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Any topic is fair game. Comment with the link to the Steem article/video below. The most popular comments will win a big upvote for their favorite Steem content creator, and I will fish around and upvote some of my favorites as well.
Also, @themarkymark has volunteered to give out upvotes as well!

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I am thrilled to see this post by @c-cubed:


They are of our curation projects and now sponsor both @freewritehouse and @bananafish. All three of these projects are boosters for the many writers, bloggers, authors and other content creators on STEEM. Because of the support these projects give, many of us have hope and keep working harder to succeed.

Any support you can give any of these three projects will trickle down to the small content creators they support in their curation and creation efforts. All three projects are small, committed, and hard working and deserve all the help they can get.

As always, thank you so much for all you do for us here, Dan. You have no idea how much it helps and is needed. You are a lifesaver to many and we appreciate it very much.


Fellow member of the @bananafish community, I would like to echo the words of @f3nix here but adding a bit more to what he had stated. We love not only that you written the beautiful comment here, but the faith you put into us is a beaming light in this Steemit landscape. In this Steemit landscape, attitudes like yours are what will shine a more positive and learning and growing community.

And while I do have some reserves on trickle down as a whole, that's a whole other discussion here entirely. I shall say, however, is that this is an example of where trickling down, the hand off of surplus SP and other Steemit-aide, had paid off well. And I can say this as not only did the members of the community grow, but even the contest hosting account swelled as well.

Without further ado, I thank you and @theycallmedan, for even considering us in the grand Steemit landscape. Truly. A more cooperative Steemit, where competition is fused well with it, shall make Steemit from the new and inexperienced to the veterans benefit. If not, at least give a beating heart which it desperately needs if it wishes to grow anywhere sincerely.


I'm surprised and honored for your words, @fitinfun. Thank you. A message like yours is the utmost satisfaction for me, @f3nix, and I'm sure also for all the core members that dedicate all their energies to reward quality, still maintaining a fun and inclusive environment. With the help of everyone and thanks to our renowned potassium mojo, we will keep enjoying this creativity-incubator's growth (oh, btw I love the trickle-down concept applied to us). Cheers to you and to @theycallmedan, who keeps doing so much for steemit communities!

It's a splendid movie review blog by @raj808 well detailed, well crafted, it's awesome mastery of reviewing craft, you should definitely see for yourself here.



Thank you my friend Jose for your wonderful review 🙂

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It's a wonderfully written post you have there really

No idea what this is about but I'll put my one cent's worth in here...
And that's all he wrote...

This one by @riverflows is still opened in my browser because I want to leave a comment - but it's not one of those posts where an 'easy comment' is enough. Very well-written post on a less spoken about topic: Having Children in Troubled Times: Should We Have Them At All?


Glad I checked this post! I came across this post of @riverflow's on my feed yesterday, and definitely wanted to comment on it, but was too busy with the kids at the time. Awesome to see it here and be reminded that I need to get back to it!

We had such a great conversation about that topic too when you last visited. A very thought provoking topic indeed! Much Love lady :)

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Yes, we absolutely did have amazing talks on your couch @redrica - I'm glad I was able to get this post under your attention again! Hugs!!!


Thankyou... feel so humbled!!!

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Gosh... thanks! Honoured I am on one of your open tabs!!! Xxx

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awesome photos!


Thanks, @vibesforlife, thanks, @theycallmedan! :)


also can i nominate myself? since i am new and no one is voicing for me yet :)

I am like not important right now

This article written by @niallon is about freedom of speech.


Its a really good article and really worth a read.

We had earlier today a ZOOM conference with @prc, the creator of @DSound. We talked about #DSound and what we Steemians could to make our ecosystem grow. We come to the conclusion that we need more communication between developers of dApps and end-users.

This was our video chat:

You know I'm a street art lover, so I will suggest this article from @digi-me:




Lets go with this one :) there are some great stuff out there, but these photos just call you to lie in the middle of the soft grass on thata sunny meadow. :)
I did my part with curie curation too the guy is totally underrewarded, as many others but we keep sharing love.



Thank you @svemirac, @theycallmedan and everyone else who contributed to make this my most successful post here! I am humbled and appreciate all the sharing of the love. :)

I would vote for this one, but the BEER was KAK (@meesterboom knows what that means now... lol) - although the host was rather entertaining... haha!!



Haha, you crack me up!! Kak indeed!!!


That beer must be seriously kak, because you are responding WAY TOO QUICKLY to mentions, for any GOOD QUALITY drink. haha ;)


Hehe, give it another half an hour!!



For something completely different- I’ve enjoyed reading about the creation of 3D models from a drone, and earning from it; https://partiko.app/@dronegraphica/dronelife-3dmodelseries-batterymoltkejersey-jv46epm97j?referrer=cryptocurator courtesy of @dronegraphica who is worth following as a relatively new minnow I think.

