Steemit Inc Disregarded Their Own Terms And Conditions

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8 days ago Steemit Inc announced the 5 winners of one contest they had launched 12 days prior. Congrats to those 5 winners! I look forward to meeting you (@yidneth, @katrina-ariel, @enginewitty, @leotrap, @goyard) at SteemFest!

I'm very glad that Steemit Inc launched that contest. It is very generous of them.

Shining Some Light On Steemit Inc's Incongruence

I'm writing this post to shine the light on the fact that Steemit Inc changed the rules of their contest without providing a logical reason. This is a lack of congruence on their part and thus bad for Steem.

The terms and conditions stated that the winners would be chosen randomly. Here are the terms and conditions that clearly stated so.

On or about October 22, 2018, Steemit, Inc. will select four winners at random and one wildcard winner who nominated a Steemit creator for the Prize. (source)

The five winners will be chosen in a random drawing and will be notified by Steemit, Inc.

At first, Ned Scott, Steemit Inc's CEO denied changing the rules saying:

Your questions imply the rules were changed. The rules weren’t changed. (source)

But then Steemit Inc's employee @andrarchy admitted to the rules change saying:

We just thought it would be more fair to allow Steemians to pick the winners democratically. Didn't realize anyone would take issue with deferring to the will of the community. (source)

I take issue with this blatantly false statement. The lack of proper logic @andrarchy's statement exude is quite shocking. The winners weren't picked democratically. Nobody knew they had to vote or were voting, in fact, according to Steemit Inc, nominations weren't votes, as the winners were supposed to be randomly chosen.

Also, this statement is implying that I'm going against the will of the community but as I've shown this is blatantly false.

Rules Changes Were Allowed

The rules could be changed as the terms and conditions stated:

Steemit, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Contest, or any part of it, if any fraud, or other factor beyond the Steemit, Inc.’s reasonable control impairs the integrity or proper functioning of the Contest, as determined by Steemit, Inc. in its sole discretion.

There weren't any fraud or factors that impaired the choosing to occur randomly as it was supposed to as described by Steemit Inc's own term and conditions. If there was, then they should have been able to provide them when I've asked why were the rules changed.

Steemit Inc Contradicting Itself

There is also another issue here. Ned Scott's statement contradicts @andrarchy's statement but never did Ned Scott corrected his statement.

Congruence Builds Trust

Trust is an important part of human interactions i.e. business investments. Congruence builds trust while incongruence builds distrust.

Working With Steemit Inc

I've shone the light on some of Steemit Inc incongruences so that more people are made aware of them and so that Steemit Inc can better be held accountable for their actions.


Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków


I’m sorry but I call bullshit on this change. Like changing the rules is something but this is something else. A raffle is just a completely different thing from voting. I know at least 15 people who didn’t nominate me or someone else because they were already nominated in the raffle.

It’s just different, voting and raffles aren’t “changing conditions” they’re changing the game. I’m not the one to complain and congrats to the winners but this is just bullshit and they ruined a good thing. Just fuck it.

I'm sorry that you had to go through this too. Their rules changes weren't fair. I too thought some people I had nominated had an equal chance as anyone else nominated. That's why I read the terms and conditions before nominating anyone. I wish more people like you will make their feeling heard!

I take responsibility for this one and I apologize. I also appreciate you bringing this to my attention. All I can say is there was no malicious intent. It honestly just seemed like the fair thing to do to go with the people who got the most votes, and I didn't realize that it would upset anyone. But now I certainly see that there is another way to look at it that is valid. This is our first time doing a contest like this, so there's obviously a lot we have to learn. On the whole, however, it seems that far more people are happy with the contestants who got chosen than who are upset that we chose to defer to the will of the crowd. But certainly you've raised valid points and we will be more careful with how we design and execute the rules next time.

It honestly just seemed like the fair thing to do to go with the people who got the most votes

Some people actively told their friends not to vote. The fact that you are repeating this non sense that what you did seemed like it was the fair thing to do is outrageously shocking.

Part of the problem with going with vote-based systems is that they are easy to game.

