Interview a Steem Stakeholder Series - Interview with @acidyo (100,000+ STEEM Stakeholder)

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The Interview a Steem Stakeholder Series is a project to help inform the community about the views of the largest Steem stakeholders. The goal is to help "regular users" better understand the views of the largest stakeholders on the platform, so they can better align their actions with what the stakeholders are looking for.

In this post, @acidyo (a stakeholder with over 100,000 STEEM and additional 200,000 SP delegation) answered several questions about his views on the Steem platform and community. Below are the questions that were asked and responses from the interview.

Keep in mind that the stakeholders are individuals, and not all of them will share similar views. The views expressed in the interview are the views of the one stakeholder conducting the interview. They are not intended to represent the views of all stakeholders.

If you are a stakeholder with 100,000 or more STEEM and would like to participate in an interview, please reach out to me on or Discord.

The Interview with @acidyo

How did you become a part of the Steem project?

I joined quite early before the first payouts after I read about it on a crypto subreddit.

When did you join?

May 2016

How did you acquire a majority of your stake?

By curating, instead of posting in the beginning I focused on curation and commenting to increase engagement. When streemian was created I opened up my own trail there and some bigger investors followed my curation and when delegations came along they gave me more influence through that as well.

How many STEEM tokens do you currently hold?

Over 100,000

Do you have a large stake in any other tokens besides STEEM?

Not as large, no.

What Steem apps do you use on a regular basis?

Dlive, Steepshot and Steemit, but I'm trying to get into Busy more and more.

What would you say repels investors or otherwise discourages investment in the Steem blockchain and STEEM tokens?

Early accusations of it being a scam by people who don't understand what a blockchain is/can be. Early neglect and not being aware of changes. Big amount of stake mined early and due to old inflation model having become huge. The trending page has sure never helped.

What would you say attracts investors or otherwise encourages investment in the Steem blockchain and STEEM tokens?

Safety of funds, Steem has one of the best account recovery methods compared to other currencies and even if you get your key stolen you can recover it while having your SteemPower safe or liquids in Savings.

In addition to holding tokens, how else are you involved in the project?

A lot of manual curation. Created @ocd for quality but undervalued authors in multiple languages that haven't received the visibility they deserve (@ocd in a break right now as we are expanding some sideprojects). Curating a lot of introduction posts (thanks to @theaustrianguy for making that easier lately through @welcoming). Taking care of the r/steemit subreddit and lately changing how it operates (up to 7500 subscribers now) and a lot of other things, I try to be all-round with a lot of projects and curate where I see fit.

What types of things do you do specifically to get a ROI on your investment?

I haven't invested a lot in Steem early but I did power up about $100k in Steem at half the ATH. A big part of it is effective curation and staying powered up. :)

What are ways that "regular users" have potential to affect your investment in a positive way?

Seeing the larger picture, not falling for FUD or exchanging their SP for other tokens. Doing the best at what they are doing for the longetivity of the platform.

What type of contributions do you consider to be adding value to your investment?

Building communities, growing together and most importantly sharing their steem posts and stories outside of the platform, hopefully this will become a lot more active once we have faster account creations.

How do you discover and reward those types of contributions?

I try to reward users based on the quality and effort they put into the platform. Curating manually means that you often forget some now and then and move in waves of which your favorite users are at certain periods in time or my interests of what I like to read or watch (lately with Dlive). I believe to have a fair understanding of viral things on the internet and I try to curate similarly stuff that brings out the best content on Steem at any given time.

Do you delegate SP to any projects? If so, what types of projects do you support?

I used to delegate to the team members of @ocd for a long time, lately I am delegating to @steemgc which is a growing gaming community on Steem and @suomibotti which is a curation project for Finnish users. I also tend to randomly delegate to some new users from time to time to get them their vote slider.

How "hands on" do you expect to be in projects you support?

Not too hands on, if I trust the leaders of a project than I don't check up on them all that much. If complaints come forward I do make sure to get to the root of it.

What type of accountability reporting do you expect to see from a project that you support?

A few of those projects have done some good reporting, they have been @dlive and @steemhunt. I don't expect anything more than that.

What do you look for when casting witness votes?

Activity, dedication to the currency and what they are working on. Currently giving my witness vote to new witnesses.

Do you have strong views on any of issues that are frequently discussed, or any upcoming changes?

I don't like shortsightedness and entitlement and I see a lot of that on Steem. I have personally made the decision to trust the Steemit team and my beliefs in the platform have only grown since the first couple weeks I joined and read everything there was about it.

What would you like to see more/less of from "regular users"?

Working together as a community, not forgetting from where they came from and what they were making on those social media platforms and most importantly not going all in as to rely on Steem as income for daily expenses. Crypto markets are brutal and they will not make that possible for you in most cases.

What sort of profit margins do you hope to see for your investment?

