The importance of communities in Steem city

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I am waiting for my car to be serviced as it was looong overdue and the oil light was burning; for 6 months. I was saying about Money or the Steem yesterday and the price of the service will be around 250€, that is 1200 Steem! Crazy. This is how I walk through my world now, a chocolate bar is 3 steem. I should go on a diet.

Yesterday @coruscate @dtube'd a video talking about low prices giving the chance to build a middle-class on Steem, something I and a few others have been pushing for a long time from various points as when there is a large and diverse group of stakedand active members, the large staked accounts have much less power over the system but more importantly, they aren't as pressured to perform. Everyone wants a whale vote but, there aren't that many whales out there.

Having a middle class also means that a much wider selection of content can be adequately supported which translates as a wider variety of users being able to be successfully onboarded. @coruscate is one half of the founding two (@anomadsoul is the other) of @steemonboarding. 2019 is going to be a very important year for Steem, they are in the thick of it.

After I commented on the post, @jayna replied to me with this excerpt:

It’s funny because what we all need and want is growth, stability, and tons of new members. But the actions and events that will make Steem soar to new heights are the same actions that will make a lot of people feel anonymous and unimportant. full source

This is what spurred this post. This reminded me about one of the most important aspects of community here. I see Steem as a growing city (I have posts going back a year and a half on this) in a place where there was little before. At the moment we are laying the infrastructure, the roads, networks, sewers, etc. but we are building communities alongside. This is a challenge because while we want diversity of citizen, not all the infrastructure is in place but, we still try.

If we were building a real physical city, a school, library, art gallery and public swimming pool wouldn't be the first order of business as to have citizens to populate those things, other things are required first. There is an order of business. On Steem it is much the same. While we want a massive diversity of user and service businesses, there are certain aspects that need to be taken care of first, like bandwidth which we could visualize as a road network that takes citizens to different locations. The benefit of Steem in the future is the capabilities of having a very, very good public transport system through Resource Credit pools, albeit, privately funded by users with powered up Steem.

But, this isn't what came to mind from @jayna's comment, it was the; anonymous and unimportant part.

Just like in a city with millions of people, it is impossible to know everyone on Steem and the larger it grows, the faster it onboards and the more diversified and niched the services, businesses and applications get, the harder it is for people to get seen but more profound, the easier it is for people to feel irrelevant.

This personal disconnection / disenfranchisement is one of the major drivers of political conflicts and in my opinion, depression and aggression in the real world as people feel that they are lost in a system that they can no longer influence. Their voice isn't heard. It drives them onto the internet to shout and scream about the state and conditions of the world in areas they can't directly influence.

Think global, act local

We have all heard it though and on Steem it will be no different which is why the communities are such important components of Steem's future. While the platform (hopefully) grows exponentially outward into a million diversified faces and instances, the communities can personalize the experience for users and bring them into the local folds.

I used Asher's (@abh12345) engagement league as an example the other day for user retention but I can use it as an example of a small community itself. While the participants are quite diversified in their approach to Steem by interest and behavior, they are connected by the league and interact in the comments section weekly. @crimsonclad on the PAL discord has the same thing with her show where a very diverse group come together to listen and comment in the chat sections. These are communities that connect diverse users.

If we think av´bout the diversity of a city by suburb, there can be a wide range of experience that separates the groups, often along economic or cultural lines. But, if we then go to a city football match, there will be all suburbs represented in some way, the people at the match don't care who one is, as long as they are supporting the same team. People who could have conflict in another context, are aligned by the incentive of wanting their city's team to win. What I am hoping is that going forward there is going to be a wide range of diversified suburbs and cultures that in their own way are all working to help their city develop.

Being part of a community is acting locally and if that community is geared to an overall goal of supporting the Steem network in some way, all communities will move in a general direction toward improvement. The difference is that it won't be a government or city council building the schools, libraries, galleries and swimming pools, it will be the citizens themselves who not only provide the labor, but the investment capital required to get the job done.