This is irrelevant. There was no vote-based system in the contest.

it seems that far more people are happy with the contestants who got chosen than who are upset that we chose to defer to the will of the crowd.

You have provided no objective proof of this and even if more people were happy with the result that wouldn't make what you did fair. We've already established it wasn't fair.

I take responsibility for this one.

Responsibility for what exactly? Changing the rules unfairly? If so why not make a formal apology for it and not just a simple comment on my post? Also, why not take full responsibility and offer what was supposed to be offered initially plus what has already been given?

Also, why isn't Steemit Inc's CEO not officially retracting his incorrect statement?

I didn't follow this too closely. At a glance it seems sort of borderline in terms of fairness and I can understand if some people feel a little cheated, but you definitely had the best of intentions.

I really appreciate the measured and respectful response to the community. This particular episode aside, I think you're doing great for this place, keep up the good work andrarchy

No one is aligning malicious intend to what was done. It was just done in an extremely unfair way that had a lot of people work against themselves. I still find myself looking at the comments where I told people that they shouldn't nominate me anymore to see what happened, then realize what I've done to cost myself, really just left in a bad mental state.

With that said. Honestly dude there's a special place in my heart for you specifically, you're the one person I could honestly say I wouldn't be here without as you recovered my account after I stupidly lost again and again. And taking responsibility is all that's needed. Good luck and have fun at the steemfest :)

Yeah, I am pretty pissed right now.


Very good initiatives!

I'm glad you're feeling the same about it as me and I'm glad you're taking the time to let me know. It's very much appreciated.

You have a point here. As one of the winners, I'm happy they chose me and I'm obviously not going to complain, but I do wish they'd at least done the wild-card draw so someone randomly got picked for nominating. When I found this contest, I admittedly got all excited and did not read the terms and conditions right away, hoping more nominations would get me to Steemfest. I did ask for people to support me with a nomination (if they like my music), and I'm grateful to everyone who took the time to do so. I'm over the moon thrilled to be going to Steemfest, and look forward to meeting you.

That said, consistency is important to build trust and I can absolutely understand why people are frustrated by the way things turned out. I think it's wonderful that Steemit Inc offered up these tickets, but feel for anyone who's hopes were crushed. I'd be pretty disappointed if I weren't chosen. Hopefully they will be more clear about how they do things next time.

Wow! I very much appreciate your honest comment! I definitely look forward to meeting you @katrina!

The greatest living Canadian is PISSED over this BS
Someone get McCoy.....QUICK!!!

Haha! I'm trying to hold people accountable as much as possible! And thanks for the compliment! Coming from you makes it even better!

I'm glad you did. I'm glad to know we're in the majority of people who realize what happened was wrong.


I would like to point out that the Bitshares contest was similarly lamely resolved. They included 2 tickets given away to those who created an art piece with Bitshares as the theme. I wanted to get a ticket for my friend to go, so I put about 4 hours into making a graphic.. For most of the time there was only two other entrants into the contest - one copied my piece and there was another. On the last couple of days a few more entrants were added but none stood out. I felt I had a good chance of winning. Then, days later, the winners were announced and the comment from the sponsor was that they didn't really bother choosing the winner based on the actual art being made.. They also didn't say how they DID choose the winners. Basically, I won't bother entering a contest of that nature again or wasting any time in relation to such things.

Could you share a link?

Sure, this is the contest and this is their winner announcement.

For the record. I had no part in this.

Part. I see what you did there.

That comment cracked me up even more than the other one you left on my previous post!

Sometimes comedic relief is needed to keep us from pulling our hair out.

Perhaps, I will have to creep on @nedshair. I need some laugh

You weren't supposed to let @ned be over your head.

Well to be fair, he has arms and outweighs me by at least 70 kilos.

well stop being a bitch, and grow some arms.

Sounds like excuses.

You’re a bit of a drama queen aren’t you?

Companies change their terms and conditions all the time. We need to decouple the Steem blockchain from the Steemit company.

I would file this under "No good Deed goes unpunished".

As someone who has organized this type of give away things can get a little hectic in selecting. While I realize some might be disappointed over the outcome it hardly seems worth questioning the trustworthiness of the organization.

