We Need Your Help to Protect Steem

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Dear Steemians,

After the recent chain split (ver. 0.23 Hardfork), the Steem Blockchain had been in major threat during the process coming directly from former Top witnesses of Steem. As top consensus witnesses, the duty and task would have been to maintain the integrity of the Steem Blockchain but it was decided to abandon the chain they promised to protect.

There were some opportunities to understand each other between Steemit Inc and Steem community members/investors but unfortunately, it didn't work well. The former witness group bought the domain for the fork after the day when a town hall meeting with representatives of each group gathered together on the 11th of March 2020 to discuss the shared value and find out solutions. The decision for a Hardfork from Steem had been prepared and made official on the 18th of March 2020.

The biggest threat that occurred to the Steem Blockchain was when the Hardfork was executed. Before the chain split still 50% of witnesses were running a hostile version 0.23 and were in the Top 20 of the Steem witness list. If that status had been kept that way, it could have resulted in breaking the Steem Blockchain, because these witnesses would not work anymore for the Steem Blockchain directly after the Hardfork. Shortly before the Hardfork, it needed a high effort from the Steem community to gather enough voting power to have at least 65% of witnesses running a non-hostile version and avoid breaking the Steem Blockchain.

As the history now shows, neutral witnesses from the now split Blockchain were technically able to run a non-hostile version and still support the Hardfork. This is not the case for witnesses that have executed a 0.23 version on the Steem Blockchain during the Hardfork.

To ensure the security of the Steem Blockchain, here we suggest updating to a temporary protocol -- Softfork 22.888. This so-called Softfork update is reversible but not limited to this version. We are using it to secure the Steem Blockchain but allowing affected accounts to appeal through the SPS system.

History Review based on facts

Feb 14th, 2020 - Steemit Inc. sold to the Tron Foundation. Concerned voices from the community about tweets and postings that the Steem blockchain may migrate to Tron
Feb 23th, 2020 - Previous witnesses execute Softfork 0.22.2 and limit Steemit Inc.'s stake as a proactive measurement for negotiation.
Mar 2nd, 2020 - With the help of the exchange's stake, Steemit Inc. executes Softfork 0.22.5 to reverse 0.22.2 and place 20 witnesses of their own. Exchanges withdraw their votes shortly after.
Mar 2nd~18th, 2020. - Communications on several layers between different parties like witnesses, communities, Steemit Inc. and investors. Former Steem consensus witnesses gathering part of the community for a Hardfork
Mar 18th, 2020 - Announcement of the 0.23 Hardfork
Mar 20th, 2020 - Chain split and 0.23 Hardfork at 10 AM EST.

Softfork 0.22.888

This temporary Softfork is to adjust the future of the Steem community, which is in the moment still influenced due to the Hardfork.

Due to the uncertain threat that the leaders and main influencers of the new Hardfork represented to the Steem Blockchain, the Softfork will include accounts with the following rules, and restrict a group of operations by these accounts. The barrier for these rules can be lowered at any time when the circumstances require it and consensus is reached.

  • Accounts that ran the version 0.23 during the Hardfork on Steem and were still in the Top 20 rank, shortly before the Hardfork.
  • Accounts that proxied or directly voted to more than 10 witnesses running the version 0.23 on the Steem Blockchain during the hardfork with high influence.
  • Accounts directly associated with operating these accounts.

We'll suggest no more than 20 accounts be included in the list.

Why Softfork 0.22.888 is Necessary to Protect Steem?

The recent evidence showes that a major part of previous witnesses had decided to fork a separate chain as early as Feburary 2020. During this process, the previous witnesses threatened the stability of the Steem Blockchain while running a hostile Hardfork version on Steem, still being Top witnesses.

Additionally, they decided to implement a selective distribution of their forked chain, not only excluding the Steemit Inc. stake but also from normal users that proxied or voted on Steemit Inc.'s witnesses. These users mainly voted partly to Steemit Inc.'s witnesses and also for previous witnesses as part of a protest that they were not confirming the actions of the previous witnesses and kept the balance between the two parties, as it was encouraged from the previous witnesses.

Moreover, different members from the forked Blockchain are still actively spamming and milking the Steem ecosystem. Hostile actions, such as downvoting, against Steem users with different opinions were taken by the the forked Blockchain.

As for now, there is no clear declaration from the leadership or accounts of the forked Blockchain that it is not the goal to harm the Steem Blockchain and community. The hostile attacks may never stop.

Based on all these facts, we have seen the need of a temporary adjustment with Softfork 0.22.888

Call For Your Assistance

We are at an extremely difficult time in the history of Steem, and the power of communities are the key to make Steem great again. We're still here and stand out to protect Steem, because our communities are staying here. They didn't leave if you have really looked around.

Unlike Softfork 222, which is decided by a small group of the previous witnesses with no transparency to the community. We want everybody's voice to be heard about how to move forward. We don't love fight, but actions have to be taken to protect Steem NOW, before it's too late.