This is an opt-in community and each sub-community is an opt-in group also. What this means is that those who choose to be part of the various community aspects are making a personal decision to make themselves relevant, to have their time, energy and voice mean something. And when this is done at the local level, it will organically connect communities through the network so that at the larger level, all are on the same general side.

The individual narrative of Steem we hold is an important factor in how we behave here and if we have the general sense of improvement and growth, each of us acting locally within communities toward that end is not only our best chance of meeting goals, it is the best way to include many. However, this also takes proactivity on the part of the individual so rather than relying on being found and included, we need to find communities to become part of.

I have moved to several cities in my life and other than the door knocker religious groups, no community is going to find me while I sit on the couch watching TV (That might say something about the types of people they target by the way). For example, I like to dance so I would go and find a dance studio and if one didn't exist, maybe create a small community of interested but disconnected dancers.

I see Steem the same and this is why engagement is so important, it is the social glue that helps people fin each other, join or build a community and work together to develop their niche. Steem can support millions of people across thousands of niches in theory (scaling is still an issue) but it requires us, the citizens, to support them. This is why the middle-class users are so vital for the future of Steem as they are the ones who are user, builder, member and investor into the niches, in the same way that someone will buy a music genre they like and got to a concert or two.

In the City of Steem, it is up to us to use our skills, to interact and build to make ourselves relevant, not up to others to find us sitting in our homes. The communities are going to play an increasing and pivotal role in bringing "growth, stability and tons of new users" but, they are also going to be the points of contact that make those users welcome and invested in their community at a local level, and Steem at the global level.

Although this city's infrastructure isn't ready for everyone to be supported yet, becoming part of the communities, conversations and active development of the space is what will cement in the foundations and support the masses, and all of the niche communities they will populate and enjoy later.

There is an order of business, development, growth and future and every movement takes time to travel the distances required.

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We had this same discussion in the WAfricadiscord show last Sunday 'the role of community on the Steem blockchain'.

I came into the Steem blockchain early this year, and I was quick to note that communities will play an important role towards onboarding and user retention.

Apart from the financial incentives on Steem, the number one reason people will want to stay here is Purpose.

Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. Purpose is what creates true happiness.

Churches, Mosque, community groups, membership societies all tried to create this in our real world but times are changing and with technology comes the virtual life - Steem is one of them.

As such, communities are very much needed here, to give people that sense of belonging. We all get meaning from our communities. Whether our communities are houses or sports teams, churches or music groups, they give us that sense we are part of something bigger, that we are not alone; they give us the strength to expand our horizons.

Mark Zuckerberg said the above statement. To build this communities, we must first build our own selves for the success of Steem as a movement in dependent on our success as the first follower.

times are changing and with technology comes the virtual life - Steem is one of them.

Exactly. Steemit offers a virtual life. But not as virtual as in the cases of many other platforms. Real human is here, community is here. As taraz said, these are the times to build new connections all over this platform!

the more it expands, the more into real life it becomes. This is the benefit of having a working economy to back it.

The thing with purpose is that no one can give it to you but many people import the purpose of others and install it as their own. Religion / nationaism does this to a high degree but if one explored for themselves, the same or better could be achieved independently where people work it out and then develop what they need with others. Most people create habits and traditions that they identify with though and then as times change and they are no longer suitable, they feel lost.

Adaption to the environment is key and change is continual.

Instructions unclear; building actual city :)

I hope it has a swimming pool.

And a sauna.

Make it out of Lego please 🙏

I think communities are what it takes to make Steem approachable to "muggles". Writing and reading about what's important to a person is nice but a there's more to it. More interaction leads to a real feeling of community where you want the community to thrive and with it Steem.

there are many communities out there now and anyone can make one :)

I thought there were going to be communities here long ago, its one of the reasons i stuck around, but nothing ever changed. I'd love to buy a bunch of and become a dolphin but the uncertainty is too great right now

There are communities here, just not Hivemind driven. Everything has risks when it comes to crypto investment I think. It is interesting though that while people will invest into what are pretty dark and uncertain projects, Steem seems riskier. I feel that it is because there is more visible here than some other coins. I don't mind the uncertainty but I would never put in what I am unwilling to lose completely.

i was kind of hoping we would have official communities with our own SMT's by now. Steemit is still the exact same layout as when i joined, which is kind of shitty..