Congrats to the winners and sorry for the disappointment of those were not selected.

It's sad to see bad feelings over good deeds that didn't have to be done in the first place.

And the value of the post could nearly buy most people a ticket.

No, it doesn't file under "No good deed goes unpunished"

What happened is they offered something, they didn't need to of course, but they did. When you offer something to people in specific manner, and people have to do something, in this case nominating, resteeming, and participating, then you are obligated to stick to your words. It is worth questioning the trustworthiness of the organization as the head of it himself referred to people who don't like it as "complainers". They broke a trust and insulted people who a problem with it. When someone deceives you and then lies to you. Then yeah, it is worth questioning their trustworthiness. At least for people who live in shitty places like Iraq here and put so much more effort, learning different languages in order to be part of the community who's head deceives us then insults us. That makes them untrustworthy, and not standing up against it will only give them space to what else they'd lie about.

In my world deception implies some sort of Intension to harm.

I get that you are frustrated. Changing your mind about a gift you are giving away, or having a communication problem between 2 men who work for the same company is not the same as lying or scamming.

When someone tries to do a good thing and you throw a fit over how it is done. That has the be the ultimate picture of entitlement.

Thank you for your input @whatsup


  • (of a person) cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage.

Harm has been caused. Not physical harm but nonetheless. No formal apologies were given and no retraction on Ned's part as far as I know.

I'm simply trying to uphold Steemit Inc to their own word. I'm advising them to be congruent. They lack congruence and that's problematic.

Andy took responsibility and apologized AND promised to do better. Not sure what you are after here?

He added the word apology after I added my comment. Nonetheless, he hasn't taken full responsibility.

I'm here fighting for people, for them to be treated as human. What about Ned? Do you agree with Ned who still says that the winners were chosen at random even though the winners were chosen by a conscientious decision made by @andrarchy?

There is still a contradiction between the 2. I'm simply trying to uphold Steemit Inc to their own word. I'm shining the light on their incongruence to help them realize they should act in a congruent way as much as possible.

I think if you dislike the way they "Gave Away" free trips, you should give away some free trips and do it better.

:) I don't want to argue with you, I just have to say this whole post seems unusual.

When you give away free stuff, you get to make up your own rules and change them when it seems like you want to or need to, and it doesn't make anyone else less human. I have no idea what point you are making here or why you are turning this into a big deal.

Trust is an important part of human interactions i.e. business investments. Congruence builds trust while incongruence builds distrust.

@andrarchy took responsibility for the incongruence between what they had first written and what they then decided to do without warning anyone.

Ned hasn't admitted to the incongruence.

Trust is a big deal, it's part of any big deal.

If trust keeps getting broken and no one says anything then trust can't be build or rebuild.

I think it's important to work on trust and for this people need to be held accountable for what they say.

Well, I go by the actual meaning of the word. That's one, Two: harm was done. Not physical but it was still done. Do you have any idea how many giveaways are there? I've hosted, created, and sponsored one. I'm a leader in a weekly contest where people write posts and we give the winner 35 SBD along with top 10 prizes. I've had friends who'd use the only 2 SBD or whatever they owe to have a give away. OCD had their own steemfest giveaway. This is not something steemitblog came up with and only one they did it. The only difference is all of the other ones committed to what they said. Finally it's a steemitblog. By official steemit corporate. Steemit community members have spread the word about steemit, took hours to make work on steemit, hell it's been like what 2 weeks since we got together to get steem to net coins. Also I didn't say anything about scamming, don't straw man what I said. I used specific words in their original meaning that applies to the situation. I used lying because saying you're doing something and laying conditions, then getting people to comment and take time out of their lives and have them work against themselves because of what you said. Then doing it differently regardless of the fact that you actually got people to do things for you, in this case commenting, mentioning people, commenting within comments, upvoting, resteeming, that is called a lie. Unless lie means telling the truth in your world.

If you apply this situation to anything in real life you'd see what I mean. If you had a brother and your father called both of you and said that he'd pick one of you and give him 10 dollars and says it's a coin toss and then just gives it to the one wearing the best jeans, you'd see why it's an asshole thing. But yeah, instead of us pointing these things out and why they matter we're called "complainers" by the owner, and now referred to as entitled and "throwing a fit" by you.

