Steemit Update [ July 13th, 2022 ] : Booming Support Communities

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Thank you to all the communities who took the time to submit applications for @booming support.

There were 36 applications in total.

We have now selected 14 communities to receive @booming support. It is hoped this number can be increased in the near future.

Booming Support Communities

The communities selected for @booming support are…

Tier 1


Steem Entrepreneurs

Steem For Better Life

Steemit Pakistan

Steem SEA

Steem Venezuela

Tier 2


Hot News


Steemit Philippines

Steemit Travel


Urdu Community

Venezolanos Steem

Tier 1 communities will receive 8 votes per day from the @booming accounts.

Tier 2 communities will receive 4 votes per day from the @booming accounts.

These numbers will be subject to change if further Booming Communities are selected.

Booming support is given through votes from the @booming01-04 accounts, which each have 1.4 million Steem Power.

Participating communities are invited to submit the best quality posts each day to receive the votes from the @booming accounts.

Individual authors (including Admins, Mods and Community Accounts) should not receive more than two @booming votes per week from any single community.

Please would the leader of each selected community confirm acceptance in a comment below and include their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

Improving Communities

It was disappointing that we have not been able to select more communities at this time.

There were a range of reasons why communities were not selected including…

  • Admins currently powering down, or have recently stopped powering down.

  • Community accounts powering up very little, or not at all.

  • Community accounts cashing out significant amounts of their earnings.

  • Community accounts paying out significant amounts of their earnings to delegators.

  • Community accounts using significant amounts of their voting power on accounts not active in their community.

  • Community accounts giving significant amounts of their voting power to their Admins and Moderators.

  • Community accounts not using all their voting power.

  • Community accounts giving a high number of votes to one single account.

  • Admins (and Moderators) posting very little and not being very active.

  • Admins using, or delegating to, bid-bots or voting services.

Our vision for communities and community accounts is that they should use as much as possible of their earnings (at least 75%) to build up their Steem Power so that they can give meaningful support to their members and lessen their reliance on @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02.

This is the fundamental reason why we support community accounts.

Unfortunately, a number of communities do not share this vision, and seem to view their community accounts just as a source of income for the community organizers.

They are certainly entitled to take that course, but Steemit is not then obliged then to give them any extra support through projects like Booming Support.

We are hoping all communities will take on board our observations and comments and change the way they operate.

Over the coming weeks we will be monitoring the communities who applied and were unsuccessful.

We will be on the lookout for any communities making significant positive changes to invite to join the Booming Support project.

The communities now selected will also be monitored. Any that are found to be acting against the guidelines may be dropped from Booming Support.

We hope the selected communities will make good use of the Booming Support.

We look forward to being able to offer Booming Support to more communities who take on board our comments and suggestions.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

PLEASE NOTE : Because of the very large number of applications the selection of new Country Representatives is taking longer than anticipated. We hope to be announcing the new Country Reps by the end of the week.


I accept @booming support for Steem For Better Life Community. Thank you

Discord :heriadi#1116 (admin)

Really happy to see Steemit Pakistan

Pleased to see Steemit Pakistan in the tier-1. 🙂

A big thank you to the Steemit Team for choosing the Steem Entrepreneurs Community for Booming support.

Admin discord :

Thank you to the Steemit Team for choosing "Steem Entrepreneur" to get Booming Support Communities.
We are very happy to receive this news. This is a great opportunity for our community.

Congratulations also to all the selected Communities to get Booming Support.

Thank you very much for trusting the "Steem Entrepreneur" community. Certainly a big motivation for us

Greetings friends of Steemitblog, on behalf of my community, we are very grateful for selecting us in this new season of Booming Support, at level 2, we gladly accept, good choice in the selected communities. Congratulations to them 🥳.

Telegram: @ElienaiNav
Discord: Elinav#2992.

Felicitaciones, un gran logro. Les deseo éxitos. Dios les guarde

Congratulations Steemit-Travel Community panel mates @alegnita @simonnwigwe @hotspotitaly @realworld23

All credit goes to team leader @ponpase

Thank you my friend am happy we made it.

Congratulations friends of Steemit-Travel Community @ponpase @ripon0630 @alegnita @simonnwigwe @hotspotitaly @realworld23

Wish you all more success. Thanks to steemit team for this opportunity 💖💓❤️

thank you brother for the support

Hello Shohana. Thank you very much. Hope to see you and more people being active with great travel content in the community. Regards from Latin America. Have a nice and profitable Wednesday.

Nice to meet you @alegnita and Thanks for your kind invitation. I'll surely share my travelling experiences asap. Have a blessed Wednesday 💓❤️💖

very deep gratitude, let's strengthen the community together, keep the spirit

Totally agree with you. Thank to the vision of @ponpase to rescue the importance of having a space to share content about travel into the platform, that was pretty accurate for doing it. Congratulations 🎉

Congratulations dear friend...


Thank you very much for considering the community and believing in our administrative talent.
I take advantage of this space to congratulate the other elected communities.

Best regards.
Many Blessings..🙏🏻

Thank you very much @steemitblog for selecting Crypto.Kids to be supported by booming ^^, we thank you very much, we will be doing the best we can and we will bring good content. 🐢💕

muchas gracias por haber seleccionado a nuestra comunidad daremos los mejor de nosotros y seguiremos creciendo juntos, aprovecho para felicitar a las demas comunidades seleccionadas.❤️❤️

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