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RE: The Integration of TRX and Steemit is Coming, Stay Tuned!

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Awesome news @steemitblog

Already resteemed. We will share this news with all our members and tomorrow we will post an article about this integration on our profile - hopefully it will help to get some reach.

Small question:

  • based on our understanding, only authors will be rewarded with additional TRX tokens? Curators won't be receiving them? Just wanted to clarify that part.

I will reply this:

TRX will also be earned in the same 1:1 ratio from curation rewards. So if you have more Steem Power to vote with you will earn more TRX from curation as well.

Cheers, Piotr

I confused on where the Tron is coming from?

My guess is it's minted

Anyone who earns SP is entiltiled to 1SP:1TRX reward. That's it.

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