If my dad flipped a coin and then gave the 10 bucks to my brother, I would say... Hey Congrats Bro...

He didn't give something of mine away, he gave something of HIS away, whether we are talking about my Dad or Ned. Whatever.

what if your dad tells you he's going to pick either you or your brother to give $10 with a coin flip tomorrow.

Then the next day he says "I'm giving your brother $10 because he's older"

Would you still walk away happy?

This whole post has been about, people being unhappy with the rules of a predefined game, changing, when it came time to select a winner.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Don't be transspeciesphobic. He is a llama, not a horse. Really more of a meme llama than a gif llama also now that i think about it.

Dont critise or attempt to improve.

Everything needs to stay exactly as it is.

Gotcha. No problemo

All hail @nedshair

Yeah I’d ignore the point of whoever disagrees with me and reply to convenient snippets and try to straw man them by taking them out of context as well if I were you too. Let’s just agree that word, terms, and definition mean something different in “your world” :)

Okay, let's agree to disagree.

I feel you fail to see one key phrase.

other factor beyond the Steemit, Inc.’s reasonable control

That factor was the community support for the individuals that did win. I personally feel that without the community being involved as a whole across Steemit, the nurturing and growth of this blockchain would be stifled. Even if I hadn't won, I would have applauded @roelandp or @andrarchy or @ned or whoever ultimately is footing the bill, for bowing to the will of the masses. I didn't see anyone else coughing up 5 round trip tickets, did you? I almost feel insulted that you or anyone, would pick apart such an act of good will and kindness.

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Changing the rules is very much in their control.

Congrats on winning the tickets. Should be great fun.

I'm with teemsteem on the point though, if you're going to make a contest, don't change the rules half way through. If you are going to change it, make it blatantly obvious give everyone the information.

Letting a raffle decide winners, a good way to run a contest. Letting community decide winners, also a good way to run a contest. Swapping from one to the other while the contest is running, bad way to run a contest.

Good points, nobody knew they would go that route either, just happened and believe me, I'm very grateful 😎

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the guy is clearly hurting over something.. terms reserved all rights and logically winners were chosen randomly anyway... no one outside of the host knew how the winners would be chosen, hence the randomness... not really into giving complainers like this even an inch

Okay, never mind the disgusting condescending statement of the comment from the mighty Ned. I guess the good thing about being a corporate man is having the ability to ignore every post and comments, including the one by @fieryfootprints which is a reply to this comment. the "hurt over something" comment was an amazingly douche thing to say as there's a detailed post that once again you can pretend to act ignorant toward before replying with those vague political sentences that people used to hear from local politicians who aren't men enough to own up to any wrongdoings of their own. You had that chance to actually man up but you chose the dictator route. And good for you really. Your mathematics might be correct or they might not be, but your morals are definitely wrong.

If you were to tell me to build a corporation, I wouldn't know what to do or even say. But if I were to ask you if you can define honesty, deception, and fairness, you wouldn't know what to even say. Because you'll need 2 of those definition to apply to you and one to not, but we both know along with everyone who witnessed this that only one apply to you. I'll leave to guess which one it is. For now let's both pretend to be ignorant to fact, although I think I'll need some tips from you on how to do that.

Allow me to adjust your quote on the other comment and say. Prove me wrong morally.

I would just like to extend to you an offer to come and work with me on my campaign for 2020. You are obviously much better at fixing elections than anyone I currently have in my employment.

Here's the definition of random:

  • made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.

Lol. Way way way TMI there hoss. Don't need to know about the angry inch. Amir was fine with losing when it was a random draw. He is upset because halfway through it got changed to a popularity contest that he could have 100% won with the backing of his community. You know the kind of close-knit community you are trying to build with destiny? Yeah, we already built that. I don't expect you to even remotely care. @berniesanders already stepped up and is trying to make it right. Thank you, Bernie. We all appreciate it and if there is any way I can return the favor let me know. I am in debt to you. I always pay my debts.
As I read through the comments I find that this kind of shenanigans is commonplace here so I am really not sure why we are surprised. We have the giveaway story from last year in the comments. The scammy bit shares giveaway, It is just par for the course. I guess this is much like going to prison. Being on steemit doesn't make you a better person, it makes you a better criminal. I will work on uping my game. Maybe I can scam some orphans out of their lunch money or something.

