests for receiving support for our community projects like curation, various bots etc.

Please talk to @firepower first since he and I are in close communication.

thanks. Will do that. He is quite busy with SF at the moment. So, will do it once I meet him next time.

@bobinson Let's catch up soon!

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F I R E P O W A R R R R !!!!!

yummmmmmm seeenggg buddy !!

Good job.. Bob... :) you have been very supportive in building indiaunited community.. Hopefully the spark should continue

Great initiative! I hope that you and @firepower will come up with a excellent resolution for this. It will going to be a great support for us. IndiaUnited community has been servings since 11 months and by the next month we will be celebrating the first anniversary of a successful Indian-open community here on steemit. Thanks @donkeypong and @timcliff. Eagerly waiting for a good news. Namaste!

Thanks for this great post @timcliff. Yes @bobinson, it will be of great help if we get more support. Thanks for the shout out. And I'm happy that @donkeypong and @firepower also heard it. 😀😁😊

We currently have a curation program in @indiaunited but it is not having a great reach because of the reward value. We have been planning to introduce contests as well in the near future. If we get some helping hand, it will be very useful. Thanks guys.

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There is a great saying that Community Brings best out of people. Now if people get support, all community users will bring out best and that will be good for Steemit too :)

great. hope good news.

Thanks for taking the initiative Bobby

Wonderfully done !

@donkeypong has been the main reason why there is a huge growth of steemians in the regions i'm in ( South East Asia ). Most crypto projects are focusing on Asia markets whereas a lot of them only go to the english speaking countries or china. Very little see the huge potential from South East Asian countries which has so much potential. We are really grateful for @donkeypong and all his support.

Was a great interview @timcliff ... looking forward in reading more of these interviews. Cheers !

Thats an interview that i really enjoyed. Donkeypong is one of the few accessible whales on steemit and since the beginning of my involvement on here i have come across the account in many shapes and forms. It's great to see such a large user with a community driven mentality. The fact that he can regularly be seen posting, commenting and voting is massive.

Most of the large users just delegate and take the returns but in this case he is actively shaping the future of the steem blockchain and working towards the long term future rather than just short term profiting. Very interesting to read.

"The bidbot stuff is selfish and short sighted. Steemit’s main page looks like crap, and how will that help your long term investment?"

Couldn't agree more with you on that @donkeypong. That's why I just had to set aside Steemgar and start building a solution to this huge problem that is crippling Steem as we speak since I only saw everyone else doing more of the same (building "smarter" bid bots or just building more frontends with same feed).

I also recently started using smartsteem and instantly noticed how it affects my behavior here, saving my voting power for the bidbot is the most profitable thing to do in short term, yet will kill this platform long term when quality content isn't rewarded like they should be. Yet because of the profits that come without doing nothing, whales allowed such behavior to blossom here and look at the trending now, what a shit show.

My project still has a long way to go, is missing some basic functionality, but you can already compare how the trending looks with some filters like hide promoted posts. I wish I didn't have stake in Steem so I wouldn't have to care so much, but since I do, might as well try and steer the ship to direction I deem better.

See the change for yourself here:


Gotta watch out for those conspiracy minded witnesses. Believing in a collusion of bankers printing trillions for their own benefit and using that wealth to promote war and profit from it. Craziness!!! Outrageous craziness!

Deserves an upvote. All in good fun. :)

All this identifying of conspiracy theorists sounds like a conspiracy to me. :)

@donkeypong is one of the most dedicated person on this blockchain totally committed to the blockchain's cause, it's really wonderful to see his personality from the interview section which you brought today. I'm totally enjoying your interview series really so glad you brought @donkeypong to the hot seat

Awesome interview. I loved reading it. But now I want to buy more STEEM. Ahahah 😂😂😂

I can't lose my head, though. I have bought plenty of it this week already. 😎

Only buy what you can afford with.

What a cool interview @timcliff. I couldn't think of someone that I would want to interview more than @donkeypong. He always has a good attitude and his posts are well designed with a high standard for the platform. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Have a great day. I know you are a busy man Tim.

Great to hear from @donkeypong, a Steemian who has my utmost respect. Keep up the great work.

As always, a great interview Tim.

Awesome interview. STEEM @ $100 - now that's what we all want to hear :)

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each and every single one of us definitely wants to hear this :)!!

Awesome interview @timcliff! I kinda like reading what's in @donkeypong's brain once in a while. Thanks for what you both do.

Great interview. I have seen @donkeypong supporting many people (unfortunately, I could not get any upvote from him till date ). He rightly said that the interface of steemit is not very nice. It needs to be amended and improved. Steem has a great potential which needs to be harnessed.

