Some random thoughts on dStors stuff.

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So, drama. You've probably seen the drama by now. I just thought I'd put down a few things I'm thinking about it.

  • No one participating has come out of this well. I think in some ways this is a great object lesson for the value of opting out whenever possible. (So of course I'm making a post about it.)

  • The immutability feature of the blockchain applies to business drama as much as to anything else. I'm not sure it's a feature in that case. There's a benefit to being able to have this sort of thing somewhere other than in front of all the current and future customers.

  • Have a fully-fleshed-out, immediate plan for what you're going to do with delegation before you go asking for it.

  • I get that dLive's precedent worries people, but the idea that we should force projects to spam the chain with custom JSONs they don't need in order to tie them to Steem Power somehow is remarkably bad on so many levels. It's OK to let projects use Steem on their own terms.

  • Regardless of whether that happens, custom JSON collision is going to be a thing Very Soon Now. A little later if we let it evolve naturally, but it's inevitable. I should be able to play Monsters while somebody is buying my art and not have the chain freak out because a user isn't allowed to do two custom JSONs in the same block.

  • Steemians treat delegation like it's scrap paper when they're giving it out for some promised new token, but like it's solid gold when you do anything they don't like with it. While it seems to be easy to get, I question whether it's worth the trouble.

  • I totally fail to understand what made Haejin and Rancho think this was a better use of their SP than their existing method. This is not criticism, just a "Wha?"

  • In the end, none of this really matters. What matters is who can get me an easy-to-use storefront that comes with a base of potential customers. Ideally that will be both of them. But most of the drama seems to obviate the priorities of both sellers and buyers in favor of some abstraction of what's a good token and what's good for Steem. And focusing on that instead of the actual product is a recipe for disaster.

  • Following on from that, in both cases the token's purpose here seems to be having a token, rather than fulfilling any actual customer need. Something we see a lot. I get that tokenization is exciting but it has to have something of value to it.

  • Reading through comments I've been reflecting that I related to people a lot like this when I started my first business at 20, so I have some sympathy, but it sure is cringeworthy now. From this and other interactions I wonder if we should set up a group for Steem entrepreneurs over 40. (It should take at least seven weeks to start so I'm allowed to join.)


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Custom JSON collision might be an issue to worry about, but what I'm more worried about is permission levels. What if an app I authorize with posting permissions decided to "help me manage my Steem Monster cards" without my knowledge?


This is why I moved all but my active playing deck into a cold-ish wallet a couple weeks ago.

If you remember when Utopian was compromised nine-ish months ago, if Monsters had been a thing at that point they would have had access to everyone's deck who had authed Utopian, and that's a pretty solid disaster right there.

But I'm not sure what to do about it other than protect my own cards.


That is an interesting issue that I hadn't thought about. Going to need to consider this when I am working on my project.

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I wonder if we should set up a group for Steem entrepreneurs over 40.

I'm in too, in 3 1/2 months.

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I am happy to report that I have no idea what drama you're referring to here. Either way, have an upboat!

One of the things I did not truly understand about the whole thing was the upset over a part Dstors being not on the steem blockchain. I thought they had and still have a good idea. Steem Blockchain is not the only one out there and with everything being visible in one form or another on the blockchain, I can understand the want and need for a part of any business to reside off-chain.

I do not want everyone in the world to know what my mailing address is, what my phone number is what my email address is. (yes I know 90% of the world can find that info on me if they want). I find nothing wrong with a business storing that information elsewhere.

Steemian are not the only ones that would be customers of dstors, it seemed to me their vision was for more coins than just steem tokens. That they wanted the ability to expand into other markets. No one builds a business with any hope of growth on just one product.

There are a lot of young people in steem and in development of blockchain technology. I would suggest to any of them building apps, or looking to build a business that they make a business plan.

An idea is a good thing, when you have it start at the beginning. Get the business plan down on paper and get it down pat in your head. At this point you are in charge. It is your idea, your plan. Your business plan will let you know where your weakness are, and what type of person to onboard if any. If you go into a partnership, know your partners. A silent behind the scenes partner is know to you, not to others. Let them know that the minute they step out of the shadows they are no longer a silent partner. Do this up front when accepting their offer to help.

Get help from a person that has run a successful business. If you have no experience a partner unwilling to show you the ropes is a thief. I hope that some of the young dev's out there do get small businesses started on the chain, but all of the business does not need to reside on the chain. Remember you want to run a successful business with potential to expand.


I think especially with the proliferation of systems running on essentially the same code, we're going to see more projects that support multiple chains. The Beem python library supports or semi-supports at least four chains last I checked, so more and more of the things people are building will be mobile between chains. This is a good thing for the sustainability of the projects and should eventually be for the chains as well. There's no reason to pull a dLive move when you can just add chains and keep supporting the old ones.

Commerce seems like a weird place to start, though; Whaleshares are incredibly cumbersome to use as cash right now, and most of the others have the same problem. Steem is way ahead on liquidity.

From this and other interactions I wonder if we should set up a group for Steem entrepreneurs over 40.

I'm in! Having business sense doesn't just happen. You have to live the ups and downs over a course of years to gain them. No classroom can prepare you for the real world either.

It sucks that the entire mess played out in front of everyone. I had to walk away from the project for a few reasons, but the main one was that things started getting rushed. This was not the way Kali wanted it to go, but he allowed pressure to make things happen faster then they should have. No way asking for delegations would have happened when it did without the pressure of those that left.

IMO there was absolutely no business reason for the delegation request at that point.

While I'm glad for Kali that he is done with the outside interference for his project it really isn't good that it all played out as it did. But it did show the true colors of some people IMO.

Well. To your final point first: You could up the entry point to 60 and I could be the Godfather :)

You will have to trust me for a while (20 years, 7 weeks) your perspective will probably change again.

We've seen a really good example about 'how not to', but I don't believe it's fatal. I actually still believe that a useable storefront can come out of this. That to me is the real deal.

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