DTube IPFS full community node contest!

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DTube IPFS public community node contest!

In order for @DTube to be truly decentralized, a strong community node network must be established. A single organization cannot store/stream the masses of videos on DTube efficiently. This is a contest where the top 5 get rewarded in SBD/UPVOTES for operating a public IPFS gateway/storage node. Public gateway for video streaming, storage is solely for data storage (obviously). We are looking for community nodes to distribute the load from dtube. This is also going to be the kick starter group for future projects.

General guidelines

  • Must be in contact through discord.
  • P2P port must be port forwarded/no firewall. Public node.
  • Must at least 25GB for node. Either for gateway caching or storage.
  • Must have a steem account with a decent amount of activity. Unless deemed otherwise.
  • Any malicious activity will result in a blacklist/flagging. Disqualification from all future DTube network activities.
  • IPFS node is recommended to bootstrap other community peers/have scripts that keep the connection always connected to other nodes.
  • Minor IPFS settings changes for highest efficiency
  • We will help setup the node through every step.

Storage node guidelines

  • Permanente backend storage system. Not entirely completed. Once ready hosters will be alerted.

Public gateway guidelines

  • A domain, HTTPS support. Domain will be provided, such as node1.dtube.network. By pointing the domain to your server IP. Our domains use cloudflare.
  • Recommended to have Apache or nginx reverse proxy. (Apache configs provided)
  • Recommended to have a Lets Encrypt SSL cert. (If using our domain)

How to participate

Join onelovedtube or dtube discord.. Talk to either @graylan, @techcoderx or me to get setup. The guide below is for Linux or Mac, we can guide you if you're using windows. You will still need to join the discord for you to participate/setup help (once we have proper management software). We still recommend operating an IPFS node regardless of whether you decide to participate or not.

Setup Linux/Mac

Requires special software in order to become a storage node.

ipfs install

Public resources repo
quick IPFS install, requires sudo
curl -L https://bit.ly/2EbhZh7 | sh

Config IPFS

It is recommended to configure IPFS before preceeding as default IPFS settings cause issues with high resource usage.
curl -L https://bit.ly/2tDTSCM | sh

Start ipfs

to start daemon with pubsub (recommended for future use). I suggest that you put this command in ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc
screen -d -m "ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment"

Optional scripts.

recommended to use keepalive script for keeping other dtube network/community nodes connected. Only need to run once.
echo "screen -d -m \"curl -L https://bit.ly/2BWdGps | sh\"" >> ~/.bashrc

Ending notes

@theycallmedan is sponsoring this event, he has been a HUGE help in supporting dtube network and decentralized technology. I would heavily suggest following him and checking out his content. He is giving away 50 SBD divided among the top 5 participants plus upvotes. Ranking is a to be determined, but it will use a combination of ping, throughput, storage capacity. This contest is meant to encourage people to operate an IPFS and host video content. There will be more events similar to this, making the community truly operate dtube's storage capacity. This is a work in progress and subject to change. Closing time will be anywhere from 7-10 days. #WeAreDtube @onelovedtube


Awesome! , i'm in this!
for now i have 80GB for that and i can empty a 1-2TB capacity for this huge project :)
thanks for @theycallmedan for this huge support

Great idea. I’ve already started setting mine up.
I have a fast server and fast internet.
Is HDD OK for the video storage or does it need SSD?

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HDD works great :)

interesant project brother

How to figure out if a Contest isn't a set up?

Upvoting your own comments isn't a good way. Makes you look bad.

Lucky me I don't care what people say about me.

What do you mean? All the software being used is open source.

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Resteemed for more puplicity within our Blockchain

ReTweeted for more publicity from the big world outside our Blockchain

Thank you brother 💪 likewise!

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Thank you @nathanmars. @emaferice already joined the @dtube community and will upload multiple videos every week. We are interested in hosting a full node but need to use our extra money to acquire a better stake in Steem first.

