Steemit Update [ June 27th, 2023 ] : Booming Support - Applications Invited

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It is now almost six months since the last review and selection of communities to receive @booming support.

There have been many changes among communities since then. New communities have appeared, old ones have declined.

Now will be a good time therefore to undertake another review of the communities receiving @booming support.

Booming Support

Booming support is given through votes from the @booming01-04 accounts which each have 1.5 million Steem Power.

Participating communities are invited to submit the best quality posts each day to receive the votes from the @booming accounts.

Currently communities on Tier 1 of the Booming support can submit 6 posts each day, those on Tier 2 can submit 4 posts, and those on Tier 3 can submit 2 posts.

Depending on the number and quality of applications the number of votes for each tier may be changed, or the tiers will be dropped and all selected communities will receive the same number of daily @booming votes.

Individual authors should not receive more than two @booming votes per week from any single community.

Applying to be a Booming Community

If you would like your community to be selected for Booming support, an Admin, Moderator or Founder should make an application post including the following information…

  • The name of your community, and the name of the community account.
  • A list of all Admins and Moderators - including when they joined Steem, or, if inactive for some time, when they restarted, their #club status, and their current amount of own Steem Power.
  • Details of who has which keys for the community account.

  • A brief description of the purpose of the community.

  • Details of how your community prevents plagiarism and abuse.

To be considered as a Booming Community…

  • The community must have been active for at least the past three months.

  • The community must have at least 50 active posters.

  • The community account should have at least 1500 SP of its own, and at least 15000 SP in total, including delegations.

  • The community should not have any compulsory delegation or beneficiary for votes policy.

  • All Admins and Moderators must be currently active, have a Reputation of at least 60, not be powering down (or have powered down in the past 3 months), be in at least #club5050, and not be using any bid bots or delegation for votes service.

  • At least two unrelated people should hold ALL the keys for the community account.

  • Community accounts should be using at least 75% of their earnings to build up their Steem Power.

  • Admins and Moderators should not be in the management teams of more than two participating communities.

Communities applying for Booming Support should take special notice of all the points in the ‘Improving Communities’ section of this post…

Selected Booming Communities should make weekly Booming reports showing posts selected each day, and a table showing the number of votes received by each author / account. The reports should also clearly state which Admin or Moderator selected each post nominated for Booming support.

While only a guideline rather than an absolute rule it is hoped Booming Communities will favor #steemexclusive posts from authors following #club5050 or higher.

Application posts can be in any language. They should include the tag #boomingapplication and your country tag in the first four tags.

Existing Booming Communities will need to reapply if they would like to be considered for continued Booming Support.

Applications should be submitted by 11.59pm UTC, on Friday, July 7th, 2023.

We plan to announce the successful Booming Communities by mid July.

Selected communities will then receive Booming Support until at least the end of September. Support may be terminated earlier for any communities who fail to follow the guidelines above.

Requests for @booming support will now only be considered through this application process.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

  • Thank you so much dear @steemitblog for this new update. Also, thank you again for encouraging all users of the platform to use burnsteem25. We are always promoting burnsteem25 & I always burn the steem for Steem growth, besides I encourage others to do.❤️❤️

Thank you for continuing running Booming Community Support program, the communities definitely definitely benefited from that and many of local contests.

By the way, just wanted to mention that the Tier 1 Communities are allowed to submit 6 users and not 8 as it was mentioned in the post above.


Thank you for spotting that.

Welcome dear
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Thank you for running this program yet again.
It's been an enormous help, not only for the community but also for the ladies who are posting so faithfully.

Thanks a lot dear Steemit team for this update. We, Steem4Bloggers community will surely drop an application very soon 😊

that is great announcement and it is one of the best program to keep the community alive and its community , thank you so much respected d team for this great updates, boom boom steem

Thanks for update .We will apply for booming support and we are on the way for promotion of Burnsteem25.

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Thank you Steemit team for this update. We will apply for it InshaAllah and thanks for giving this opportunity to our community Steem For Pakistan that really help to support user.

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