All Steemians get free Byteball tokens! Have you claimed yours yet?

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Free Money!!!

Have you heard? Everyone with a Steem account (with reputation > 30) gets free Byteball tokens! All you need to do is download the Byteball wallet and link it to your Steem account.

It looks like a lot of Steemians have not claimed their free tokens yet. Below are instructions to claim your tokens.

Note: Half of the tokens are "liquid" (you can cash out right away). The other half can be cashed out after one year.

Step 1: Download + Install the Byteball Wallet

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the download section, and click on the appropriate link to download the wallet.
  3. Install the wallet after the download completes.

Step 2: Backup your wallet

This step is important so that you do not loose your tokens.

  1. Click on the ☰ icon in the upper left of the Byteball wallet.
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab.
  3. Click "Full backup".
  4. Save + backup the file somewhere safe.

Step 3: Link your Steem account

  1. Click on the "Chat" icon at the bottom.
  2. Click on the "Bot Store" icon at the top.
  3. Click on the "Steem attestation bot".
  4. Click "Add Bot".
  5. You will see a response in chat like this:
  6. Click on the ... icon in the chat, and then click "Insert my address":
  7. Click on the send icon: (Note: Hitting the enter key will not work.)
  8. The bot will respond with a message. Click on the SteemConnect link.
  9. Validate your account using SteemConnect.

    Important: To validate your account, you should use your private posting key. (You should not use your master password or active/owner keys.)
    To get your private posting key, go to your wallet permissions tab.
  10. After you validate your account, you should see a success message:
  11. Back in the Byteball wallet chat, select "public".
  12. You can click on the "History" tab at the bottom to see your free Byteball tokens that have arrived!

Step 3: Cash out Byteballs (Optional)

If you want to cash out your Byteball tokens, there are currently three exchanges where they can be traded for BTC:

  1. Bittrex
  2. UpBit
  3. Cryptopia


If you need any help, just message me here, on, or on Discord.


Works like a charm. Few minutes to claim full amount. If something works perfectly in crypto-world, it's definitely worth keeping. Great work @timcliff

First impression, this app looks very stable made. I will definitely get involved deeper. Looks very promising on first sight.

is this app safe? we need to make sure they are not taking our privacy on background or accounts details?

As long as you follow instructions, it is safe. What's important when it comes to steemit, is that you use your Posting key / Not the owner key while using steemit connect. In regards to an app itself, it does not asks for specific permissions, so we can assume your privacy is safe to a reasonable extent.

Thanks for explanation sounds good.

Made a bit on this, converted it back to STEEM (of course, why wouldn't you?)

Sweet, I don't think I've ever had something work so smoothly in crypto, except maybe the Neon wallet...

Thanks dude :-)


Resteemed friend
Here's my address

Thanks for this info. This is the clearest and simple explaination. Others were good but my smartphone freeze as soon as I open them..must be too many images. Pls do more on how to exchange/convert to steem. Thanks

If you use the Bittrex exchange to trade for BTC, then you can buy STEEM here:

Thank you for helping with this! Got myself some byteball!

These are very good news dear friend @timcliff, I have already lowered my wallet, for my reputation I received a good amount of dollars. I consult you? Do you think it's a good idea to keep them ?. What information do you drive?
Thank you very much for the information
I wish you a great day

I'm selling some, but keeping some too. You also get more in another year. (Half are paid out now, half are paid out in a year.)

If that data knew 50% now and 50% the year that it has.
Thank you very much for your answer
We talk at any time

Hey im having this error.

Can you help me with this?


You could try to re-download the wallet.

An alternate is you can "inspect" the link (by right clicking) and then extract the wallet address out of there, then manually send the 49,000 bytes payment to that address.

This is (was) a known iphone issue with the steemit attestation bot. I had that for ages and it eventually fixed itself. You could try removing the bot and re-adding it.

Very quick and easy, thank you for sharing this it is one the clearest guides I have found so far and thanks for the quick response in sending the registration fee - very much appreciated :-)

#thealliance #witness

Well it sure was some easy money and the steps were easy to understand as well !

Wow this is really awesome , thank u for the wonderful sharing. Definitely will try it hope it's still going on :-)

Man that's great! Thanks for sharing this (:

Thanks for great share just follow all the steps and receive 19,324,560 bytes it says worth 2.49$ is lot less than what you mention but still happy something is better than nothing.

