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Life on the STEEM blockchain just keeps getting better. SMTs are going to be the gift that just keeps on giving.


@dlike announced that it is going to create a SMT based token that will be used to build their ecosystem. There will be 800M tokens total with 400M being distributed to Steemians via airdrops, using the platform, and doing promotional posts.

If you are unaware, @dlike is a posting application similar to pinterest. This is where people can post links or upload interesting pictures. Being part of the STEEM blockchain, the same content reward system applies. People can comment and upvote posts just like on any other STEEM based application. This activity can earn people STEEM from the daily reward pool.

Now, with @dlike creating a token, they will enhance the payouts by providing people with LIKES (I made that up; not sure what the token name is) in addition to STEEM.

Here we see a classic example of a system that is adding the SMT protocol to reward users for the content they create. As the blockchain keeps evolving, this is a central point that keeps being re-emphasized.

As for the rewards, according to their post it breaks down like this:

  • They will airdrop 80M tokens to Steemians on a 1:1 basis until the 80M are claimed. This is based upon the SP one is holding.

  • 80M will be given to people who delegate SP to the @dlike account.

  • 100M goes to posting and commenting. One interesting twist is that 65% of the reward will go to commenting while 35% goes to posting. It makes sense for a linking site like this will now is enhancing the payout on creativity and content creation.

  • 40M for upvoting based upon VP not voting value. Once again, we see a design where stake weighting is not used. Here is a SMT which will pay smaller accounts the same as larger accounts.

  • 35M for promotional activities

  • 30M for @dlike team

  • 20M for dRanks and @dlike contests

  • 15M for @dlike partnership programs

The rest of the information can be found here.

They mentioned they are going to start as an ERC20 token and convert once SMTs come out since that protocol release date was not announced. I presume this was an oversight since we now have the March date of when the SMT protocol is set to go live. I would imagine that since some of the plans are looking at implementation in the next couple months, that ERC20 is still going to be done first.

Either way, this is another example of how one can earn more money on the STEEM blockchain. This application started, if memory serves me correctly, a couple months back. They already had an update to the website which changed a few things. They are striving to reward the continual users with the dRank system where people can earn bonus payouts. Having a token will only make this easier.

All smaller accounts should be looking to the different applications that we see on here. The payout is much greater than trying to fight for STEEM. I keep stressing this but it is worth saying again: all tokens created using the SMT protocol will be paired with STEEM on the DEX, hence can be swapped for STEEM at any time. This was done to provide liquidity to every token on the STEEM blockchain.

Of course, activity done in any application on the blockchain will still earn on STEEM so it is not having to choose earn SMT or STEEM; you can do both.

Over the next few months, now that a date of SMT release was set, I believe you will see a number of the other applications announce their intentions at token creation. It only makes sense for @dtube, @dlive, @zappl, and @dsound to follow suit. Even @steemmonsters will most likely add a token layer to their game.

A while back I wrote a post detailing a mental exercise of picturing each STEEM as worth $1,000. People complain that they have an account with only 40 STEEM in it. If you have 40 STEEM and it was worth $1,000 apiece, would you be complaining?


Well, here is another approach. View every single STEEM you receive as 1,000 different tokens. Once the SMT protocol is released, you will see thousands of tokens generated over the next few years. Do not be surprised if a lot of them do exactly what @dlike is doing, airdropping tokens on STEEM hodlers.

Viewing that 40 SP as 40,000 tokens provides a different picture, doesn't it?

STEEM is a system designed to compound one's account. There are so many different ways to grow an account on here. SMTs are only going to put this on steroids. We already saw half a dozen projects come out stating they have tokens coming. Many are starting to distribute even if the tokens are not liquid at this time. Growing the accounts now is a benefit of being an early adopter.

I do believe life as a Steemian is going to be very good over the next few years.

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Charts from @dlike post.

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I believe this will bring more people to Steemit to have fun

They will airdrop 80M tokens to Steemians on a 1:1 basis until the 80M are claimed. This is based upon the SP one is holding.
This is great news for me as i plan to hold Steem Power for Long periods of time :)

Thank You @taskmaster4450 I just Delegated 100SP because of this Post. I appreciate you telling us about @dlike

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i always try to give these links that little bit of an upvote, to bump up the list. my focus is low at times (ADHD) so i prefer to hear it as opposed to lose my place every 30 seconds XD

Great news ! Need to invest more SP for dlike :)

When the tokens will be credited to the account?

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I have no idea when they are planning that....

They just announced their intentions.


Thanks for your prompt answer!

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Nice little reward, keep going Steemit!

so this would be similar to busy app doing an airdrop ?


It is more akin to what @steemhunt is doing.

Busy might do it as well....I am not sure how their plans are going to unfold in that regard.

Can't argue with that. The more the merrier. However I think it's very important to work for steem as everything going forward is based off your sp. All of the airdrops will be based on it. Plus as you said if each one is worth $1000 those ten extra steem you earn this week might be very valuable in 5 years whereas the value on some of these other tokens might be nothing. Not all but some.

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True and I agree with that.

Of course, each token that is in your account that was created with the SMT protocol can be converted to STEEM.

That is a big point for people to keep in mind.


Absolutly but the question will be at what ratio. If steem is with $10 and a smt token worth $0.0001c which is a valid possibility then you will need a lot to earn a single steem. Obviously that is a bad case scenario and I expect some to have much higher value like actifit and steemhunt but there will be a lot of these ones too just like within the regular crypto market.
Don't get me wrong I'm excited for it and really believe in the long term future of the blockchain but there will be a lot more up and downs as we go through the next three years.

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For one of your bullet points you put @dlive when I think you meant to put @dlike. Just letting you know so you can possibly edit it later to avoid confusion.


Thanks took care of it.

Thank you for telling me about this wonderful news. I'm very pleased to see how Steem is getting better every day !!!

Спасибо, что рассказали об этой замечательной новости. Мне очень приятно наблюдать, как с каждым днем Steem становится все лучше!!!

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding ( They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITF, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

This is quite similiar to how steemhunt is doing their airdrop.

Do you still get the airdrops if your SP is delegated to another account?


Yes because the one delegating still retains ownership.


Great! Thanks!


naturally this comes out while im facing great financial hardship (see latest post re: $1000 elec bill coming in )
and im in powerdown mode :(

still, spose i better go get the app XD

I just wrote my response to @dlike this afternoon, as a matter of fact. This ecosystem is indeed changing, and for the better; it's not just about "original" content. Read my post, and you'll see what I mean.

Sounds good. Do we need to do anything to receive the tokens? Where do they show up at?


@hedge-x You can checkout bounty program. You can claim these tokens by delegating SP and promoting DLike in many ways

  1. Write about dlike on your steemit blog
  2. Make a vlog about Dlike on Dtube or Dlive

You can check dlike blog for further details of on-gpong bounty program.
These tokens are reserved in dlike off-chain wallet right now and as we go on SMT you will be able to exchange these tokens for STEEM.

You can join official discord channel for any question and feeddback

When do you think the airdrop is going to take place?


@jeezzle Air-drop is already running check out the bounty program for 5 million dlike tokens giveaway!


Thank you for letting us know about Dlike. :)