[ANNOUNCEMENT] Steepshot iOS app is finally available in App Store!

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Hello, Steemians!

This is the moment a lot of users have been waiting for. And now we are happy to announce that Steepshot has been approved by App Store Review Board and the iOS version of the app is ready for download in App Store.

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Now you can share your lifestyle and visual experience with your friends right from your iOS device and get rewarded for your activity!


Let us now show you how to use the app.

Sign In

Explore photos and tags

Create a post


Search people and tags


The app is fully open source. Feel free to take a look at the GitHub repository here

App Store link

>>> Install Steepshot for iOS <<<


All feedback and suggestions are very appreciated. Getting regular and good bug reports from you is a great way to help improve Steepshot. So don’t be shy to report a bug!

If you find any issues, have an idea or feature suggestions and looking for upvotes and other community incentives, please find us on social media below. And don’t forget to leave a comment on Apple App Store.

Power delegation initiative

If you like Steepshot you can also delegate Steem Power (SP) to @steepshot by clicking one of the following links: 100 SP, 1000 SP, 10000 SP or any other amount. More info about Steepshot power delegation program

More info








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Finally in iOS. Now I will start using @steepshot and make you guys drool over the pictures I take! :-D

You are welcome.

@steepshot I use my steemit login with my posting key to login on steepshot. My profile is imported but I still miss my profile photo... 😔 Can somebody help me please? @peekbit

ok @peekbit - there is no help from steepshot... but from me 🙂
You need another Link to your profile picture. You get it here: http://postimages.org
You don‘t need to registrade or login or so. Just upload your profile picture and copy all the URLs you need. For the profile on steemit you need the ‚Direct Link‘ (the second one).It‘s synced with steepshot then. And at least copy the last listed link, the delete link... just in case. 😘

oh thank you @retinox... I'll try it 😊 Really nice from you 😚

guess there will be no help from @steepshot... nobody’s responsible 😏

😔 let's hope...

Wohoo that's great news! I'm certain this will increase the popularity of Steepshot!

Thank you sooooo much. I was eagerly waiting for this app. Finally it is available now on iPhone. Can't wait to use it on my phone. I was not okay with desktop version and got fed up being using on desktop.

Thumbs up for @steepshot team who developed this app. :)

steepshot...is the best simple picture uploading side of steemit...so Thankful to creating men..for giving this amazing apps...god bless you.

Great work with this team! :)

I just made my first post with Steepshot iOS. It worked like a charm! Great job!

Nice job !,
you have done our application before you think we have a team of about 150 people. Instead of reapplying, we can provide you with human resources and act together

I just downloaded and used the app, is great... I just have one question, is there a way to change my voting power % ?

Yes, the opportunity to do this will be in one of the next updates!

I love @steepshot platform
You chak me post @hkniazi 90% posting I am using @steepshot
Well done

Great information
I love steepshot app.
Thanks for sharing valuable post.

@steepshot the IOS App of steepshot is awesome. I also have given my points about steem Mastercard or debit card.
I think it will be very helpful for all. if all steemit users think about it.look it here.

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