Largest Airdrop To Steemians!!! Hunt Token Coming In July

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We have another SMT project that is going to be built upon the STEEM blockchain.

Steemhunt is a project that allows (and rewards) Steemians for finding innovative new products. It provides incentive for being the first to find them and offers the ability to review. Effectively, these people are being product influencers.

The project is going to be brought on using the ERC20 protocol. There will be 500M tokens total, 250M are available to Steemians. This will consist of a 1:1 Airdop of 100M tokens to SP holders. There will also be 150M tokens used for bounty rewards for Steemhunt contributors.

Here is the breakdown of tokens for Steemians.

They are implementing a creative three-pronged approach to product discovery. There is:

  • Steemhunt....People get rewarded for finding innovative product.

  • Reviewhunt...Companies can establish bounty programs.

  • Ideahunt....Companies can run a crowdfunding campaign.

This is very innovative. We could be witnessing the establishment of a new advertising/promotional model. Taking products direct by compensating via bounty and reviewing is a great way to establish the "word of mouth" marketing. Let other people tell your story.

You can read the full announcement here.

There is a lot of focus upon Smart Media Tokens and this is another example of the power that it will provide. Innovative ideas are all over the place. Steemians will have the means to disrupt many different industries with their creative ways of doing things. New approaches centered around direct rewards is what we are going to see unfold. A new paradigm is being created right before our eyes. Those who are holding SP are going to be able to take advantage of it.

The other day I wrote an article about KIK and the process they are going through with their token the Kin. In that article I made the point of how STEEM would be able to offer a much simpler system to them once the SMT protocol is released.

While KIK could add hundreds of millions of users instantly, there are a ton of "niche" markets out there which also have a following of hundreds of millions of people. If you look at some of the other sites mentioned in the Steemhunt article, you will see how powerful some of them are.

This is what is exciting about the Smart Media Tokens. Niche markets can create a totally new system build around direct rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. Behind it all is STEEM.

The value of a blockchain, ultimately, is what is built upon it. So far, the popular blockchain, in terms of price, are the ones that received the most publicity. By the beginning of 2019, you will see that shift. Nobody is going to care about the blockchains but what is tied to them. Businesses are being established. It is the applications which will draw the attention to the blockchain. That is where the marketing will enter the picture.

Another day, another example of what this blockchain is going to become. It is only a matter of us exercising some patience until the development catches up with the ideas. Radical transformations in the way things are done is exciting, cutting-edge, and very profitable. All the innovative ideas that are floating around STEEM are going to thrust it into the forefront as one of the better blockchains there is.

I see bright days ahead for Steemians.

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Are we going to get these tokens automatically? Also I see these are ERC20 tokens. I'm not sure about how this works. Ethereum tokens running on the Steem blockchain???


No, they will not run on the Steem blockchain. The company running the airdrop will probably allow you to connect your Ethereum address to your Steem account so when the airdrop happens it will send the erc20 tokens to your Ethereum address.


Wow, I have no idea how one would do such a thing!


That is how I understood it.


yes, I read in another post that you will log into the site through steemconnect and then on that part you would be able to add a Ethereum address so both are linked
Which they would then when SMTs hit delink and transfer...

I have also added a small delegation to them for support and because this is indeed a very cool concept.

on a side note, I can see that you have only voted for 9 witnesses so far. Would you be willing to support a new project? we started @swisswitness a few weeks back and are now at place 114 in the ranking but need a lot more votes to move up and help us help steem.

your vote would be much appreciated so I hope you are willing to give us a chance. (and anyone else reading this that has some spare votes)
here is the easy way to vote through steemconnect

Good news, thanks for sharing.

On another note, do you think 1 Steem Dollar will ever again be worth 1 Steem Power or are those days over? I'm interested in your opinion because you are unusually well informed on Steem.


It depends upon the pressure the witnesses are putting upon getting the price of SBD down. I dont know if they are doing anything, collectively, to achieve that end.

Left to the market, I would think so in terms of a pump. Ultimately, I think SBD will always trail SP in the price. But there will be times when I think, since the float is small, that SBD will get a frenzy going and have the price run up.

It appears that it moves faster than STEEM when it takes off.

The challenge is there are even less exchanges dealing in SBD than STEEM.


