Steemit Update [Oct 10th, 2022] : Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 5 - Week 1

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We hope you are all looking forward to Season 5 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

This season we have another six communities, who along with the Steemit Crypto Academy, will be providing regular weekly contests for everyone to take part in.

Make sure you enter as many of the contests as you can, and vote and comment on other entries, to be in with a chance of winning the prize votes from @steemcurator01.

Steemit Engagement Challenge Contests

Here are the contests for the first week of Season 5 of the Engagement Challenge…

These contests will run from today until 11:59 pm UTC, on Sunday, October 16th, 2022.

To have the best chance of winning in the Steemit Engagement Challenge you should enter as many of the contests as possible - but you can only enter one contest each day.

For your entries to count in the Challenge you need to receive at least 10 upvotes and at least 5 relevant and proper comments - so encourage all your friends and fellow community members to vote and comment on your posts!

You must be in #club5050, #club75 or #club100 to take part in the Challenge.

Make sure you also carefully check the rules of each individual contest.

Steemit Engagement Challenge Rewards

The Challenge communities must ensure they promptly check and comment on all contest entries. The minimum they should check for are #club status, Steem exclusivity, plagiarism, and bot use.

To help @steemcurator01 and @steemcurato02 curate the contest posts more effectively we are looking for community Mods to use a clear, simple, and easy-to-read comment format.

Communities are free to design their own comment formats but it is ideal if all Mods in a particular community use a common, standard format.

At the end of each weekly contest, all seven Challenge communities should make a post on their community account announcing the three people who have demonstrated the most engagement in their weekly contest both through the quality of their contest post and the quantity and quality of their comments on other people’s contest posts.

We will leave it to each community to decide how they select their weekly winners, but they should include in their announcement posts a brief summary of their selection process.

All the Season 5 weekly winners, as well as the community announcement posts, will receive extra prize votes from @steemcurator01.

We hope you will all enjoy taking part in Season 5 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Look out for more news about the Challenge on @steemitblog and in the selected communities.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


a chance of winning the prize votes from steemcurator01

Your vote as a win is indeed a very big (the biggest?!) motivation for users to participate in the challenges. It gets a little unpleasant taste when you vote some items already before the evaluation.
I think it's great if you also vote for articles you particularly like, even though they may not be favorites of the community mods in charge. That way your votes are spread a bit wider. However, here's a request: Wait with these "extra votes" until the evaluation of the respective competition has taken place. This way every participant keeps the feeling of equal chances.
This friendly request is addressed to you by an outside observer who has never "officially" participated in the "Engagement Challenge".

The contest that we have been waiting for a long time is back, for the selected community this time we say "great for the community" we will eagerly make our best posts so that we can selected this Sunday, we also wish to congratulate the selected community teams,keep working hard to build community, passion for all of us.

Interesting topics this week, this project has proven to inject diversity in content to the steemit platform. I will be hoping to participate in a number of contest this season. Good luck to all participants

Good 👍👌


Thanks for the summary, @steemitblog. It is very helpful for Steemians to find a number of contest themes in one click.

Hi @steemitblog i appreciate your work keep it up😃

interesantes temas felicidades a las comunidades seleccionadas muy animada y emocionada de participar en estos retos nuevos.

Una nueva semana inicia con los mejores concursos del SEC-S5-W1..!

All communities have presented their excellent work.

My advice, for topic selection in the following week, try to create topics that can be followed easily in general, topics that allow for interest and interest for all users.

So, don't take too much of a difficult theme. In my opinion, the lifestyle theme is the easiest theme to follow and has a lot of fans.

Good luck to the entire team and amazing community.

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Wow wounderful and interesting topics for the contest .good luck to all the participant

I'm very exited to participate in these contests. Thank you @steemitblog for this summary.

Voting on already-existing challenges leaves a bitter aftertaste. Your vote is motivation enough for users to participate in the challenges, which are by far the biggest motivation of all.
It's also beneficial to vote for articles you like regardless of what the community mods decide is best. This makes your votes more inclusive. Until each competition’s results have been assessed, withhold these extra votes. This way, participants remain equally positioned for the competition.
An outsider looking in sees this note to you as someone who has never officially partaken in the Engagement Challenge.

All communities showed their great work.

My advice is, for topic selection for the coming week, try to create topics that are generally easy to understand, interesting and interesting to all users.

So, don't choose too many difficult topics. In my opinion, the lifestyle theme is the easiest to understand and has many fans.

Good luck to the entire team and amazing community.

parece que también espero obtener apoyo como amigos, de gente genial, pero tengo que aprender más, para poder ser como amigos en steemians,

that's very good

I just joined here. Nice to meet you

The improvements keep coming, and today we're really excited to introduce the new #Steemit! Look Your team has worked hard also gives you better organization and now has a beginner's guide so anyone can join and build a community.
Being a wholly community owned ecosystem means you own Documents too.
With community-based documentation, One of the things that makes #Stemit so unique is the technology it uses.

#I love it.

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Finally! I've been waiting for this :)

I wish everyone success this season.
The competitions are nice, a few of them caught my attention more.

  • Steem4Nigeria
  • Steemit Crypto Academy
  • Steem for Better Life

The competitions in these communities caught my attention, they are different from the others. I have to criticize because other communities are always mentioned on the same competitions.

''Of course, this is my opinion, I respect all of them. Maybe there will be valuable steemians who find competitions in different formats.''


  • A blockchain contest can be held, considered for content.

  • For example, designs can be developed on a Steem NFT.

  • Maybe different applications can be developed for the platform, games, videos, live broadcasts, educational channels etc. In return, making purchases with steem.

I believe you have fellow software developers here, it would be nice to see their talent, so the platform will come alive.

Best regards.


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an extraordinary program released by the steemit team with brilliant ideas and with this program the best writings from steemians around the world can be released, hopefully keep the spirit and success always for the steemit team in building this steemit platform to be more advanced and always developing at all times,,

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