  • The current Steem Witnesses please kindly decide whether you will support Softfork 22.888 or not in 12 hours. We'll send an instruction shortly about how to upgrade to Softfork 22.888 for those who join to protect Steem.
  • Every Steemian please kindly share your opinions and suggestions to the witnesses that you support about how to fight and build for the future of Steem. We understand that other forked chain's messages may flood here, but the voices of those who really love Steem in the past 4 years and look forward to a better future should not be ignored.

All rewards from this post are sent to @null.


Accounts that ran the version 0.23 during the Hardfork on Steem and were still in the Top 20 rank, shortly before the Hardfork.

Accounts that proxied or directly voted to more than 10 witnesses running the version 0.23 on the Steem Blockchain during the hardfork with high influence.

Accounts directly associated with operating these accounts.

So basically you want to target tens of thousands of accounts that voted for the REAL top20? That's the most retarded plan I've ever heard. Good luck with the PR nightmare ahead, if you don't fuck up the fork before that.

That would literally target everyone supporting hive knowingly !!

"with high influence". The wording is terrible but basically they are saying they are going to freeze the major stakeholders. Presumably worded that way to include @theycallmedan as he didn't actually run a witness in the top 20

They want to mess with big stake holders who have lawyers and contacts. Good luck with that.

I hope they do it

As your Steem Pope, I assure you that my influence is the Highest, and as such, this fork is clearly a threat to crypto liberty and religious liberty!


Why would you think they would include him ?
I thought he wanted to stay on here. or have I got that wrong?

nah once Steemit started censoring posts from the blockchain Dan and 3speak declared full move to Hive, Dan is in middle of full power down. He didn't get included in this first wave of account freezes though so I was wrong about that part. Of course, still could be frozen in the next group of accounts and who at this point seriously doubts that more account freezes aren't coming?

Wow how strange.
He must know that people have been censored her from the beginning?
@thedarkoverlord years ago more recently @joe.public and many more completely ghosted before J Sun got here. Is Dan a bit slow? I saw a comment some days ago someone saying they dont have access to their wallet on hive so reality will not be any better there !

This problem of governance is very interesting. How would you deal with this childish behavior of continually voting witnesses into the top twenty then out again ? this is just one account another has been the merky mark
If I were Sun I would use my stake to stabilize the governance
How would you deal with people creating thousands of hostile accounts created only to flag people ? As seen by this account on steemworld day 6 https://steemworld.org/@gtg

I also have a very longlist of Steemit.inc funded accounts that started way before J Sun only ever used to flag people

"censorship" via flags is a completely different thing. You can still click into and see posts that have been flagged down. JSun and crew have literally filtered out posts and entire user histories from the Steemit API nodes they run, so that these posts and entire user histories do not appear on ANY steem front ends. For instance visit: https://steempeak.com/@themarkymark and you will see that it appears as if he has never made a single post. And note this is not even on steemit.com which is directly controlled by JSun, as I said they are doing this through the API nodes. I can, today, visit @joe.public and read everything he has ever written on the blockchain on any Steem front end. He has not been censored.

I just went to the joe.public page clicked a comment and got the ''this page does not exist'' msg That is not from just flags.
I just went to themarky page and steemworld and nothing exist FUCK no trace whatsoever.
I notice his wallet is still in tact on steepeak thank heavens for small mercies as they say.
So he will still be playing games with witness votes and flags I guess ? or have they taken that function away?

What front end are you using? @Joe.public comments are readable on steempeak. See screencap. Also his posts. I just checked.


None of them are related to me and yet you mentioned me in that context.

I know who's accounts they are and I know they are not yours.
You were implying that I am some kind of delusional drug using hippie making up some bullshit, so providing some evidence of my statement was appropriate.

And yes, I just went back and read my original comment. It did imply you for which I apologize. I did not mean to link you to those accounts as I know who operates them.
(As a side note, I think clearly enough but not in words. I got a kick in head as a child and it fucked up the part of my brain that deals with language. Its difficult to link different things together in a completely coherent way. Steem has helped me immensely, but I still have work to do in that regard)

You wrote that I was creating accounts to spam and flag.
And that is a lie.

I actually made the valid observation that you have been 'claiming' lots of accounts and posed the question 'I wonder what they will be used for'. I have never seen you spam or seen much of you around at all, and I certainly did not even mention spam, let alone accuse you of spamming.

As you appear to be more invested in the growth of Hive which is fair enough, I have no idea why you would be claiming more accounts, unless you are expecting a big demand created by new users. That seems highly unlikely in the foreseeable future.

So let me ask you, why bother to claim more accounts if Steem is over for you? What possible use could they have?
Or are you actually fighting for the survival of Steem ?

