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RE: Free Byteball tokens for all Steemains!! (Details inside)

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

Hi @timcliff, I already signed up and got free airdrops. How will I exchange to fiat?

Edit- I didn't get free airdrop from you yet and I'll send my wallet address to you through discord soon.
Thanks for your support.


Use Bittrex.

Otherways if you don't have a bittrex account and you want to trust me you can contact me on discord and I can buy them from you for SBD. j-P#9192

Contact me on discord if you want. My name is j-P#9192

ok... talk to you there

I don't know how to start a conversation with username.. can you buzz me at asis#8657 ??

I have already bittrex. I'll try it. Hope you contact if I have some issues @jeanpi1908

Yeah just contact me if you have problems.

Bittrex didn't verify me, have any other option? also their gbyte to altcoin exchange bot is not working.

Unfortunately my discord not connect me as well. Have i permission to send my wallet address here.