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I was born and raised in poverty. Throughout my teens, twenties, and now early thirties I have only worked as hard as possible. College drop out by end of first semester, and dead end job to dead end job. Still carried a positive vibe overall because I've always been thankful for the frameworks we have been offered. NO matter how depressing, and negative they may seem.

With down time I don't sit around playing video games, and find/seek out modern distractions. Instead I focus on my imagination, and try to think of the most amazing ideas that are the cheapest possible startups.

In the last 5 years I have been fortunate enough to think of two ideas that have become remarkable successes (Technical Guru / EZRepair) The cost to startup these businesses was $0.00 worth of fiat currency. Using my knowledge, and abilities I have turned those very ideas into million dollar businesses, but here I am still thinking there is so much more. Most of my creative ideas, and abilities require value of some sort to begin, and the risks are always high, but I still can't bring myself to use the hard earned money i've acquired through my original seed ideas to bring forth the next round of personal development, and innovation.

Anyways for now I will hunker down, and begin focusing like a laser beam on my next seed. It will be known as FlareUp technologies, and I have already began developing it's digital footprint, and have several successful local businesses on board for hire of this companies services.

I will prove to prospect companies. How I, broke as a joke, and extremely technologically capable. Managed to single handed take two seed ideas and turn them into flourishing local businesses. The very methods, mentalities, and approaches used to do so will be marketed, and developed for other companies that need to be carried into this next round of development, and improvement as our digital lives continue to grow and speed past the commoners own paradigm.

I share my personal thoughts here from time to time, and appreciate all feedback. Positive or negative. I truly do not care because at the end of the day. We regardless of paradigm are creating value. The very words we write, think, and enact. The crossing from audio frequencies into physical bodies moving. To actual vehicles and mechanisms that propel forward. For all it's worth. It's worth it. A purpose to drive on, and continue taking on risks regardless of what can possibly happen.

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