SteemValue Update - Displays all currencies at once, and faster load times

in steem •  3 years ago  (edited)

SteemValue now shows all currencies in the bottom right ( thanks @smooth for the suggestion ). You can still switch between them normally, this is a nice alternative for some people who need their information quickly.

Another small fix: exchange updates now run on a background thread - this means the site won't "hang" for a few seconds when it updates the exchange rates.

Note - Steem Value is open source, and contributions are welcome:

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Hi @someguy123, I just stopped back to let you know that your post was one of my favourite reads today and is included in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I said about your post here.


Thank you for the mention. I'll look into adding CAD and AUD. Trying to avoid cluttering up the interface too much, may end up adding a currency selector.


truly a work in progress .. looking good :)

Freaking awesome bro!!! :D voted :) This deserves way more love so resteemed :) you work far harder than steemit realises!

excellent post

You already had my witness vote. Love what you're doing for the community!

Nice clean minimalist site, great work as always mate :)
For anyone else searching like me the link is

It would be cool to get Aussie dollars in there someday, but I'm not sure any of the current exchanges you poll can help with that :o/


Oops. Thanks for that. I've added the link to the article.

Great Job!
Thanks for helping make the Steemit Economy more integrated and supported for us all!
Already following and UPed~
Steem ON!

Useful tool, thank you!

great site... in addition to the Aussie.. how about Canadian Dollars?

This thing makes my life way easier! Thanks @someguy123 following you now.
And Thanks @egjoshslim for resteeming otherwise I'd of missed it.

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