I think what you don't realize is that amir would have had, what I consider an overwhelming amount of votes and support, especially from the #comedyopenmic community, that would have given him a fair run, or a more fair run. He would have had my vote that is for sure.

I think that egos aside, you and your sexy hair can see this. Have a steemy day!

Statistically it’s the exact same fairness no matter what type of random drawing was expected because the choosing style was random to all parties except for the host. Prove me wrong mathematically.

Is it that difficult to admit you, or your team or somebody just fucked up with the rules of the contest? Many look at you as the leader of this whole place, admitting when you are blatantly wrong and apologizing is a trait of a strong leader (as long as it doesn't happen all the time)... What you do right now is simply give more fuel to the people calling you incompetent and/or other nice names.

I get it. In a game where the winner is declared by random selection any method used to select the winner is valid provided all parties have the same information. I also get you coming in here to defend your boy Andrachy.

You have a horrible way of speaking with people and of explaining your thoughts. If you felt this was beneath you then you shouldn't have spoken up. But you're here now so welcome. Long time reader first time replier, big fan of your hair, and a little disappointed no one mentions the eyes.

Mathematics aside it doesn't feel right. The game doesn't feel fair. To make your statement correct, all Andrachy had to do was keep his method of selection to himself, no one would have known it was by vote and any person that won it would have been happy and everyone else would have congratulated them and moved on. But he didn't, he announced that there were rules to the game that weren't just unknown but contradicted those previously announced.

Losing a game by random chance everyone can accept... Apart from some pokie machine addicts Pokie machines for the Americans. But losing a game where there were secret rules, which you actively contravened because you wanted to be nice. Feels like you're a piece of shit who doesn't deserve anything, and will never grow up to become a CEO sociopath who recites the quadratic equation before sex to get hard.

And now I've lost you. You won't respond. That's ok.

BTW, you should be worried when @berniesanders shows more empathy than you.

"Prove me wrong mathematically."

Okay. first of all prize of this contest was very generous. And even more importantly joining steemit was one of the best things that happened to me in the last few years so thank you and all other members of the team.

With that being said the rest of this comment will probably make me sound like a sore loser so bear with me. I won a different contest. I was not able to cover my travel and accommodation expenses in time so I refused my ticket and it now belongs to a new winner. I will work harder and try to be in steemfest 4. Now I will try to explain why this matters.


this was the rule in contest that I lost.


This shows exact entry form for the contest that I lost.

raffle 1 .jpg

raffle 2.jpg

This shows how many times phrase "Please count me in this raffle..." was used . If we take away 2 of these times( mine and the one in the rules) we get the number of people who also wanted to win raffle. In other words it shows how low were my chances of winning this thing. But despite that it also shows that my chances at this point were not zero.

This shows that my chances were zero from the start because winner was decided by vote count and not luck.

Yes I have myself to blame for not considering that raffle could be decided by vote count. But I still think that such details should be made clear from the start. Like I said this contest was generous. But at the same time cruel because I had a tiny hope of winning while in reality that was just illusion.

Sad, frustrating... yep.

So, you had hope and you lost it. I get it.... That's frustrating.

But sometimes things don't go as planned and plans change. It's not like you paid for a raffle ticket.

Sometimes, life isn't fair and we lose when we link we won.

"It's not like you paid for a raffle ticket".
By making my entry according to the rules stated in the contest I paid for the chance. And unlike some others who paid the same price I didn't receive what I was paying for. You are right that the host can change the rules how they want. They have that right. Like I said I already accepted that I have to aim for steemfest 4. My goals, dreams and hopes are delayed by a year. So be it. I can't change anything about that. At least that means that I can use that additional year to work on myself and improve. So originally I was not even going to mention any of this. But host himself claimed fairness and asked to prove him wrong. I would have accepted and even respected statements like"My money- my rules " or "You are right. I made a mistake but I will do better next time". But claiming fairness? According to my very basic math that fairness was a bit lacking so I called BS on that. I have that right.

