3 reasons that hold me back to invest in STEEM

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The STEEM community is the best and most loyal community in the crypto space in my view but still I have issues investing in STEEM. Why is that, misconceptions or facts? You tell me!

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1. Steemit.Inc

  • Steemit.Inc develops, upgrades and maintains the STEEM blockchain.
  • Steemit.Inc directs and prioritizes work for the STEEM blockchain.
  • Steemit.Inc owns and maintains the largest used STEEM community frontend, Steemit.com.
  • Steemit. Inc is the biggest holder of STEEM tokens, by far.

You might noticed that all of the critical components like development, direction, responsibility and funding are with one organization. I find that very risky and we actually saw a negative impact earlier this year when Steemit.Inc was in the press.

My thoughts on Steemit.Inc:

  1. Steemit.Inc team should focus on blockchain development only and leave the front-end development to others who are better at it.
  2. If Steemit.Inc management would have listen to their users 2 years ago or even to their own developers, we probably would have sorted the sign-up process much earlier allowing users to join immediately and not wait for days/ weeks. We probably would have communities on Steemit.com, the most requested feature by the community.

2. Witnesses

  • Witnesses run nodes in order to produce blocks .... that's pretty much it. (with a few exceptions!)

My thoughts on Witnesses:

If you compare the #EOS eco system with #Steem, well there is no fair comparison to be blunt. #EOS witnesses build in 1 year things like wallets, games, applications, block explorers, decentralized voting platform, ... more than anything the STEEM witnesses produced in 3 years!

From the 21 witnesses I honestly know about a few who do more than "just" running a node that produces blocks. Some good witnesses I can think of are:

3. Price and MarketCap

  • Probably the most important reason that hold me back to re-invest in STEEM is the price development. We are currently at 0.17 USD. That is the same price I bought STEEM 2,5 years ago and in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined that we go back here after STEEM was 7 USD!
  • Another thing is the trading volume of STEEM. If you go to coinmarketcap and filter by trading volume you will find STEEM to be in the top 10 of lowest volume!

My thoughts on Price:

The price development of STEEM is probably the most honest and unbiased reflection of what people think of STEEM as an investment.

  • The reason for the price development is that STEEM is pouring out to exchanges and no big investors coming in. I asked in a previous post why the SP lock down period is still 13 weeks? This is clearly not working and attracting new investors to buy and hold STEEM.

Ok that's it. This post was not supposed to be a rant but shows my view of things.
If you think I am wrong, than please let me know what I missed.

All the best.


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Well, I think 10 weeks is better than 13 weeks.10% power down every week is looking good.

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I would like to see the power down period to be even less (e.g. 4 weeks) but 10 weeks is already an improvement.

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well if they would leave it to open hands the one with most power i have strong feeling that they would ruin it for sure

The Market looks very bad lately, but somehow I have a feeling that everything will be better in the next months. Just living with hope. Dont really understand if it is the right time to invest or not, as everything became unpredictable :(

I believe the price level is good to invest but I am hesitant to lock SteemPower for 13 weeks. That is holding me back to be honest.

I was seeing as a very long time from the beginning, but what can we do against the system :D