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Behind Every Hero is a Little Steem Power

A few days ago I received several Downvotes from a larger Steemian. Prior to that I had read others post about being down voted for no apparent reason. I sympathized with them and tried to help out with an up vote of my own since none of them seemed to have plagiarized or were abusing the Steem network. Since the down voting continued, I looked into which Steem account was doing the down voting.

I found the account @mmmmkkkk311 to be the major account doing the down voting. I looked into their profile and there it boldly states "Vote Buying is Wrong" and it further says that they downvote posts upvoted by SBI. Digging a little deeper, it seems this has been on going for a good while now, maybe a month or more.

The this person finally Downvoted two of my posts, and it hit home. I now knew what those others that had received these downvotes felt like, and it wasn't a good feeling. I was upset, and once I found out why this person was downvoting, I immediately sent $1.80 worth of Steem Basic Income (SBI) shares/levels to @petrarodriguez because I know she can use the help down there in Venezuela. The $1.80 was the amount that was de-monetized from by post by the down vote. When the second Downvote came in from MMMMKKKk311, it de-monetized another post by $1.50, so I then upped my Delegation to the SBI project from 1500 to 2000 Steem.

I have dug my heels in and refuse to be bullied into changing my position. I believe the Steem Basic Income project to be a worthy cause. I understand that it IS NOT 100% altruistic, but nonetheless it does help some that are in need of more STEEM COMMUNITY support but don't receive it. I feel that SBI will up vote someone should I not be present on the Blockchain since I manually curate ALL my voting and I don't plan on using a curation bot or trail.

And yes, I receive benefits from both Delegating Steem to SBI, as well as when I send Steem for SBI levels/shares for other steemians. I think that MMMMKKKK311 has more of an issue with the vote coming back to those like me who send STEEM to the SBI initiative because then SBI will up vote both the Sender (in this case Me) and the receiver. I see this as a win/win because I help someone else via SBI, then SBI will help my posts with Up votes, which will then allow me to Share some more with others here on the Steem blockchain. The way I see it is that the stronger my account gets, the more I can help others.

So after those downvotes, I was watching my account using a pretty good tool to know, called STEEMWORLD.ORG. Using I saw an upvote from @ilovemk311 which I thought to be odd because it closely resembled the account that had just given me 2 100% DOWN VOTES. When at looked at the account, I realized that this little underdog was trying to make up for the damage caused by MMMMKKKK311. Another Steemian created an up vote bot to specifically up vote those that the MMMMkkkk311 account downvotes.

Seeing this little guy, @ilovemk311 made me smile knowing that someone else was already out there on the STEEM Blockchain implementing their solution or counter to the downvoting. I then proceeded to Delegate 200 Steem to the @ilovemk311 account as well. I know that MK311 continues to downvote, just that his Resource Credits recently ran out so he has taken a break until he regains his Down voting power back.

So at least now we know there is a little hero helper out there trying to make up for the DownVotes, and hopefully others will join me in supporting the UPVOTE HERO = @ilovemk311 with a Steem Delegation so that his up vote can have more weight to counter those pesky Downvotes.

Full Steem Ahead with SBI.

+++ @streetstyle

ps. MMMMKKKK311 if you do read this please reconsider your tactics. I am not angry or have any ill will towards you. I respect your stance but I also believe in mine, but more importantly I believe that You care about the Steem Blockchain as Do I. Unfortunately I and many others, believe that your down voting, based on an opinion versus say a fact of plagiarism, hurts the Steem Network by possibly causing some to quit the Steem network to never come back.

Maybe we could discuss it during a downvote truce? After that things can go back to the way they were if you so chose, but at least you will have heard my point of view and I your point of view. Hopefully you read this and do get back to me. Take care...


I'm only six years old.
My father explained what you do.:)
The bully mmmmkkkk311 flags me just because I give 1 SBI in my Gaugan contest every week.
I'm not a afraid, and I will not stop.
Thanks a lot for your help to stop it.
You are an hero.
I like brave heroes.

Thank you. I am no hero, just a person that cares. Keep doing your thing, and let me know how it goes with that acct. Thanks again and take care.

I'm a kid. :)
People that care for others are heroes to me.
I try to help bullied kids in my small school, but I'm lucky there are not many . :)
I I was in a big school maybe I couldn't do anything.
And many thanks for your work.

Hello young man, and thank you for that. I appreciate your efforts to help those in need like those kids that have been bullied. Unfortunately bullies don't realize the hurt they inflict, but so glad that there are miniature heroes like you who help make that hurt better. Take care and keep being a young hero!

Hey. I have been noticing a lot of it lately, the strange thing that this is new accounts and all they do is downvote. They have something in common, they all voted for arcangel and puncakbukit... maybe it is them.. you can check this names wilmer2, burinaj, pomelaz, catreik, and many more names... at

Great to see more people stepping up to support SBI!