The way you're talking is like we're your slaves or something. Either shut the fuck up or just get down from the mountain, Zeus, and talk to us mortal beings. I swear to god you're such a dick I can't even believe it. I swear to god every time you write something it's like those companies that filled the water with led and then claiming it wasn't their fault and that people shouldn't complain. Take a humble pill, won't you?

having one entry per person compared to multiple entries per person is not the same mathematically. I honestly think you have a firm grasp of that. I don't think I need to explain that 1+1 does not = chicken

So youre saying that someone with zero votes or recognotion had the same chances as someone who had lots of community support, when ultimately the decision was made to choose from those who had community support? I understand the randomness of randomly choosing to go from one random decision to another in a random fashion but his chances may have been randomly better. Thanks for your response! I'm too tired to discuss random mathematics.

I'm not going to lie to you, the original plan was to come here and rant over how my boy amir got really hurt but being this close, I have to say you're really pretty, have really amazing hair and I sorta mistook you for Captain america but please tell me its longer than one inch

Please stop talking. You are just exposing the kind of warped up logic/sense of reasoning you've been using to run Steem Inc. Either take responsibility for your actions or shut the fuck up.

Yeah? I heard you didn't have an inch to give. Thought it was a rumour.

Oh, and I have a friend that's going to Steemfest and was wondering if he could get a lock or two for a doll he's making. Probably not a voodoo doll.

Randomness Rocks! Think I had a photo album named that back in the ancient days of social media when we used things like 'Tweeter' and 'Fakebook' 😋🤣😎

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Hey Ned,

SteemIt Inc was quite generous, aren't these interesting times when you can't even give things out for free without being criticized.

Anyway, I think it was a good contest and thank you!

The problem is that they changed the rules after the fact. Amir actively told people not to vote him in because only 1 entry was needed to get into the "random" drawing. He did not want to be an attention whore. So they actively played his good nature against him.

The support didn't in anyway prevent the original rules to be applied.

I didn't see anyone else coughing up 5 round trip tickets, did you?

You are right. They are the only one who did. I applauded their move.

I almost feel insulted that you or anyone, would pick apart such an act of good will and kindness.

I applauded their act of generousity. I also congratulated the winners.

Could have told people it was going to be changed and given people the opportunity to gather some 'votes', that much we can agree on😎 I imagine it was difficult to run the contest to begin with. Not everyone wins those. Thanks for being you😎

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I love forward to meeting you at SF! I'm glad you didn't take my silly comparison the wrong way. Peace!

Very noble of yours to mention it! Thank you, @enginewitty.

Congrats to the winners! I wish I could go to Steemfest!

This is blasphemy. Justice for @amirtheawesome1 !!!!
I hate to be that guy, but this is a case of blatant racism. I demand you get that man and his goat to steemfest. This is total bovine excrement!!!!!

If anything at least get his goat to SteemFest!

Hahahaha! I don't know what it is with his goat but she seems so dang important to so many people!

You should come over to the comedy open mic discord room and get to know everyone
It is a long running joke. @amirtheawesome1 is a really good guy and helps out over there so much it is insane. He truly deserved this spot.

What's the link to the discord?

yeah, maybe that one doesn't work. this is one to the welcome lounge of comedy open mic.

No problem at all man. We treat everyone like family over there. I hope you enjoy it. It is kinda my home away from home.

Well, that's one way of putting it that really cracked me up! I think they should be held accountable and hopefully, this post should help.

In all honesty I am pretty damn mad. I nominted him in the original post and so did a few others. I had a gut feeling this was going to go like this but everyone kept telling me it was not a contest. Well, I would have been working my ass off to get that man his rightful place to go if they would have been honest instead of fucking us all in the ass again like they always do.

We don't mind hard forks, but this is a flaccid fork.


