STEEM: Whales Are Losing Their Power....The System Is Not Broken...QUARTERLY Report 3/31/2018

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This is the first quarter end report that I am posting.

Special thanks to @arcange who runs these numbers everyday.

Now that we are at end of quarter, time to post the numbers again.

Here is the breakdown through December 31, 2017:


The total MVests here is 401,943

On a percentage basis:

Whales 68.04%
Orcas 15.66%
Dolphins 9.27%
Minnows 4.53%
Red Fish .95%
Inactive 1.60%


The total MVests here is 385,184.

On a percentage basis:

Whales 61.74%
Orcas 17.74%
Dolphins 11.44%
Minnows 5.84%
Red Fish 1.34%
Inactive 1.91%

The change over that time period is as such:

Whales -13.04%
Orcas +8.83%
Dolphins +18.25%
Minnows +23.54%
Red Fish +25.49%
Inactive +14.51%



So what does this all tell us.


The rich are not getting richer. In fact, more of the pie is going to the smaller accounts.

On December 31, 2017, the Whales and Orcas had 336,249 MVests (83.66% of the total); on March 31, 2018, 306,125 MVests (79.48% of the total)...a decrease of 4.99%.

The final thing that I wanted to mention is this number: 9,534.

That is the total number of people who are Minnow (around 500SP) or above.

My friends, that is called being an early adopter....

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The bear market must have also helped, as a lot of minnows would have had the chance to accumulate more Steem at lower prices. And I'm sure some of the whales must have taken some profits as well, so it sort of balances out.

I wonder what you mean by "Inactive" when I see the number of "inactive" accounts increasing from ~400000 to almost double from december to march

I think I asked this question before but I forgot the answer (Sorry). Or perhaps it was unanswered last time (probably not, for as far as I know you, you always have a sublime answer).

I see a 35k decrease in MVests that the whales own. My assumption is that this decrease is caused by the fact the whales sold part of their SP (after powering down). Do you think that assumption is correct?

And even when it is not correct, then you can not pull the conclusion that the whales don't become richer. To do so you should take into account their possession of Steem together with the fiat money they earned for selling in the past quarter. Or doesn't this make sense?

So, I'm a dolphin, a one percenter in Steemit! That's the chance in a lifetime crypto provides for everyone, you can become part of the elite by investing small amounts each month on top coins. If you panic sell you lose though, back to the plebs haha.

You know what my strategy is:

Can't wait to be an Orca (0.1 percenter) then hehe. regards Task!

Based upon the numbers, anyone with 500 SP or more is in the 1% of STEEM.

Now to get to the .1%, well that might take some work.....but the shift is happening.

seams like a lot have changed just a few weeks. a think the flag war did
something good. People realized is not a point on the war. its better to help the minnows to rise up lots of good projects out there to now to help minnows and most of the power is there in big numbers.

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These number changes are significant for 3 months, I thought it was creeping towards evening out, but that is pretty quick changes actually

37 accounts control 61% of the power? Am I reading that right?

Inactive accounts went from 431348 to 729636? That's a 63% increase. Looks like a lot of people trying out the platform and walking away.

You read that correctly...

The distribution is still heavily tilted but it is improving...a bit move over 1 quarter....

The smaller accounts need to post...that is where the shift takes place....the whales simply cannot post enough to keep pace.

Minnow for life! :/

Yet another good analysis ... A quick question for you.

How do you feel about the current FUD. Any hope for btc?

The FUD is by design in my opinion, orchestrated by the banksters and shows how they are threatened. If it wasnt a threat to them, they would not even mention cryptocurrency.

BTC, I am optimistic on simply because of the name recognition and a "store of value". Plus, when things turn, it has the liquidity that Wall Street likes to get into.

Long term, a case could be made that other blockchains will pass it in terms of utility (steem being one of them in my view). However, there is a ton of development going on with Bitcoin so it will be a blockchain that is used.

How that all ties into pricing, well the market is its own animal...and does things regardless of what is taking place.

My suggestion is to watch the development on any blockchain...that is where the action is. A blockchain with lots of development is most likely going to have value down the that doesnt, well that is either a scam coin or one that has good intentions, just will fail.

If I am not wrong. Does powering down the SP also result in decrease of vests? If yes, then the decrease percentage in vests is mostly due to powering down I guess because most of the whales do a lot of powering down as compared to minnows and other categories.

Thanks for sharing valuable post.

These numbers are nice but some whales are creating more accounts, which completely ruins the value of these statistics.

The power of big Data is the perspective it brings. So much for how "unfair" things are here.

Thanks for shining the light.

Good to see Steemit is working according to plan!

Certainly leaves me optimistic for my own future here!

Very nice crypto currency, I like it.
Thanks for sharing this valuable Post. I appreciate your post............

one day you might appreciate it so much that you actually take the time to read it 😄😄😄

I am thinking of adding more pictures so reading is not required.

Is this another bad April Fools joke? If not I want to caution that while this looks really promising it could be the effect of the markets, and people divesting their shares into other accounts which play a role in these numbers. All this is caution because so far steem seems stalled, we are awaiting the long-anticipated SMT's and the Communities that were promised. More than a year ago Dan mentioned that a separate flag and downvote system was being worked on, right before he left, since then the problem of addressing spam, abuse and plagiarism with Vests has continued. Someone was mentioning stagnation as a result of UBI, stagnation is certainly where we will come July, August, September and no SMT's and EOS has capitulated on the lack of proper moderation and communities.

Also add in that when you have a high level account you tend to relax a bit more and create less posts. This is an opportunity for smaller accounts to be more active on the platform and make some serious gains. Since you can outwork and level up.

Hard and smart work will never get old. Keep being hungry in life that's the key since most lose their hunger after a while. Finding new ways to motivate yourself and become excited since losing the passion and engagement is what mess most people up in the long run.

I agree @phoneinf.

Smaller accounts need to post, post, and post more.

That is what will shift these numbers even more.

The whales cannot post enough to keep up with all the newer posts that go up.

Really because of the descent of the currency for all the lowest percentage of votes
We hope it will rise so that we all benefit

Slowly working my way up the ranks.

Keep at it @gniksivart.

The system is designed to compound. You account will keep growing if you are consistent in your efforts. It is true for all of us.

Great breakdown, and the shift in distribution looks good. the high number, and percentage of inactive accounts is a bit discomforting. What is the scale for red fish up to whale?

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