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Since Hardfork 21 a couple of weeks ago we all have some free downvotes to use. You can effectively downvote 2.5 times at 100% each day if you want it to recharge by the next day. This does not eat into your upvoting potential as it used to, so you do not miss out on curation rewards. The outcome has been that lots of big accounts have been downvoting posts that buy excessive votes for their posts. Here is a prime example. We need some whales and orcas to get in there before it pays out as this reward is for a weather map and a few lines saying there is a typhoon coming (in Korean).


There are lots more people doing this still. You may say why should you do anything? The reason is that these people are reducing what you can earn on Steem as they eat into the daily reward pool.

If you are looking for something to downvote then check out the posts by @dmacs that give examples and reasons. @steemflagrewards also lists posts that their team have found and already downvoted. If you delegate to @curangel you can nominate posts for them to downvote.

Of course there is some risk of retaliation, but a lot of these people hold very little SP as they power it down to buy more votes.

There will be posts that deserve to be seen, but it should not be necessary to buy multiple votes for that. In any case a lot of these posts have little or no interaction, so it is not working as promotion. It is pure greed. Rewards are intended to be distributed by users, not bots. Just because the freedom of Steem allows bots to operate does not mean we have to tolerate this selfish behaviour.

Do what you can for Steem. Every cent counts.

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I'm not the biggest fan of downvotes, but holy crap this one is out of control.

They are a part of curation and necessary to control this sort of behaviour. Imagine what it would be like without them.

Nope. I haven't. And I won't. I'm not here to signal what isn't of value to someone else. I am here to signal what is of value to me.

That is your choice, but you have to accept that those people you vote for will get less than they could. If nobody does it then Steem would be much worse than it is.

That amounts to a fundamental discomfiture with stake weighted curation. The argument that "a downvote is an upvote for everybody else" overlooks the fact that "everybody else" inevitably includes tons of content I'd find as objectionable or worse than whatever I'm looking at.

Well we don't get to decide what everyone else votes on, but if they are abusing rewards then there is a better chance they will be downvoted now. All we can do is use what VP we have to support what we like. There's no perfect system and we have to work with what we have. Maybe the witnesses will decide this model does not work and change it again. There will be winners and losers if they do.

I follow @dmacs and downvote the selections and posts I feel are the grossest examples of reward farming

I don't down vote unless a post is plagiarized, spam, scams etc

How you find out about that all?
The list of reasons is getting longer and longer.

It was meant to fight bad content and plagiarism.

Now the wrong tags, asking for attention and personal issues are used too.
What more to expect?

Happy day 💕

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I know for photos you can reverse search them to see if they're stolen.

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You know my connection is too slow to test it all. I stick to some basic rules. Min amount of words text, a layout etc. I am not going to hunt for plagiarism unless I am 200% sure this is the case.

Same with tags I do not know all of them or what they stand for.

I will also not check on correct spelling, grammar since I cannot in all languages.

I just hope they do not only catch the smaller fish.

I wish you a great day.
Have a look at @team-ccc here you can find contests easy to join.


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It's a personal choice, but there is plenty of abuse out there. We want rewards to go where they are earned. Abuse makes Steem in general look bad.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

@steemflagrewards is using a list that is not very updated. If you mention a person several times who did not post in the past 4 months it is better to find some bad content yourself.

I assume the 2.5 downvote is 2 times at 100% and once at 50%?

If you join this group you are a mob member?

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@steemflagrewards is using a list that is not very updated

That's really more of a report of past actions. You are better off checking out the activity feed of either the main SFR account or tune in to SFR mentions.

Thanks for answering I will have a look at it. I wish you a great day 💕

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The group has extensive discussions about what constitutes abuse. Anyone is welcome to join in with that, but it is a personal choice what you downvote. We are individuals and I don't always agree with others. Acting together can be more effective.

Yes it is two and a half full downvotes or five half or any other combination. I'm using mine on some of the worst offenders, but I can only take a few cents off. I've been doing this for ages despite the retaliation I suffer as its good for Steem.

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I came to Steem in late 2017. The price is way down since then, but I haven't lost interest.

I'll be honest. Between then and now I've never once thought STEEM sucks look at all this spam, plagiarism, and abuse I'm out.

Now, I've heard of an era — moons before my time — where spam was much worse. I'm willing to take others' word on that.

I'm also willing to passively appreciate those who take it upon themselves to police content to that point; so long as what they do doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of the chain any more than tons of spam would.

To me, the status quo between 2017 and HF21/22 seemed fine. The content I wanted to connect with has never been buried or locked away anywhere.

I most often noticed the abuse police when they did things with which I disagree. I'd stumble upon posts criticized as infringement and plagiarism that aren't. But I've supposed (and hoped) that these are outliers.

What constitutes abuse of this relatively new space is a more subjective question. As you mention @steevc there are extensive ongoing discussions about that.

It probably is important to determine how many angels dance on that pin. But it doesn't interest me. I want to put my energy into other areas of curation and content creation.

From what I've read I probably disagree with a lot of people in that group about various edge cases. I've dropped by @dmacs and see a concerted effort to have mediocre content downvoted.

It's not destructive content, nor illegal, nor even mean spirited. It's just sorta meh, and therefore deemed unworthy of self promotion. Okay? Any group is within its rights to pool stake and gang up on a user.

But I don't see a point in being a part of it. I'm "downvoting" that activity the only way I ever do—by not upvoting it.

It is not always about the content, but buying votes on something that is 'meh' just seems selfish as it is not going to drive engagement. It just subtracts from the reward pool. Only the vote sellers really benefit. Downvoting it restores some rewards and may persuade that person that their activity is not what the community wants to see. There are some really blatant examples that I think very few people would dispute. I consider downvoting as valid as upvoting as a way to distribute rewards.