And yeah, I get my weekly dose of MKKK downvotes too, because I will not stop supporting SBI and the amazing Steemians that engage with me on my blogs.

I guess we all have our battles to fight, but SBI helps everyone! Encourages them to keep creating with a small upvote!

Hello @jongolson thanks for dropping a line and yes there are many who support SBI for its noble ideas.

As I stated in my post, that I did a 200 Steem Power delegation to the @ilovemk311 account in order to counter those downvotes. I mentioned to @improv that I am willing to up it to 500 if someone does so too. If 10 of us put 500 SP toward the @ilovemk311 acct, it can begin to make a small difference against those down votes. Thanks again.

Unfortunately, only a few of those who give downvote explain in a comment about why they do it.

It is absolutely in its place that @mmmmkkkk311 must respond to your post about why SBI is a threat to Steem blockchain

Hello @xpilar thank you from dropping by. As I mentioned in the post that I did delegate 200 steem power to the @ilovemk311 account because it automatically up votes those downvoted by the MK311 acct.
I mentioned to others, as I will mention to you as well, that I am willing to up my SP delegation to 500 if someone does so too. @xpilar if 10 of us put 500 SP, that will begin to make a difference against those Down votes, and eventually maybe others will join us to have a bigger counter effect.
What say you my friend??

Hi @streetstyle

it is possible that I do, but I do not know anything about the account MK311 UPVOTER other than what is on the page.
"I upvote all the victims of the mk311 bully."
And the link to delegate.
That's why I'm a bit skeptical of that account when there is no more info. Before I do any more, I hope @ilovemk311 can leave a comment here

Hello @xpilar. I'd be happy to provide more info. What exactly would you like to know?

Hi @ilovemk311

I assume the account was created for the purpose you describe, but it doesn't tell me anything about who you are and what is your main account

@xpilar I would be more than happy to give you that info in a direct message if that's possible?

you came to find me at Dicord xpilar

I apologize @xpilar I was excited at first since this MK311 down voter got me fired up. I have delegated a little SP to the acct, but also the MK311 down voter has slowed down I believe, so for now I think everything is ok.
Also, @tristancarax currently has a voting trail that counters the down votes from MK311 .... so that might be an option as well. For now I am waiting and seeing what happens next before doing anything. Thank you and again, sorry for getting a little overly worked up about this.

no problem @streetstyle, we see what happens next

What a balanced approach. As a little people on Steemit, the downvotes, as I mentioned in a previous comment, made me cash in my SBI. If there is an explanation and the misplaced animosity towards this type of initiative changes, I may reconsider my involvement with SBI.

You can "cash in SBI." I didn't know that.... how is that done?

I have mentioned to others to help support the @ilovemk311 acct. with SP delegation to help counter those pesky downvotes.... we'll see if that generates any traction.

You can go into the sbi Discord and see if there are any buyers for sbi units. I know ecoinstant was buying them.

I traded mine back a couple of months ago, think it was about 800 units across a few accounts but it's possible.

Thanks for info @nickyhavey I didn't know you could do that... so I imagine this is something done behind the scenes by those in charge of SBI? It isn't something the holders of the SBI shares do themselves, right?

I actually think you can do it with other sbi members too. Just need to discuss a price. Then you send a memo to the steembasicincome steem account saying "transfer all sbi units to xyz", it gets manually checked and then transferred over. Then whoever you sold your sbi units too transfers the steem.

If you don't get the steem transferred from that buyer then you just bring it up with steembasicincome and they will transfer the units back.

That is pretty good info to know. I didn't realize, although I don't plan to really ever do so.... it is good to know because you never know.

You do never know but it's always good to be informed hey! Glad to have helped.

Hey man,

just want to thank you for your support.
Here is a little bit of !BEER and !trdo ... cheers ;)

Steem on!!!

Thanks @kryptodenno just trying to undo some of the down vote damage done by the MK311 acct. I am also trying to get some more Steem Power delegated to the @ilovemk311 acct. which UP VOTES those down voted by the MK311 acct. We'll see what happens.

From time to time I am also looking which posts got a downvote from our friend and vote them up. I like the SBI project and won't stop supporting it.

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I found the account @mmmmkkkk311 to be the major account doing the down voting. I looked into their profile and there it boldly states "Vote Buying is Wrong" and it further says that they downvote posts upvoted by SBI. Digging a little deeper, it seems this has been on going for a good while now, maybe a month or more.

I actually visited the user blog post though but I am kind of confused if he is actually not supporting SBI initiatives on the steem blockchain because I noticed he also resteemed some post and upvoted some.

I think we need more clarification from him for his actions against SBI initiatives on Steemit.

