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@hitmeasap has helped out with the #TenKMinnows project and also runs their own called #MinnowASAP that targets up to five redfish at a time to help them boost their accounts with donations, @SteemBasicIncome shares and general publicity.

Minnow ASAP

#TenKMinnows is a long-term project that will help anyone who is determined to become a minnow (and beyond). So we are now following the current ASAP recruits @wildhomesteading, @kansuze, @skramatters and @curatorcat. We will be giving them some votes and @steevc is giving them an extra SBI share each.

The easiest way for you to support these 'redfish' is to visit our feed page where you will see their latest posts. Some people may not realise you can view the feed that any user has. It means you do not have to follow them all yourself.

Our follows and re-steems will also include some people who are no longer minnows, but who have recently made that mark and others who are helping in our efforts. Please send your votes to those who need and deserve them most.

If you know of other people who we should be supporting then please let us know. If you have friends who want a Steem account then please contact @steevc who has some to give away.

Steem on!

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Awesome! Thank you all!

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You guys rock! So nice to see this collaboration come together... Thanks so much

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It's great to see this collaboration come together like this... and I really appreciate the increased activity I am seeing now, it does make a lot of difference. This is actually the most action I have seen around an initiative since the early days of "newbiecontents" and "newbieresteemday" back around the time I was starting out... that initiative launched me from "5-cent posts" to suddenly being seen and having a following...

Excellent @curatorcat I saw we were neck and neck in the red fish league table... Loving the engagement!

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Hey @tenkminnows, I am looking forward to graduating from this initiative as a minnow soon, and I appreciate all you are doing.

When is your next 250 minnows in a month challenge? (Or is it ongoing till we reach 10K?) I ask because I came across a contender with good artwork who has over 100 liquid STEEM on top of about 100 SP, and I wonder if this person knows about powering up. Are you already working with @jeremyrfk?

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We may do other 'sprints', but we will keep helping people generally. I see you are really close now. @jeremyrfk is doing pretty well on votes, but we can help him too. Every minnow counts.

Good point! Maybe that's why he has so much liquid Steem. I don't know him, but saw good work being posted and wondered why he hasn't powered up more.

Yes, I'll be there any day now!

Support continues to gain traction for the initiative which will move it closer to the goals. I has been great to see users finally get over the Minnow line!

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This has turned into such a great effort!

I'm very happy with how it is going so far and we just need to keep the momentum.

I'll keep an eye out for more nominations!

This is Awesome!


@tenkminnows Happy to see that you're helping the red fishes. It's not easy to help. It's time consuming. We can only grow together. 😇

It is possible to automate some of your voting through various services, but you should aim to make the Steem experience fun by following those whose posts your enjoy. Then it is less like work.

Indeed it is. But I'm from old school so I still love to use my intelligence over artificial one. 😉

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