I made it to 800 Followers! Thank you STEEMIT!steemCreated with Sketch.

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Today is a special day,

❤ 800 ❤ Followers! ツ

I want to say THANK YOU you to everyone who has begun to follow me! I have just started my steemit adventure, and I have big things planned for this journey! Please keep your eyes open for me!




Next Stop:

1000 ツ

Keep Bitcoin Decentralized.
☮ ❤ ⓣⓡⓤⓣⓗ



We are almost there as well. Congrats

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Thanks @spiftheninja for the plug. I loved the summary.

Congratulations. UpVoted, keep steeming!!!

congratulations!! I just turned 50 rep points myself. Today is a day for celebrating. upvoted!!

Thank you! Congrats yourself man!

congratulations, what a day to celebrate! Now following you and upvoted as well

Totally awesome!! :)

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