For 3 straight times Your frontrunner aivanouski votes at 100% as opposed to 25% by the rest, and was the last each and every time.
Is something wrong in your frontrunning code?

Thank you. They are not a Frontrunner. They may just follow other accounts possibly.

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Hello @steemdiffuser,
Im following you.
Im new in steemit, still writing to intrducemyself

I want to increase power.

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Today your post best upvote done

I sent u 0.05 sbd..not received upvote..plz upvote me..or back my 0.05 sbd

Can you tell me which post you are referring to? Remember votes are given every 2.4hours.

If You follow Upvote me I will Do same

Great post man 👍

Please help me @steemdiffuser, I am wrong sending SBD to you. I really hope you want to get back to

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