Nothing is impossible, new tech, new advantages and borders. I remember people laughed at me in 2013 when I said Bitcoin can easily go to $10k (went to $20k) or that Eth can easily go to $100 (went to $1400) a few years later and there will probably be people laughing when I say that Steem can easily go to $100 as well.

Do you have a time frame for how long you plan to hold STEEM? Or a price target?

In my mind there is no particular price target for when I will sell Steem, I have a target of how much Steem Power I want to get to and hold for continued influence on the platform. People will hopefully realize the true power of it by then.

Do you believe that the delegating of SP to bid-bots as well as self-voting/circle-jerking is harmful to long-term ROI?

It depends of what the investor does with the gains. Right now it feels like a spiral where some are losing out by not growing as fast as others that do delegate to bid bots but I believe we can raise the bar of how bid bots operate and owners profit from it to make SP an even better investment. The best outcome would of course be for higher curation rewards and to incentivize delegation to curation projects for the same ROI.

What factors affect your decisions to go after short term returns that may hurt Steem in the long run vs. decisions to take a longer term strategy?

Trading it in for currencies that aren't continually being inflated to take profits back to SP after. Many times it has proven that due to this Steem was quite often lagging behind other gainers and allowing a window to double-profit, not sure if the next bull run will allow that considering the low liquidity Steem has had on the markets, many will probably not get the chance to buy back in the amount the planned to re-invest into Steem.

Are there other forms of obtaining a good ROI from STEEM that you think will be possible in the long-term?

Investing into SMT's through delegation/curation, some of them can become the next big thing and outperform Steem.

What do you think is the biggest disconnect between stakeholders and "regular users"?

Many early investors may not care a lot about their Steem stake as they've been around long enough to be invested in other currencies as well. They may not want the platform to succeed as much as other more active users in the same way as they may not care about the stake they've left and "forgotten" on their steem account on autovotes or delegated it to bid bots.

If you strike it rich from STEEM, what do you plan to do with your money?

Continue curating. :)

Is there anything else that you would like to add that wasn't covered by the questions above?

I think there are quite small changes that when applied right will make the demand for SP rise by a lot. I am glad the team is working on the backend even if it means that many might ignore Steem for the time being because of the lack in front-end/s. I am looking forward to how this ecosystem will develop in the next few years.

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Thanks for doing this @timcliff. I've usually declined most interviews in the past but figured it was time to place some of my thoughts out there especially at times like these.


Thanks @acidyo! As one of our community's most active curators, your opinion is extremely valuable to the users in the community. I'm grateful that you took the time for the interview :)


Thank you for this interview @acidyo and @timcliff. I know you @acidyo since my begining of steem, but there were still some things didn't knew about you, and thank you again for the delegation at the begining.

But I think you forgot to mention the lambo at the question if you strike riche xD .


Why did you decline them?


Thanks for sharing your insight acidyo, and ty Tim for setting these interviews up.

Interesting interview, thanks for this series! Can't wait to read more.

Awesome! I like that kind of interviews. It's good to read how the perspective of these stakeholders is. My target is to reach 100K SP this year.


You'll be an interviewee in waiting... 😉

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That's the spirit, ray!


Thanks, buddy I want that 100 ;)
I read you too don't you?


Already done. Next checkpoint 250k ;)


Really? With that account?


No. That would be too crazy and not possible w/o being a Top 20 Witness. But by building a smart business - everything is possible :)

Very interesting interview. Gave me more perspective on the delegation question. I too would love to see curation profit people more than bidbot delegation, and more delegating to community projects.

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@timcliff & @acidyo
Nice to read whats going on "on the other side of the fence" or whatever, if I had resources I would invest a lot into steem right now... But I don't so I will try to add the spare change I have, try to delegate a little and grow organically and hope that I can invest more in the future before STEEM moons...



acidyo has long been one of my favorite posters.

Down to Earth, and truly a nice guy.

He helped me out at the beginning and even answered several comments on Steemit Chat when I was confused about the platform.

I'd honestly say that his early help is part of the reason that I began to post my fiction on here, and part of the reason that I was able to grow into a dolphin.

Great guy.

Wow @timcliff what a great interview. And @acidyo sounds like he has a really good head on his shoulders. Just a very intelligent person and a lot of what he says aligns with my own views.

Especially the part about too many people here being shortsighted. He is spot on with that as I have found that to be so true myself.

These kind of "fast money chasers " are frankly the ones we do not need on the Blockchain, imho

Keep these interviews coming! One of my favorite series on steemit at the moment.

Awesome to see this @timcliff, and glad to get a little more insight into @acidyo! I happen to be one of the newcomers who was the recipient of "I also tend to randomly delegate to some new users from time to time to get them their vote slider," which was a great help in getting me "on the road."

Thanks again!