I have neither seen nor heard of any influence by witnesses on SBD prices, but if you know of any mechanism please let me know what it might be.
Increased posting activity is what I was told... it creates more SBD rewards. So the downward trend will continue, unless more people go to 100% SP rewards. Which I doubt will happen ;)
But your observations make lots of sense for the rest of it. short term pumps could occur.


The only thing I'm aware of that the witnesses can do is adjust their price feeds. For a while back when the price of SBD fell significantly, there were five or six who had been inflating the price feed. It certainly wasn't all of them, and I'm not even sure how many of the Top 20 were involved, but they did it for a solid month. Then a correction took place, or the market took hold, or fewer price feeds were inflated. At any rate, things have changed significantly again, but I don't know outside of one witness whether their price feeds are potentially contributing to the price of SBD now.


Great Info, I would love a link to where you read of this. A few points:

  1. The only way I can see this being 1/2 way ethical, let alone legal, is if they had been using price reporting from an exchange which was "historically high" (or low, w/e) and not just "selecting" a price they liked...
  2. It is manipulation, pure and simple, if they are "inflated, adjusted or tweaked"... Witnesses, afaik, do not Generate a price, they REPORT a price from an exchange, and they should not pick and choose.
  3. I'd love to know the who, what and why.

Thanks! I was unaware.


Okay, well, I can't speak to ethical or manipulation. And I probably misspoke, or used the wrong words. After going to look for what you were wanting to read, the term isn't really adjust or inflate the price. It has to do with price feed bias. How that happens, I don't know, but apparently it's an ability built into their server software they run.

Here's a post from a few months ago talking about doing it, and it mentions other witnesses that were doing it, too. In reality, I don't know how it works, what it does or what affect it has beyond printing SBDs that would normally not get printed otherwise.

You can look at what's going on with the witnesses, including their biases, here.

Thank you @taskmaster4450 I Love Airdrops and there is nothing better than a reason to increase my SP !!!

You have a typo in your title :^) Jyly

This is amazing, people are already planning their smts ahead of time and with the airdrops based on sp for holders will add aggregated value to steem and it will increase it's desirability.

I hope they have plans to prevent all the airdrops tokens from going to the top 1% since they are the biggest holders since I would like to receive some to but I'm barely getting close to 400 sp!


Thank you corrected.

Mehn this will be huge. But how will the tokens be disbursed? Are they going to give out some tasks to be done? It's great to know that they want to dedicate 50% of their tokens as airdrops.

But what do they mean by rewarding people from product discovery? I don't quite get that .

Wow! This would be great for steem. We can't wait anymore for SMT. Thanks @taskmaster for this update.

Nice Content,,The IRS expects you to pay taxes on just about everything, even down to a paperclip you find in the street.It's a great news for steemians..Thanks a lot for sharing


@Haejin doesn't pay taxes on any of his STEEMIT EARNINGS!!!

Very interesting project built on a continuous growing ecosystem sustained by the largest and fastest blockchain. The future is bright!

Hmmm this is actually quite innovative. And a good way to get folks to lock up some sp.

Wow I'm glad I've spent the last 9 months acquiring all the Steem Power I can! Looking forward to that airdrop :)

I agree with the assessment that this could incentivize people to hold more steem power instead of cashing out their rewards as they receive them. I've always felt that's the prudent thing to do. That's just me though. I'm a big believer in Steem and its potential!


I am a bit bullish on it too.

Hi! I'm one of the co-founders of Steemhunt.
Thank you so much for sharing this :)

Resteemed, awesome stuff

love to hear this. i am always a big fan if 'free internet money'. this will surely increase the spread and adoption of steem!

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Keep It Coming,


You are performing a great service to all Steemians 😀

Hey! I'm one of the creators of Steemhunt. Thanks so much your great post :)

The value of a blockchain, ultimately, is what is built upon it. So far, the popular blockchain, in terms of price, are the ones that received the most publicity. By the beginning of 2019, you will see that shift. Nobody is going to care about the blockchains but what is tied to them. Businesses are being established. It is the applications which will draw the attention to the blockchain.

This needs to be repeated. I'm looking forward to the day where every coin isn't basically tied to BTC and volatility is (at least slightly) reduced.