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Steemit has taken first place in State of the Dapps but we can do better than that can't we? We have many more Applications after all, @steemmonsters is in 7th, in 12th, Partiko in 15th, @esteemapp 21st, @dtube 31st, @actifit 33rd, @magicdice 37th, @steemhunt 38th, @steempeak 39th and @steempress 44th.

That is 10 in the top 50, including number 1.

According to @therealwolf this is what they are currently calculating:


So, if you ever wanted to check out new apps, now is your chance. By using steemconnect or keychain, you could now go through and explore some other interfaces and applications, post through them, leave a comment through them or make some kind of transaction like on @steemmonsters and be counted as a user for the next 24 hours.

Steem has never appeared on that list before so if for the next week or so we as a community routinely explored new Steem applications, we could definitely push many of them up into the top 30 at least and potentially if enough people take part, hold the top 5 positions relatively comfortably.

This has more than a visibility benefit too as we know that we are moving steadily away from and exploring other views of the chain as well as applications would help the community in various ways.

One of the beauties of the Steem community is that when it comes to community action, we can actually be quite effective as we are able to spread word of mouth very easily if we choose through resteems and posts as well as comments and shares through chat servers.

Since we haven't been listed there before, blasting state of the Dapps now would make our presence well and truly known and could attract a high level of interest, something we struggle with, especially during a long bear market.

And this is EASY

All you have to do is log in to a few of the various apps (I am writing this on and make a transaction that is calculated. Post something, comment, buy some cards, play a game, go for a jog and log it.


You can log in through some of the interfaces, trial it, comment on this post through it. Who knows, you might find a new interface to play with that you like or an application you enjoy.

Try @musing, @stemQ, @steepshot, @tasteem, @dpoll, @magicdice, @vimm and see what all the fuss is about or, make some fuss and explore and make some transactions. People have been complaining about their feeds trickling through, let's fill it with Steem apps this week.

Resteem this if you are interested in sharing the word, vote if you choose but, take part if you can.

Let's make the State of the Dapps,

The Estate of Steem.

[ a Steem original ]

Note: Add applications in the comments and I will add them to the post.

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I still think it's a mistake to move away from Steemit. Steemit is known and used by a lot of people. You don't just throw that away. A lot of the Dapps ont he Steem blockchain are still relatively unknow. Best way to get them known is having a solid Steemit community. is owned and operated by Steemit Inc and at some point soon-ish will likely be retired anyway. It is best for people who are here now to be part of the decentralization of the platform rather than continue relying on a company to provide. The changeover takes time, it won't be overnight anyway.

But WHY is it getting retired? Because they don't have the money to develop it. Pushing people to different dapps just fragments the community. At least that's how I think about the situation. I have watched several youtubers who were planning to do the SMT thing, but have now cancelled it because they have serious doubts about what's going.

Because it is not an overly great interface. It might evolve into something else or they give it to some devs to tweak for the better but they aren't going to keep it long term, especially since Ned has another interface in the pipeline.

Fragmenting the community is what has to happen for Steem to do what it was designed to do.

Resteemed! A couple I have seen around the ecosystem as well include @dlike, @appics, and @dmania. This is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks as I know the community loves to show up for these type of representations! Thanks for sharing!

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I am hoping that people will start finding new ways to play and earn here that suit their personalities better than just blogging.

This is a great post and encouraging all the right things.

Get out there and use our apps,...

Yep, sooner rather than later would be the best way.

If people can step up their game a bit this week it could generate a bit more interest and even new users which would be great. That would build momentum and could push us even higher on lists like these. While everywhere else is quiet it's a great time to show the activity we still have going on this blockchain.

Getting some interest and new users going into the New Year would help, especially if the bulls start running as it would help spread the word very fast.

I wonder why @musing is not there in that list! I

It goes on usage in the last 24 hours I think.

We have come a long way in just the last 10 months I have been here.

More things come on faster and faster

I think that once people start seeing the condition of pretty much all projects, Steem is doing pretty well over all and definitely is one of the most underrated in terms of value. Or, the others are overrated. :D

I think e are underrate. Just waiting for that one item to give us the bounce we should have. When it come it will be fast and quick.

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