Will you sleep with me?

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The title of the post is what the bed is asking from me and, I really hope so as I got 3 hours of sleep before waking up at 3 am to get to the airport. Was that only this morning?

While I can complain about the tasks I have to do on it, the room itself is pretty decent. I haven't stayed in such a nice hotel for a very long time, it is weird that it is alone though. Hotel suites are best suited for a shared experience.

I still have some finishing touches (structural changes) to do on my presentation and found out that the client may not have the necessary installs, which means that rather than a chat and practical exercises, I may be presenting for 8 hours straight through, with a lunch break of course. People think I write a lot - I speak more.


But for an exercise, imagine explaining Steem to a group of people who have never before seen it but are going to build a new application on it. However, you can't let them use it, just see it. And, then they have to pay at that point before they start their development.

While not quite the same, it is kind of a similar thing tomorrow however, it will go well. I am confident, as I have had plenty of practice training and, learning and understanding a lot of Steem has helped me develop strong analogies for product visualization.

As I have said before, there is a lot of leveragable value on Steem that doesn't come in the form of a token. We are literally building a new industry here, complete with associated jobs and spinoff, supportive and complementary products and services.


For those with some business sense, they will see the opportunity that is going to arrive as more economic mass is added onto the Steem Blockchain as it will not only create value in the currency, but use case and transactional value too.

Think about the industries around Microsoft products with independent tech support and certified product trainers making a living by providing secondary services to a core product that they themselves did not develop. How long until people are well paid Steem trainers - for real, not those that are here now.


There are so many secondary and tertiary industries that are going to be created around Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as more numbers join, human, bot, process, business and all other transactions that add usage.

Have you considered what kind of role you could potentially do once mainstream adoption happens or do you believe you hold enough coin's to be able to be okay, regardless what else you do?

I personally think it is short sighted to only see the opportunity as a financial investment vehicle as it can be so much more than that add, provide s great deal more personal value than what Steem can buy.


There is more to life than money we are told but while so many of us chase wealth or even enough to eat, we miss considering things like individual purpose and our own why for living this life. Money is a tool, of having it doesn't provide opportunity in a way that we actually change, why have it?

That big bed is calling me... Soon baby, soon... I still have work to do.

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(posted from phone)

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While I agree with many of the statements you've made here, especially considering that Africa might quadruple in size in the next 100 years with improvements in infrastructure and healthcare... I'm sure every one of your readers will still be disappointed you were only talking to your bed and not us.... why not us man?


Room 435... Welcome.

Will you sleep with me?

Nah, I already slept the room next-door, and even though I had earplugs, I'm good, thanks.

But an actual presentation about Steem, you say? That's fantastic!

My, my...have to say I am quite disappointed. It was just about some foreign bed? Dude, you've known some of us for months, even years...and yet you go propositioning some fancy nice-linen Austrian bed?
A shame.

As a side note, are you planning to send subliminal "come to Steem" messages in your presentation? 'Cause I think you could do really well with that.


It is s tough call but tonight, the bed wins.... I hope it is as good in bed as I imagine though. I have set expectations now and I don't want to regret it in the morning.

"come to Steem"

This is what I say to my wife.


I don't want to regret it in the morning.

Dude, don't take it like that. At the very least, it's an experience. You live and you learn, no need to regret it.;)

hope it is as good in bed as I imagine though

Wouldn't want to say bad things about your chosen one for the night, but I get the feeling it gets a lot of practice. :)))

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The answer based on the tittle is:
No thanks 😁
The more presentations I do give the more I do understand that the supporting slides should’ve have too much info on it! People are distracted by those and they are reading the slides in stead of listening!
Good luck with the loooong presentation!

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I would be happy presenting with no slides for 8 hours but i figure they need to see something. It is human nature to look at the slides as they click and with too much information, they won't turn their attention back quickly enough. I use a 6x4 process normally. 6 words, 4 lines max so a max of 24 words a slide. I would prefer just to talk over a picture though personally.


That’s the way to do it!
The less on the slides the more interested they are in the supporting words!
While I am a good talker it is still hard for me to five a presentation!

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No late night strolls among the city for some pictures in fog or dimmed light? I hope you had a great session of video chat with smallsteps before ending the night!

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I was really hoping to go for a bit of a walk just locally but it started to rain and get stormy and I didn't pack for the weather at all. Next time :)

Actually now i supposed to be catching some sleep but here i am still on steemit blogging

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