Thanks a million for joining Dtube community:)

Good luck with hosting full node and im sure you guys will find a way :)

This is sounding amazing! @graylan and I, set up a IPFS Node a few months ago, only mine is VPS and it's been working great. I live in a very rural area so this worked best for me. My node is part of the community backup in the @onelovedtube discord. I encourage everyone that can learn and participate with this project to do so. For those that aren't techie like me, to put it in simple terms... this process allows for storage of your video files you worked hard to create without them disappearing in the future. It also creates great playback without the dragging effect. It's just a much better set up. Keep in mind you are helping everyone by doing this. This is going to improve the overall experience and we have people that will help us get it up and running. So, I say! Go for it! ;) @vaultec you've done such a good job with all this! @graylan @techcoderx and @d00k13 the guys of the @onelovedtube team are definitely givers in this community. If they are busy when you contact them, they will let you know, but they will help you if you ask :)

We are proud to have you as an example of our community 🤗

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You are leading by example. Great job !!!

Suppose it’s my turn, if they can get me to do it I have faith they can get anyone to be able to 😅

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Resteeming it while I consider it. Can't do it with a locally hosted server so would have to rent. Either way, good idea.

It can be done locally or with a rented box. If local , you just have to forward your Port to the computer/device.

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@vaultec will this run on 1gb of Ram on the VPS? I can get 25GB node spun up.

It should run alright, biggest issue is cpu slowing down transfers... I do recommend higher storage usage as videos are quite large.

@vaultec how much storage do you recommend? If 25GB may not be enough?

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Probably around 50-100gb atleast, video data is large. You can buy 2tb cloud servers for decently cheap prices. ($10 per month). Just some info.

I am very interested in being a part of this @vaultec @graylan @nathanmars @onelovedtube @dtube and it will be a part of @emaferice's Dtube efforts.

I am not ready yet, since we only have a 2,000 SP stake right now, and Steem is still low - all of our family's extra funds (i.e. money) is being used to buy more Steem and we hope to accumulate anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 SP for our family while Steem is in the $0.16 - $1.30 USD range.

Once we can acquire the stake we desire, or if Steem passes the threshold of being a proper buying opportunity, we will then use some of our extra funds to run a full node for Dtube. I will also invest in the right hardware since we currently only use a laptop.

I am hoping that there is a Google cloud service that I can use since we use Gmail, and I'd like to use one of Google's paid services / products to get access to their Customer Care Service a.k.a. actual people, not just Q&A's.

You can use google cloud , although we haven't used it (we personally choose not to support them at this time), we can def try and help you set it up.

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Excellent post and project!! #WeAreDTube !! I will be spending time each day, for the next month to teach people how to deploy IPFS nodes. Anyone who would like to learn this , please send me a direct message on discord, or tag me in the One Love DTube discord.

Is this going on now? I have some spare server power we are not using and can use for a gateway. Probably 100 GB.

Indeed it is still going on, just join onelove discord to get setup. :)

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Sounds like it’s about time I get my butt in gear and convert my ex mining rig into a node! Need a hard drive and monitor 🤔

Great idea @vaultec and @theycallmedan thank you for putting this together helping to encourage our sustainable future 💪

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Hope more nodes improved the uploading of videos for content posting, since it very hard to post on my side of the planet.

It will improve playback. If an uploader app is created it would be very fast, and there is lots of nodes to upload onto/store permanently

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Must it need a fix IP?

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You can use a dynamic DNS if you do not have a fixed IP

IPFS does a good job at handling a dynamic IP. Especially with direct bootstrap peers, it shouldn't cause an issue. Unless you are running a public gateway.

Nice this sounds like a good idea! Ooking forward to seeing how it plays out 🤘

Would love to participate and for that thinking of purchase of a great server soon.

You can do so with your home connection as well if you have DSL/Cable.

Can I use a Raspberry Pi3 with 1TB external HDD running the node? BTW what is the required Internet speed for upload and download?

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Yes you can, although the bot doesn't pin very well. Any connection will do, ideal is 100mbps, 10mbps or 5mbps works fine.

Thank you. I guess I do have that speed.

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wanted to know this, i like the idea but with my 0.7mbps upload I think has no any sense.

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A raspberry Pi should work fine. download speeds enough to stream a video. Upload speed should be enough to upload a video in a reasonable amount of time. As long as you have the video stored it shouldn't be an issue.

Thank you. I will experiment it when I'm not occupied with current job.

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great idea this my friends

This is so cool!

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All this goes way over my head but i do support decentrailzation. All the best on your project guys!! 💗🌸💗


Scoring system released, check it out!


How do I use the script? Any arguments I need to include?

No special arguments needed. Execute like any other shell script.

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