Steem Listing on Netcoins - What will be Total Votes for Steem? Place your bets to win 100 STEEM

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Just a quick post to have some fun. @oracle-d is currently taking part in a campaign to get as many votes for Steem to be listed on Net Coins. Net coins is a widely accepted processor of crypto currency transactions and should Steem get listed, it will do wonders for the trading and liquidity of Steem!

Here are instructions on how to take part in the campaign. Please vote and spread the word, you will be well rewarded:

So, place your bets....

This blog is more about the speculative side of this. Its free to enter and is just for fun! The question is: How many votes will steem have by the end of the Netcoins contest? PLACE YOUR PREDICTIONS IN THE COMMENTS

This chart is by @cryptocurator and it is his projection for where steem will be based on current voting rates. Nice one @crytpocurator!
Steem Exchange Blast betting1.png

Closing Time:

Place your bets by midnight (UK TIME) on Monday 15th October 2018.

Prize Money

The closest three places to the final number of votes will split the prize money as follows:

  • 1st: 50 Steem
  • 2nd: 35 Steem
  • 3rd: 15 Steem

SBD Rewards go to....

All SBD rewards from this blog will be split between participants that finish between 4th and 10th!


You can track the results in the link below and maybe you can even drop a vote. Don't forget you can vote once every 24 hours! So place your predictions high and keep voting every day!

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Mehn, @anarcotech and @starkerz, yall are both crazy fun .

So lets see, I would say .....

3320 votes for steem!

4500 maybe, but its time to see how many steem user love their coin listing on every exchange/wallet. because when steem already have a place on every exchanger, that will very helping all steem user. so, its time to see that. to see how much they love steem.

Just because I felt I ought to join in with a graph:

The average guess so far is 6,429!!

This is definitely going to happen!


Based on the percentage increase over the last 3x2 hour periods, I have done the maths assuming the median average increase in momentum. That would put us at 11330 votes assuming everyone voted again.

So, after entering a variable for a drop off rate of voting, and assuming that 80% those who voted today all vote again tomorrow, I am going for 6329. Yes I know it seems ridiculous, but that's the number my calculator gave me, and it's never wrong.

hehe.. I saw that kind of figure as the optimistic end and went with the more conservative end of 4000.. But anything can happen.. It's a funny old game.

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Crikey! I feel like I've perhaps underestimated a tad



I'd just like to point out that @starkerz is working at 100 miles per hour...…. that graph is the work of @anarcotech who is also working at 100 miles per hour and hasn't noticed I've been credited with his cool graph.

bastard! :)

ha! you deserve it tho

Looking at the current numbers, somewhere around 6400 will be pretty close.

I voted on steemit @oracle-d



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Sir @starkerz I would say steemit will reach


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I'm seeing it around 9200


1600 ! Nice to see a post from you @starkerz !

Regards, @gold84

I have been a little bit busy of late and just have not had time to post! great to see you around @gold84!


38500 :)

That is the spirit! if anyone else is happy to, ill throw in another 50 with them if we get to this many!

we will get that :) reminds me of btchina twitter poll

Yes, I was there for that! was an awesome and a great show of what steem is capable of!



4100 votes


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This is exciting, I go with 7826.

2750 :)


I'm gonna say: 8549


10,000 votes.


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Privet! good number

Privet, moi droog! Klassno konkoors.

sudovolstvo! Chi Sliva na Eto Konkoors! Steem no adin!

If we make a little less effort than the one made with Bytesballs airdrop, we get easy to 15.000 :D



Hey bro! @starkerz.

I'm feeling we're getting 5,953 votes! :)

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Ok, I won’t raise the bar too high
3610 just because I ain’t too good at predictions, but it feels good to be back @starkerz & @anarcotech

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I'll go with 3669.

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I misunderstood and thought it was a 24 hour challenge!! Re-read it as 'end of contest'- so my initial 1450 is now 3450

I think we'll be around 13700 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏

6666 :D

ooh, 4000 :)

hmmm maybe 3020, hehe

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arround 3850 maybe

Congratulation @starkerz, All the hard efforts ended with a big smile and finally we see steem as the winner.

If i can remember the final figure in voting was 21816 for steem. So when will you announce the result of this contest?


Thank you....steem on and stay blissful....

I think it will reach the magic figure of 4444.

I will bet for 15300 votes.

Just a Question @starkerz - How will you check the numbers after mid night as someone may edit his number tomorrow, will you a publish a new post mid night citing the different numbers speculated by the participants ?

Thank you....steem on and stay blissful....

I wish to see a 5 digit figure at least, so I bet for 11160.

My Bet - 8200 votes

I predict to be 2980


I will say 5,853

I'm 6,420

6390 it will be.

I think most of the people are not aware of this campaign and there is still 5 more days to go, so in last two days there will be a meteoric rise and I hope it will be 5490 at least.


I have the strong hunch that steem will end up with 4.725 votes at the end of the Netcoins contest!! };)

I'll go with 4200



9999 votes for steem and it will top the list.

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Very strange to see that this post was fake. OP @starkerz did not even bother to make an announcement after 20th Oct. Contest in Netcoins is over. The result has also been declared by Netcoins and we all know steem is winner.

place-your-bets-to-win-100-steem===>>Its all fake


My bet is 6969 for steem
Let's hope for the best.
I pray to almighty for steem to get listed.


My Predic 1580








We will have 3150 Votes STEEM.
Steem On!





I will go for 3,900 votes

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5,572 Votes

I estimate the maximum is 2,250. This is an optimistic and rational value, in my opinion. There is no analysis whatsoever in this matter, just following your heart. I hope that's true @starkerz.

Well to have a shot at the price, I do need to make a bold guess I guess.
So here we go.
Steem will win the contest with 6999 votes.

I'm guessing 5749 votes at the end.


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Dan was I ever wrong.... It looks like everyone here undershot the total it's 18336 right now.... we might make 20000 in the next 3 hours. We are in the lead with just over 2000 votes.... to the only one close enough to catch steem. I just hope they don't remove too many votes because of double voting....