Happy 2nd Birthday for Steem's Blockchain

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It turns out Steem the Digital Currency turned 2 years old on the 24th March 2018! It has been a wild run so far for this young Cryptocurrency, since March 24th, 2016 was the day when the Steem blockchain network had it's very first block mined – the primordial block #0.

Let's also remember today's Price & Marketcap

Steem Price 2.05$ = Marketcap 517,678,000$

A Reason to Celebrate! As many may not know that the official Cryptocurrency backing Steemit has just reached an important milestone because the longer a blockchain exists the more credible it becomes. All the important information is stored via the Blockchain, hence all the content found on Steemit is actually secured via the cryptocurrency we love and call Steem

As of March 24th, 2016, the first block (Block 1) ever of Steem blockchain was produced at 16:05:00 UTC.

The genesis block turned 2 years old and I'm extremely excited for Steem's Blockchain, this date should be marked in your Calendar as we should look forward to the years to come.

A genesis block is the first block of a blockchain, it's a historic event that we all should keep in mind, because the longer a blockchain has stood the test of time, the better.

Let's celebrate Steem's birthday next year!

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🎂 🍩 🍮 I also have ,,, haha


I only came for the cake.

tipuvote! 0.01 :)


Thank you! @cardboard, gonna start using that Tipping service. Definitely, a kind gesture!


Just a heads up - @tipU can send tips and upvotes :) one is tip! ;) and the other is tipuvote


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Geez: it's been two full years. In crypto land, reaching your second birthday is one heckuvan accomplishment.

Just have a look at this Coinmarketcap list from March 27, 2016 You only have to go to #11 to find a coin that's faded away.


Wow! So many Coins have disappeared, seems like we will always see Steem in the top 100. Just like how Facebook is part of the Top 100 Companies in the World. Proudly can say that out of all the Cryptocurrencies in that list, this Cryptocurrency has the highest chance of Mass Adoption

congratulations to steemit hopefully always go ahead and grow @steemitguide

YAY Happy Bday Steemit! Now we start the terrible twos :-D
I hope we have plenty of new friends joining soon cuz of the #DeleteFacebook drama


I've limited my Facebook usage! It's a boring platform with no real future that is making from Content Producers without paying us a single cent