This is a great idea to do interviews with the largest stakeholders, this one gives me confidence that @donkeypong really does have the interests of the whole ecosystem at heart and not just the personal benefit. I'm definitely checking out the other interviews!

Wow. I started reading, and than I needed to read some more followed by even more interview.

This is one comprehensice interview man. Well done and good read. Also, @donkeypong, big thanks for the elaborate answers. That made it an even better interview to read.

What Steem apps do you use on a regular basis?
I’ve dabbled, but Steemit is the only one I use regularly. Label me lazy.

Not lazy. Any investment, but especially crypto investments, take a lot of effort to research and to "maintenance" on holdings. Steemit compunds this with the proof of work...if you want to make Steem, you either buy it, or work your ass off for it by creating and engaging.

the concentration of voting power into the hands of a few SP holders creates inequity in voting, making it difficult for normal people to earn much from posting.

the only worry I have is that another platform or player (Google, facebook, etc) may try to buy in and control our platform. I know that the devs hold back a lot of Steem in some accounts

  • Is it enough to "control" any buyout attempts?
  • I was going to ask if it wouldn't be better served by rewarding "proven" Steemers (rep, earned SP, UA) with these reserves...BUT shooting down my own argument I could see individuals selling out for short term gains.

If I vote for a new witness, I almost never receive a ‘thank you,’ but the moment I unvote anyone, I hear from that person in about 5 minutes.

Sorry, I have to laugh here. I'm on the cynical side ;>

How ethical is it for witnesses to buy votes by UV their voters, in your opinion?

The tech stuff should be left to people who are smarter than me.

Yup...I don't even bother following dev trends or discussions. I just Steem on and hope the work pays off. I see the same promise in this thing that yall do.

The work they are doing does not focus primarily on, but on positioning this blockchain to be able to power a ton of other apps and sites.

If some of the bigger witnesses and stakeholders would agree to pay for developers to focus on this aspect under the direction of the main team, do you think that Steem Inc would go for it?

Thanks, timcliff and donkeypong

This interview is brilliant. The fish tank metaphor is just awesome. I share the positive outlook on steem but it’s still great to have such a motivational piece to get me even more excited about this platform in the long term.

Also thanks for the sounDAC tip, I’ve been using choon a lot but I’m particularly curious about crypto based music platforms.

Thanks for the great interview guys =)

Awesome interview Tim and Tom! I've just discovered it, but I'm glad I did. Great long-term vision.

I'll make sure I'll read the other interviews as well.

thank you @timcliff for initiating this and holding the space for it! i find it very valuable as a "regular user" to hear varying opinions of the larger stakeholders. i really appreciate you and what you do as a witness and user here!

@donkeypong, I appreciate your long term vision and enjoyed reading your journey and process here and where you see it going in the future. many thanks!

Really pleased to read this interview - it's detailed and informative, and grateful that you go to the effort to do this for us. It's actually quite heartening to read about big users who are dedicated and positive about steemit whilst being realistic about it at the moment and capable of seeing its flaws.

Thanks for putting a lot of effort into supporting communities @donkeypong. Truly commendable and honored to be part of the team.

This is a great interview @timcliff!

I recently read @steemed's interview and made me mindblown.

Great interview @timcliff and I hope we can see @donkeypong’s project come to life

Wow!! I must admit this is easily one of the best and open interviews I have read on this platform.

@donkeypong was really articulate in providing good response and @timcliff was asking all the right questions .

Please more of this!!!
Am resteeming this right away

Great interview @donkeypong, I love these @timcliff they provide a lot of insight.

I love this series. Thanks @timcliff.

I didn't make a mistake of reading to the very end, if there is a man who absolutely express the totally of his mind with words - certainly it is gonna be you (donkeypong).

You have really been a source of help and support for many projects here for some donkey pong years now. Thank you @donkeypong.

Really thank you for your evidence based guide

bolda re atto ki likhsos kisui to pora hoilo na. atto dhosjo amar nay. tai khali tore montobbo koira gelam re vejal konhankor.

Duḥkhita āmi bujhatē pārachi nā. Gugala anubāda bhālō kāja karē ni.

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¿Why did you stop supporting the Spanish speaking community? @donkeypong.

While I’ve been unhappy with how long the development has taken, it’s more important to remember that these brilliant engineers are tackling and solving problems that are cutting edge.

How are you unhappy? And if so, why do you think they are brilliant and solving hard problems? Seems a bit paradoxical ?