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RE: The Integration of TRX and Steemit is Coming, Stay Tuned!

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

This is such a wonderful announcement and such amazing innovations makes steemit a better place and I am sure that this will also encourage more users to post with 100% power up that will help the overall steem staking.

When more people hold steem then it will lead great growth to the platform. thanks for sharing this wonderful update team and its such an awesome milestone.

shared it on Twitter for more attention.


Hello friend. It:s been a while. How Are you doing? I miss you guys on Actifit.

Hi buddy,
Yes, it's really been a long time. I am good and how are you doing .

It's nice to hear that you are doing great. I'm also feeling good here. Have a lovely day.

Good to know that you are good and safe, Have a great Friday

Thanks buddy

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