@acidyo you da man! BIG RESPECT! You motivate people!

...most importantly not going all in as to rely on Steem as income for daily expenses. Crypto markets are brutal and they will not make that possible for you in most cases.

Sincerely, I believe this advice is coming out straight to me. But nevertheless, what would you have a STEEM user from a third world country with a poor economy with unstable means of standard of living do? Meanwhile, there is a saying on the chain that “consistency and your online presence must be felt”. How can you manage blogging on steem with a business or work together? This is a serious question.
Can it be more effective and efficient like doing it as a daily job compare to part time blogging?

I am glad the team is working on the backend even if it means that many might ignore Steem for the time being because of the lack in front-end/s. I am looking forward to how this ecosystem will develop in the next few years.

It is a heartfelt relief to hear a somewhat great news here. After the announcement of HF20 and the SMT launch in September and January respectively. I think the platform is experiencing some cleansing and rapid growth again. We are looking forward to Steemblast Day organized by @timcliff to help stir up some attentions from potential investors too.

Thank you for coming out on Tim's show.

Nice informative interview, Tim. Acid is a great Steemian, he's engaged in curating and community building. It's nice to get a insight of Steem in long-term from him.

The best outcome would of course be for higher curation rewards and to incentivize delegation to curation projects for the same ROI.


If you strike it rich from STEEM, what do you plan to do with your money?
Continue curating. :)

Staying true to curation! Our @ocd leader :)

I hope with the new features coming SMT, Hivemind and Steem-UA we will do much effective curation. Curation is what will be at the heart of the success for Steem.

Interesting to get the perspective from a large stakeholder.

I'd be keen to hear @acidyo's thoughts on the proposition of the "1 account 1 vote" idea that has been floating around. I've been trying to get some buddies into STEEM, and they have a hard time getting excited about it when they see how undervalued their say is worth when compared to other more established stakeholders on the network.

I enjoy hearing the viewpoints of some who have been on the platform since early on. It really helps me to understand the perspective. Having only been here a couple weeks there is a big learning curve for me which this helps shorten.

It's great to get an insight into what some of these people think. They can seem a little faceless of they are not posting much. There is a human behind these accounts even if some of their actions may be automated.


I agree.

I guess the most important point in this post is:

Make curation great again.


Yes, it is! ;-)

"Interviews with friendly whales" :) is very useful to understand the mindset of people who have invested so much into the platform. I've gotten several interesting ideas for the future

Thank you. It was a reference article as @ocd curator. I am japanese @ocd curator. I resteemed this article.

very very interesting & effective interview. I think, who want to success in steemit, who want to make this platform income source & job field, he should participate in this interview. because, all the questions in this interview can fix an aim in steemit. I mean when I get the answer of following question, then it will be easy to improve in steemit career.
So, I want to participate in this interview.


The requirement to participate in my interview series is to have at least 100,000 STEEM.

If you want to write your own post where you answer the interview questions though, feel free. Please just credit my post as the source of the questions.


I have not 100000 SP. I will post this in my blog also I credit you obviously. take care. thank you for the information.

Really enjoying this series of interviews. Keep them coming! Much appreciated.

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Steem has one of the best account recovery methods compared to other currencies and even if you get your key stolen you can recover it

Can you please point us to how that can be achieved ?


Does that answer your question? If you leak your password and your keys get changed, you can recover your account with the help of your recovery account (@steem in most cases) and the previous keys.


Tks does..


Thanks ..checked my recovery account

Do you think we will still have similar recovery options with new faster modes of account creation?


How account recovery is handled is entirely dependent on which service you use to signup.


so , in theory , a tech support layer can also be applied to on-board new normie users..things people are used to in usual e-commerce.


I'm not quite sure what you are going for.

@acidyo is a true gent, and a real friend of the Steem blockchain.

We are looking forward to seeing how it is going to implement the new ideas to correct the things we are facing. I am happy to meet curator like Acidyo. I loved the series of interview and will check next one to know how other big SP holders share their thoughts.

why does my account vote for others after my delegation SP from Minnowbooster . please help me my brother


You may have signed up for their voting service. You can check to see what apps you have granted authority to here:


Thank you sir, I have deleted everything.😁


Here are your posting/voting authorizations as of this moment:

You have not set up your vote to be sold With Minnowbooster so someone else is using your vote.


Thank you for your attention and assistance :)


Not yet succeeded sir, by revoking some of these applications. Let you see My account is still upvote to others.

· shows you have given posting authority to a lot of apps. Does it let you revoke them when you go to that URL I sent you?


I've sent something to steemit chat sir, please help me

Is it over 100,000? you are a whale


It's the requirement for the people who participate in the interview. I'm close to 100,000 - but not there yet :)

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I think it's good to invest in steam. It has more power and income.


I think it's good to
Invest in steam. It has more
Power and income.

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