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I came across something very interesting that is tied to the STEEM blockchain.

We all heard of Wikipedia. This is a site that was developed by individuals who willingly gave their time to add to a global knowledge base. Of course, this was token free but it does show what people are willing to do.

I thought there was a STEEM version of this but it turns out to be even more interesting.

Have you heard of

This is a personal information site that is tied to STEEM. People are free to add to the knowledge base as they see fit.


There is just one catch: This is a sharing site of personal knowledge.

What does that mean?

Instead of creating a site with just facts and figured, something that can be found anywhere, is a site where each of us can share our experience with different topics. The goal is to provide the ultimate resource of how people handle different situations in life.

What kind of things do we upvote using the main account?

We look for at least one of the following things in your entries to decide upvoting:
1- Sharing any information learned through your experiences/observations that is not available on Wikipedia
2- Sharing your opinions and comments about the subject (not what you did)
3- Sharing important news about the topic with a brief explanation and your comment
4- Sharing new terms having general information

Multiple entries can be written anytime just like blogging, so it becomes a fun and fast way of creating a knowledge base for the future. Share as much as you know about the topic and don't duplicate any other entry unless you will add more value to it.

This is in interesting concept. We are moving towards a world where knowledge is openly shared, this is just another step in the process. Imagine being able to go to a particular topic and have the experience of 50-75 people already posted there.

That is one of the goals of this site.

The part about it being a popular concept in Turkey for 20 years really caught my attention. With over 1M entries per month, that is a huge database of personal knowledge. Having that on the blockchain only secures it for future generations.

Plus, it is something, that if it takes off on STEEM, will add a lot to the blockchain. That could amount to a ton of transactions occurring each day.

Of course, not to be overlooked is the fact that they are planning on using SMT and tying it into the communities. Both of those are utilizing the resources on the STEEM blockchain.

It is fantastic to watch ideas come in from all over the world and people creating things for the world to use. The content/reward system will end up being attractive to most people.

Things are about to get very interesting around here.

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Hmmmmm. Seems interesting. Man it seems like every couple of days there is something new I need to look into. I guess that’s a good sign!!!

It is an excellent service and project. I’m going directly to test it.

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Where do you find all this stuff?
You seem to have something new every day of the week and normally ahead of the curve. To be honest about half the new stuff I come across is from following your blog because you always seem to have something happening.

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Sounds interesting indeed. I will have a look. Do i log in using steemconnect?

Yes, we use steemconnect and don't store your keys and even access tokens. We believe this is one of the most secure apps on Steem. We look forward to your contributions!

Thanks for the reply. Cheers!

This sounds like a fantastic project! I cannot wait to check it out. Thank you so much for sharing <3

This just shows how big we are... Wikipedia who?!?!
We have a better version _:D

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