Why are you getting flagged on comment? :D

he's auto flagging me, with zero steempower, because he's an idiot

Haha.. I don't understand the way their brain is working!

So if we get all those new communities, will the Steem blockchain be able to scale for that?

It can scale a long way further with RC credits. at the moment the issue is the size of the chain which is what they are working on now and should be ready in a couple months.

Great vision that is truly fundamental as we build the ecosystem going forward. Communities will truly be the essence of the city which will help attract more users as they find areas they seek engagement in. Giving how the ecosystem is expanding with not only discussion type interaction for engagement but also games, shopping and others; communities will build around these niches that will engage more users and add to retention.

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There are going to be so many crossover points between communities and the economy (steem) is going to be a massive driver of interaction between. In the end, I am hoping there will be a smorgasbord of ways to interact with each other and use Steem directly and through stake.

This was a really good post with some awfully thought provoking stuff. Isn't it horrible how expensive car repairs can be... Whenever I start to think about the price of Steem, I have to remind myself a lot of it is relative to where I live. In the US yeah, it is 3 Steem for a candy bar, but in another part of the world, that same 3 Steem can go a lot farther. That is one of the awesome things about this platform!

That is also why I think it is so awesome that we can give back to others. Living in the US and having a full time job, this is more of a hobby to me. Some people are using Steemit to support their families though and that just blows my mind.

That is also very interesting the point about needing people to populate the city. It is a very true fact. I just started a challenge called #fosteraminnow because as was mentioned I feel like there are a lot of orcas, dolphins, and higher minnows on Steemit that have fallen into the routine of auto voting and doing their own thing and many of these smaller accounts are getting left behind and ignored. I am hoping my initiative will help more of us grow together.

but in another part of the world, that same 3 Steem can go a lot farther

There is no way I can live off Steem and would need the price to be somewhere around 25 dollars but, there has been literally thousands of people whose lives have been made a little better by the possibilities here.

There are many initiatives out there to help small accounts but it is very much a two way street, especially at these starting phases. People think 2 years is along time, it definitely isn't when it comes to these kinds of developments, this is much more than a simple app and even they take years.

The lack of active accounts is why there is the need for a much larger middle class here as once people get hooked in to communities, they are more likely to stay active. All the little bits of help, help but my tiny piece of experiential advice is, be discerning where and into who you invest your time and resources.

Yeah, I am lucky I have a day job and this is more of a hobby for me. I am with you, I would need Steem to be about that much if not more for me to make a living off of it. I agree with you too on finding the right communities. There was at time that I was a member of a community that ended up going under and I think that being associated with it gave some of us a bad reputation. Now I think I have found a couple good ones that I can call home and work on building my account. You were right too, response so far to my challenge has been pretty disappointing...

I am hoping that in the coming months Hivemind will finally see the light of day and it will give options and tools plus build some new excitement in the community. There is a long way to go here and it is going to be a hard slog still.

My friend, I believe you are wrong, at least in part. Instead of writing a long comment I decided to take it as an essay opportunity. You will find a reply of sorts at my posts.

I do the same thing and price everything in steem. My wife shakes her head and walks away. She knows I want to buy more but we have to wait. Sure is funny to comparison then what if steem goes to $3 or so

People can either sit on the couch and watch tv or get out there and mingle. It takes effort and getting out of ones comfort zone.
I still think that at this point the communities are where people need to get involved in.

Without communities people get lost here even with how small steemit currently is. As steemit grows communities will have an ever growing importance to the future of this platform and to the success of those who come onto steemit.

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Wish I had some fiat to buy more Steem - hopefully the prices keep low until I get job. Oh well, at least I have time to spend on posting.

Nice article dear.Thanks for sharing