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RE: "Decentralized" YouTube Alternatives on Steem? Nope, Not Yet | A Detailed Look at 3Speak and Dtube

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Excellent analysis on 3Speak and its centralization, this is why I have been a critic regarding the platform.

As a DTube chain block producer and co-founder of OneLoveIPFS hosting service, I have to agree on what you said, some creators don't care about decentralization as they just post their videos as a YouTube link, which can be taken down anytime. From my queries, 58.27% of the videos since 0.9 update are not IPFS uploads, which means 3rd party providers can render majority of the videos unplayable if they want to.

And yes, it does have the potential to actually be decentralized and have no single point of failure as anyone can clone the infrastructure due to its fully open source nature. For example, anyone can build (or simple make a clone) an alternative frontend that uses alternative APIs and gateways not controlled by the DTube team.

A Steem proposal to make OneLoveIPFS service free to use might be an idea to explore, but sustainability is still questionable 🤔


Perhaps if IPFS is a solution for this then some of the delegation that both platforms have could be used to incentivize hosting nodes or perhaps discuss how torrents could be implemented and incentive for seeding/downloading could be used to grow the network.

I think this is a great thing if we could solve it, and we already have great teams working towards it. Maybe some collaboration is in order.

Rondom, Aggroed and a few of us were talking about possible solutions. Told him to reach out to you 🙂

I remembered at one point @vaultec ran a contest on IPFS node hosting, but there is no follow up on it...

Incentivizing people to run nodes and have a public way to monitor them (like we can currently with witness or full nodes) would be a great way to solve the problem imo.

I don’t know much about the tech, but if the infrastructure is already here, we just need more nodes ran to make it decentralized and therefore more secure.. I think the projects delegation could be a possible way to do so.

Maybe some other will weigh in.

Yup running an onelovedtube node has been a great way to decentralize my content a little more. Thanks alot @techcoderx for all of your work and help.

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