Free Byteball tokens for all Steemains!! (Details inside)

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In case you haven't heard, Byteballs is doing an airdrop of free Byteball tokens to all Steemians. (Well, everyone with reputation 30+) Everyone with a Steem account should be claiming their tokens - it is free money!!

The airdrop rewards based on reputation are:

  • Steem reputation above 30: you get a $5 reward
  • Steem reputation above 40: you get a $10 reward
  • Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
  • Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
  • Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

All rewards are paid in Bytes. 50% of your reward is liquid (which means it can be cashed out via an exchange right away). The other 50% is paid via a smart contract that can be unlocked after one year.

Instructions to claim your Byteball tokens are here:



Hi @timcliff, I already signed up and got free airdrops. How will I exchange to fiat?

Edit- I didn't get free airdrop from you yet and I'll send my wallet address to you through discord soon.
Thanks for your support.

Use Bittrex.

Otherways if you don't have a bittrex account and you want to trust me you can contact me on discord and I can buy them from you for SBD. j-P#9192

Contact me on discord if you want. My name is j-P#9192

ok... talk to you there

I don't know how to start a conversation with username.. can you buzz me at asis#8657 ??

I have already bittrex. I'll try it. Hope you contact if I have some issues @jeanpi1908

Yeah just contact me if you have problems.

Bittrex didn't verify me, have any other option? also their gbyte to altcoin exchange bot is not working.

Unfortunately my discord not connect me as well. Have i permission to send my wallet address here.

Thanks for this information. It’s a huge benefit to earn some money.

Welcome. Have you claimed your tokens yet?

"HI. nice to meet you. this is Brian Liu from China. i read a lot about your blog,you have many fresh ideas.

I'm thinking about translate your blog and post it on the community if you agree, just sharing knowledge with people, it's not for commercial purpose.

I'm looking forward to your early response."

thanks so much for doing this.

Yes, this is the craze recently. I got mine yesterday. :-)

Verified working. I’ve already attested. You would be silly not to take advantage.

Thanks bro.
But I have already signed up in Byteball.
Thanks for the update though

Thanks Tim, I currently have a 45.9 rep. How long does the airdrop last, I want to get my rep to 50 if I have time.

Sorry I don’t know.

It's OK, thanks anyway. I guess I better get on top of it ASAP before I lose out completely.

I heard there's no deadline yet, so you can wait until you reachyour 50 rep.

i have joined it and already enjoying it Thanks to @surpassinggoogle he guided me fully and because of good reputation here i have earned a Good One 😊

This is true i have already collected mine and i wish my reputation is upto 70 to get this $160 like @timcliff the senior whale.

I advice whoever hasn't collect byteball should get every detail through @timcliff for all the support reqiured thank you.

The idea of the airdrop for Steemians with more than 30 SP is awesome. Good job, Byteball team.

This is great thanks for the information



I will appreciate if you help me to get this airdrop, my address is:


Whuut? Free crypto? Ill tale it, thanks!

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Have you claimed your tokens yet?




How do we check that the referral bonus is given to the proper account ? I have come across some posts, where I have seen, some people just send the minimum bytes to other's wallet to get the referral. But I referred someone and yet to get the bonus. The person I referred showed me that he only received the bytes from me and then attested after that. Is there a way or place to check what happens with those referrals ?

Whoever sends bytes to the new account first gets the referral bonus

He showed me his wallet history, and its only me. But I am yet to get the referral. So what to do next ?

This is why you are the best. I will fill the details. On a side note, how do we verify if a wallet already received some bytes from someone else ? Kind of any wallet explorer to see and confirm that, he is not cheating.

Did he successfully claim the bonus?

the gift is directly sent to the account steemit or into account. byteball.

It is sent to your Byteball wallet, which you will download in order to claim your tokens.

ohh I think the gift will be sent to the steemit account.


thanks for the information you have shared, And this is very useful for steemit users.

Good news,like this

Is there a profit for the referrals?

I have already received several invitations to register. One of them told me that he paid for my ticket. He has not contacted me yet, I have been with many doubts and impatience since then.

what is your question?

Really. I am anxious to enter

Well I would not do anything that you don't feel comfortable with. The source code for Byteballs is available though, so if you are technically capable you can audit it and compile the application yourself.

Hello @timcliff....i had done mine already.. Thanks so much for your kind gesture!


hola corazon tengo problemas para descargarlo estoy que lloro

¿Que esta pasando?

i cant send the code to you in discord.what can i do?

You should be able to contact me here:

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