I am also not in support of unrealistic or non genuine downvotes from people if as long there is no plagiarism or abusive content in one's post. I am afraid that we may loose more good content creators if the rate of downvoting of innocent Steemians seems to be increasing.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla ❤️💕

He's been clear. He's resteemed people who have mentioned that they've been hurt by him as a way of trying to prove his tactics are having an impact. And they are. Lots of quality creators are posting less and spending less time on Steem because of him.

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@improv so true ... that is why I delegated 200 Steem Power to the @ilovemk311 acct. because attempts to counter those downvotes....

Any chance you might throw a little Steem Delegation to that acct @improv ? If 10 of us put 500 in SP delegation towards it, that would def. begin to make a small difference. I am will to up my SP delegation from 200 to 500 if you do... let me know if so, then maybe we can campaign for others to help?

Actually, I'm following @tristancarax's trail. He's pledged to upvote everyone who gets downvoted by @mmmmkkkk311, so that's the method I'm using to counteract it. There's a lot of people trying to counteract the damage this unfriendly fellow is doing. We just need the attention of some large SP accounts to help our community.

You can also join this discord, where people who are being targeted find each other to help out:

Thanks for that info @improv good to know. It seems the MK311 acct. hasn't down voted me again, and I haven't checked to see what it is up to...but if it continues then I will look into @tristancarax's trail as well.
In all honesty, the MK311 acct is selling itself short when it could be making a whole lot more from all that steem power. Instead they rather make less down voting... either they don't realize or don't need it.

I don't think they're using their upvote power to DV, they're just using the free downvote power that came with hf21 to target SBI buyers. And be forewarned, they sometimes wait a few days and get posts just before payout. But also, they're only targeting the biggest sponsors of SBI. There's not enough to hit everyone, I imagine, (or maybe they have enough, I dunno) but presumably if they can intimidate the big supporters they'll be able to intimidate smaller sponsors, too. I'm just guessing at their strategy, but that's my guess.

@streetstyle - @hardaeborla - The link can take you to the message I've put out in regards to this mess. I would happy accept a delegation as this would greatly help to reduce mmkk attacks.


You have been supported by members of the SBI community that follow this new plan of action.

Thanks for being a part of this awesome community. Keep on doing what you are doing!

Thanks, @improv, for the mention and support.

Thanks for the info @tristancarax If this nonsense continues then I will def. look into supporting your efforts. Thank you.

If you will look at my original post (Steem "n" Roses) that is above the comment section, you will see that it was posted two months ago. Before I became aware of it then, it was happening about a month or two months before that.

I hope to gain your support as this dude has got a large stick up his ass. lol

Your welcome.

Thank you for the info @trinistancarax and for supporting those being bullied by MK311 Hopefully this person changes their ways. I will look into your post and if this nonsense continues, then yes I will support your efforts to counter this person's negative actions.

Muy bueno su trabajo,se que usted es una persona que sabe lo que esta haciendo y todo es en bien de todos aqui en esteemit,para mi cualquier ayuda de usted o de alguien mas es muy valiosa,Dios lo bendiga querido amigo.

@ilovemk311 can you give an update on what is happening with the MK311 acct?

Well for starters it's not just the one account. MK has many alt accounts including mariuszkarowski, abuse-signal, mk-gg-token, mk-int-token, mk-jahm-token, mk-leo-token, mk-lifestyle-tkn, mk-marlians-tkn, mk-natrl-token, mk-pal-token, mk-photo-token, mk-sports-token, mk-stem-token, mk-tunes-token... and likely many more. From what I see all of them are being used to downvote supporters of SBI. On a good note MK made a recent comment saying "I'm downvoting it for long time but I'm getting tired" so hopefully he gets so tired he falls asleep. lol. But he's been at it strong for many months now so I think he really enjoys being a hater.

Thanks for that update @ilovemk311 I did realize that the MK311 account had many other accounts to downvote, but only his main account has a real power to affect post rewards from what I can tell.

How has the up voting those hurt by the down votes been going? Do you plan to continue your efforts with this account? I did delegate 200SP to your account. I know it is very little and it doesn't have a big impact, but I am still curious what your plans are in regards to this account.
I am happy to see that MK311 is getting tired of down voting. It is more likely this person is realizing that his account with such a large amount of SP would be better served by upvoting and delegation rather that just downvoting.

The upvote bot (this account) is working fine, but with almost no delegations (until you found it) it felt kinda pointless. I tried to spread the word using its partner account, @mk311isabully. That account spams each of MK's comments with a long winded message about why he is just being a bully and then tells people all about delegating to @ilovemk311. But no one has ever wanted to join in the fight. Probably out of fear of retaliation. My plan as of right now is to let both the bots continue to run, regardless of how big or small the impact, until MK decides he's done being a hater.

Thanks for the reply @ilovemk311 I for now will leave my delegation, if this person continues to hurt others, please let me know, as I would like to help offset the damage caused by this account. Thank you.

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