Vote For STEEM To Get A Free Listing On NETCOINs & Win Oracle-D Upvotes [CONTEST]

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Vote For STEEM To Get A Free Listing On NETCOINs & Win Oracle-D Upvotes [CONTEST]


Hello steemian

i think you are okay
i am alao so good

Todays i share with you one great news for earn some reward by upvoting from @oracle-d
For the first time steem announced for vote steem, if you like and love steemit so go to this below link and comoleted task and take big upvote from @oracle-d

for more information go to announced post by @oracle-d



Do the following step by step to vote for STEEM:

• Go to
• Scroll to the bottom of the page directly and search for “STEEM” from the list of the nominated coins. Add your email id in the text box and click on “VOTE”


• You will be then asked to confirm your vote by confirming your email address. Click on “SEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL”


• You will get this email, just click on the link to confirm your vote.


• Once you click on the link in the email, your vote will be confirmed like this:


@oracle-d is my honourable sir, he is so funny guy, i think he is great helpful for us.

So friends wait lets go and start completed task and earn reward.

If you like my post please upvote and comment with resteem and also follow me @ahmanik

Thank you so much for staying

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@oracle-d i hope you check it and support me

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