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Very cool staff


Thanks for the mention here @cryptocurator! Really glad you enjoy what i'm putting out there

Ooo, ooo, pick this one! Pick this one! 😊 😂


I just finished listening, and as always, I loved her energy as well as her awesomesauce messages. Plus her bloopers at the end are wicked funny ("YAY, more noise!" "Interesting" 😂 )

The Pixie Post Moon Watch Series: New Moon In Aries | April 5th, 2019 by @pixiepost.


Sis, you are too sweet. Thank you. I am honored. 🌷🔥

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Now i know this is not in english and you probably can read spanish but! i tell you this post is awesome, it talks about the blackout in Venezuela in a non political way, just a really good description of what is like to go through something like what is happening in Venezuela in the flesh.

Quien te dijo que en Venezuela se fué la luz te mintió..

i leave you here a little translation of the post...

The blackout

That's what we call it, total darkness without the right to complain. Maracaibo, the city where I live, the drama was perpetuated for more days than in the rest of the country because of our great electricity demand, it is a hot city and many people use the air conditioners with the thermostat at full speed.

Those who asked for war from within did not tell them that we were all included and to those of us who cry out for peace we have to be resilient and be alert to the first ray of sunlight to start moving the spinning wheel.

Here none was saved, we are together in this.

They have been days full of many mixed feelings, people who recognized themselves beyond mobile devices and entertainment, neighbors appear who did not even know the voice and now even plan to grill together and share meals even though the contingency happened.

Yes, we plan grills and we believe that this is not eternal, that we can overcome it and we will even laugh, that's how we are.

I don't know the author of it but i will make a suggestion to her to make a english version of it if is possible for her!




I actually shot this video for @thechurch01 and @uyobong. It was quite fun-filled. @uyobong was putting @thechurch01 through the rudiments of #steem in preparation for a business Radio Show. The videos was my best.

This is my first submission on your blog @Theycallmedan.



@You34, you were a good student-photographer/Media personnel. Thank you!

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The best article for me was from a steemian who commented me recently. He is a plankton for a long time and I think he really needs some support and attention. He's @s0phos .

Here is his article about the benefits from ads on steemit :



thank you so much! It's a real honor for me

Hello @theycallmedan
I have check your previous post also and you have mention that you are offering new account also.

Getting new people to signup for Steem! (DM me for free accounts)

Thanks for the invitation.
I have a question - the newly created account has some SP delegated or it will come with 0 SP.
As I know when I created my account on Steemit I also got 15SP delegation also.
Clarification highly appreciated.
Thanks again

I think @emsonic doing a great job promoting new features on steemit

@robertandrew has been a kind and generous friend to many Steemians and has posted another thought provoking video on the reaction of people on hearing a veteran could not pay for his groceries.

Thank you so much for your generosity,since I already received your upvote to my big surprise. That actually led me to find out about this wonderful game and I have something for you that you may like to see. This is a recipe of delicious vegan pastry by @proanima who is a very talented vegan pastry creator.

I venerate this @t3a dtube video. I cherished all of his posts well. Regardless, there is no one to pick. I made this post chooser. @t3a He is an amazingly respectable man. I saw all of his posts. Constantly work to keep the earth clean. I believe you in like manner like his work.


I like this motivational video- where the creator finds real happiness-

Hi Dan, I made the video above with @Thechurch01. He is a sales expert and wanted to feature on a Radio Business SHow. The video was to put him through the rudiments of #steem so he can feature #steem in his talk.

It will be a great read

A Steem Promo event is coming up this year - August 6th - 11th in Nigeria tagged Steemit in Nigeria (the third edition)


I'm going to go with one of the authors who i picked for my @pifc curation post of the week. Check her out here - https://steemit.com/adventure/@buysoaphere/how-a-nautical-flag-inspired-soap-came-to-mind-easily

Shes producing some really cool posts

I vote for @ecoinstant's recent post where he talks about how we view Steem: https://steemit.com/steem/@ecoinstant/steem-core-product-value-and-the-a-ha-moment


Check out that video made by @uyobong and @thechurch01. It was a lecture series about #steem in preparation for a Radio Promo Session to be anchored by @thechurch01.


Thank you @prettyglo for sharing this.I appreciate.

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Hi @theycallmedan

I liked this vlog by @alokkumar121 for #seven77 push-ups. I see that you're also part of this challenge by Nathan.


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And the comment by @arcange also 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💣💥💣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

https://steemit.com/steem/@steemalliance/extended-voter-registration-deadline-schedule-updates-and-chosen-voting-method-for-election. The content talk about the method in which people voices could be heard through vote. Why they need to vote and of what benefit is it to the community.

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https://partiko.app/@exyle/zcx39ppy @theycallmedan. I will go with this by @exyle. It really touched me and it all about bots

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eCouraging our Steem♨life
#steem ♨ On to the 💙 Universe ! ♩♬

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Hey Dan, @eaglespirit is celebrating her advancement to dolphin-hood! 🐬


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