I have nothing to say right now because i just joined steemit probably i will get to know all this later on. But whatever is as a community let’s work together and make steemit the best as online community

hola soy nuevo en la comunidad, que bien que steemit haga concursos, aunque discrepo a tu articulo ya que tengo entendido fue un sorteo

What the fuck is good about it?

That's possibly the only english word he knows how to spell? :-)


first time I hear this kind of scenario, it's too bad!

Congratulations winers

Hmmm. Ya don't say. Im glad people are catching on finally.

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Damn I didn't even know there was a contest. I was supposed to go to represent SteemSTEM but then I realised I was too poor so we ain't going =( Think I could have won with our voting trail?

Hahaha! Good point! You wouldn't have known that you should have vote. That would have made you so democratically chosen though if you had voted yourself with a trail.

This is very detailed report wouldnt want to lie to you brother hehe. Anyway great job im sure steemit inc will take this seriously.

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Humongous steem stakeholders should make a contest again and make everybody a winner, end of story everybody happy.

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What this challege acutally was?

Random meant anyone had a chance... Nomination just made it in a way that some had a chance and some didn't. The more I look at Steemit, the less I like it. If you are just in creating meaningful content without all the trails, bots, and upvote scheme there isn't much in it anymore. This contest just reinforces that. Sad...

Also, nominations point to the fact the Steemit is just a huge bunch of cliques like something out of a high school. Not to mention all the circle jerks that goes around.

I hope Steem can evolve in a way that make you change your mind about it. Thanks for sharing.

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hello im new here please follow me and support me thanks

I kind of get your point though as one of the winner of the raffle I won't say that I am not happy to have made it through. For me it was totally unexpected, I'm barely a minnow and not that well known I guess and I did not direct anyone to the raffle or promote it to get any nomination at all because in true honest I was hectic to have to decline (even if winning) because I was initially scared to travel alone and no way I was to afford a ticket for my partner... So I did not expect it. Thus I was aware of the person who first nominated me, but that week I was out of Steem and knew I had won almost by chance when it was announced as Katrina and other friends shared the news over on discord. At the beginning I thought I still had to decline and I was nervous but then I got the help from Roel who helped me to sort out the budget for two locating a cheap flight and such). Now that I have won and everything is sorted out, I cannot say that I'm not grateful and looking forward to meet everyone.
Most of it it was a surprise to know how many people thought of me... and that was humbling. I did not check the post or directed anyone to it... in fact I had been self-boicotting myself from participating in other raffles because I was sure I could not afford it...
As for the rules changes I can't respond as it was other people who made this for me. I'm just a minnow posting contents and yes I used to broadcast on dlive a lot (hoping to resume soon) so I guess my name sounded familiar, I don't know.

Now happy I get to know llfarms, evecab and so many friends... hopefully you too! And well, hope you like our performance at Night of Steem.

And I kind of understood there would be some random winners from the people who were posting their nominations, wasn't sure about the other conditions... I moved noone to vote for me and even secretly expressed my concern as I wasn't sure I was able to make it, if only I kind of acted against myself... Then I was told, Pris, you've won, and I had to decide... managed to fit @hedac and we´re gonna be as tight as a backpack students in budget but kind of consider now it was meant to happen as it was all by surprise despite having not participated in the other contests on purpose. I won't deny I'm happy to go, and hope you find it worth! I try my best here.

I agree! contests like voting bots can be unfair that is why if I participate I don't even expect nothing , i do it for the fun

that's a mess!

indeed! not affected though. suck of reading disappointing comments.

I read the article and that's true it's too bad!

When I read the rules, I was not sure exactly what they meant by random, they could've selected each nominee with an equal random chance of winning, or they could've given each nominee an entries to the random draw for each nomination they received.While unclear, each of these do fit the idea of random. With the later balancing between community needs and randomness.
I'm run a few contest myself, so I'm all about being as clear as possible and not changing the rules needlessly. While I'm kinda 'meh' about the change to a vote (my horses did pretty well), I do get the point that in the long-run Steem Inc. should try to establish that their word can be trusted.

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Steemit Inc keeps on making mistakes. I hope they dont keep driving more people away.

God the fighting in the comment section is crazy.

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oh nooooooooooooooo! too bad!!

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