Half is “liquid” and the other half is locked up for one year.

I didn't understand what you mean by liquid

liquid means it can be cashed out right away.

Thanks for you great support you are a good guy hope you will bring more things like that.

Hi, thanks for the offer to help with transportation costs, I sent you a message on discord, same user name

My reputation is 53. But i get only 16$.
And give exchange fee.
I can´t get full.😢

Exchange fees are a part of cryptocurrencies unfortunately.

Yeah , bro:-)

Thank you for this!
very generous of you :)
a sweet 20$ in the pocket!
thank you thank you!

I am going to try it wish me luck :)

Such an interesting airdrop for steemit community thanks for sharing and helping others :)

Very good description! You helped me a lot, thank you)).

Great info. I did mine yesterday and yet to do my backup. So, will be useful.
You should have put your referral link. :-)
I shamelessly did that in mine but you have good info. So, resteeming.

Very detailed a d helpful.

Had to resteem.

a tantalizing charm for us thanks for the information @timcliff

This is the highest airdrop that I have ever seen ,the are transparent and the brought out means of sell it.

Didn't believe this not until I tried and it worked .

Go and claim yours .

Free coins are always nice. Thanks for that Tim. The byteball concept; to be able to exchange safely with anyone through their smart contracts; sounds pretty cool too.

Thanks Tim. Got it. Supper bummed I didn't have the next rep. It feels like I have been stuck at 59 forever. Still it's better than nothing. You guys are awesome.

Bytes Received!! thank you very much

That was so slick! It worked perfectly.

Byte is an amazing airdrop with a difference, I was privileged to share in this free money. Lol Do you know about any update concerning the breakdown?

I thought it was fixed. I haven't been following too closely though.

Not yet, they just released a statement to that effect today via mail. And they're probably working on it now. The steem attestation verification isn't going and the exchange too. But we're hoping for the best this week.

I've signed up quite a few people since I created my post, and they have all worked.

Probably new users can access it now but I made a transaction over 20 hours ago now and it has not be delivered not to talk of verified. I will wait on the magic ball message though. Thank you for notifying me.

Does Byteballs really give you free money???

Yes. You need to be at least reputation 30 though.

Why declined payout on your comment?

This is great!! One chance after another! thanks for sharing!!


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Nice and timely information there.

Many thanks dear.


wow,its really a amazing news.but is this trusted?i do that if there is no danger..

Everyone has to do their own evaluation, but it seemed safe to me. There is GitHub source code that you can review, download, and compile if you want to be 100% sure.

Its really very good for everyone to take this money ..sir Can i try it when my Reputation gone over 30 . now its on 28.67

Not sure. Worth a try :)

reputation 25 whether it can be a prize

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thanks for sharing.

welcome. have you claimed your tokens yet?

great. thanks!

welcome :)
have you claimed your tokens yet?

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Byteball is doing a airdrop on Steemit, where you can get 10 $ - 160 $ for free. More infos here.

Great work <3

why i am not able to join your discord server...
it shows the instant invite is invalid or has expired..

Saludos amigo @timcliff soy nuevo en steemit, apenar dos semanas, crees que pueda descargar mi billetera y seguir los consejos de tu anuncio? O en que tiempo me recomiendas hacerlo?.

Tu reputación es muy baja. No podrás reclamar ningún token.

Ok sigo adelante. Alguna recomendación?

please reply me when you done it than i can follow next steps?

I couldn't find you on Discord..please send?! Thank you so much in advance!!


It's worth trying for the accuracy of the information. Thank you!

So far the problem is... i cannot send you the receive address in Discord. Hahaha you still need to accept my friend request. Haha😂😂😂

Just accepted

hello @timcliff it is my wallet DITE3SJWZWHQTVXMLTBTJHEEKKCAPXNH

Bytes received .....thank you sir

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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I followed your post, everything was ok until last step...

Didn't receive any payment after this

Based on the output it looks like you may have already linked your account to a wallet before?

Yes, I did, but there was some error and payment didn't go thru, so I re-installed wallet. Probably error that can't be fixed?

It probably linked to the other wallet :(
Did you backup your first wallet before deleting it? Maybe the tokens are there.

Yes, I did, but don't know how to access that back up. With what program I can enter backup?

There are instructions in my post for taking a backup. Did you do those steps?

Yes, but don't know how to access that file. It is on my PC.

Yes. Wherever you saved it.

Thank you!

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