I really appreciate the feedback

That is absolutely right

So basically you want to target tens of thousands of accounts that voted for the REAL top20? That's the most retarded plan I've ever heard. Good luck with the PR nightmare ahead, if you don't fuck up the fork before that.

Ya, this is absurd.

Please feel free to include me in this list, because right now it sounds like the plan is to attempt to harm anyone you feel has too high of stake, regardless of your previous statements that all of you took your witness positions with an oath to never 'adjust' the ledger, temporary or otherwise. It didn't take long to prove that a lie. I recognize you think this is clever, but it's truly very sad- critical escalation against people who have moved on away from your governance will drive many of the people left here from you, and should you do it I should hope you will be thorough. We shut down our witness here and have encouraged people to vote with their hearts for witnesses who care about Steem still. I do not think that includes any of you, but that's just my opinion.

I truly didn't think I could more shocked by the rash overnight actions that directly contradict the words of Steemit Inc, but here we are again. I could set my watch by the consistency of how thoroughly each cheery announcement is blasted into a smoking crater a few hours later by hilariously antithetical actions.

Given that I am happily available to the community around me, both here and on Hive, and have never shied away from my intent, the reason for my past actions, or my future dreams, I am commenting here for you to reach out if you need to. You seem to be struggling with logic, codebase, consistency, critical thinking, and honestly, even the ability to write a post that doesn't copy the exact one of the group you purport to fear who have moved away from you to pursue a new chain.

Please feel free to include me in this list

I will.

From steemitblog:

All this being said, we are fully committed to supporting witnesses that vow to protect all Steemians’ stake. We will support any witnesses who publicly announce their promise to secure accounts, as well as update to SF 22.5.

You lost the high ground that you might have had.

What do I need to do to get added? So far I've:

  • Made Milk posts
  • Talked countless shit about Steem
  • Ran 23.0 and abandoned Steem
  • Upvoted other milkers
  • Dumped my Steem

Is there anything else I need to do? Do I not have enough stake? Have I not angered daddy Sun enough? I can try harder, please tell me what I must do.

HIVE = Honouring Ideas Values & Efforts
STEEM = Stupid Tron Enforces Engaged Madness

This isn't securing the STEEM platform.. This looks like straight up theft actually..

It is called TRON-DEFI.

I can't agree with this at all. I'm a witness that tried to talk to Eli, Sun, David and multiple others about a peaceful resolution and at the same time, I wanted Steem to stay Steem, no HIVE. So I voted on witnesses that were in the top 20 to maintain some kind of neutrality in the hopes you all could set your differences aside. This is just another mud slinging campaign and I will leave Steem because you'll force me to. Not because I want to, because I fall into 2 of those categories of accounts up there! Please, do not run this!!

I'm really surprised it took you this long to realize what you were supporting all along. Justin Sun directly attacked the chain and you went along with it and continued supporting it. Now you're upset when you realize how these actions can impact you personally. Very disappointing. I had more respect for you before all this.

Sorry, was trying hard to believe there was hope.

Hope for what? Once he attacked the chain, you continued supporting him? How is that protecting the blockchain community which is the one job a witness is elected to do? It's really disappointing that it took this long for you to understand.

As I said, hope. Hope that Sun and others would just stop the fighting and the spamming and the all the negative nonsense that nobody needs. Just hope for people to get along and coexist. That's what builds dreams my man. Not enough of it in the world. I 'hope' you understand.

I thought you love me! Please don't go!

This may be the most hilarious thing I have ever read. I have observed the ongoing complete takeover of Steem by Sun Yuchen with a weather eye, and note far too many revelations of the incapacity of DPoS to effect decentralized governance. For the education I have been granted, I thank you all. Money is a shit way to decide who governs you, is the sum total of what I have learned.

That's not funny.

This is what's funny: you seduced some community members to support your hostile takeover, presumably making representations and promises of profitable association with you to gain their support. This is SOP in revolutions.

To create the appearance of being injured by unscrupulous hackers, you got your new minions to parrot a pledge to resist freezing stake, vowing to respect property rights that you allege 22.2 violated.

Now, them as actually uphold those pledges are in the way, and you hesitate not at all to simply rescind your support and replace them with new minions, eagerly lapping up your absolutely vapid and meritless promises.

I have seen a lot of stupid things. Q larpers. Zoomers deriding Boomers because they have experience. The Two-Party System. DPoS posturing as decentralized. All of these reduced my respect for humanity to some degree, but of all the stupid things I have seen, this is the best example of the incapacity of some people to care for themselves in a world that presents dangers and impacts people negatively from time to time.

Anyone that runs this code is absolutely incapable of independent living and probably needs to wear a helmet at all times. I am sure your caregivers praise you loudly and joyfully every time you even attempt to tie your shoes.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful entertainment.

Not everyone speaking out against the Hive witnesses/founders is bought or even likes Justin Sun. I'm not on Justin's side really, I just think the thought leaders and Hive witnesses, save for Luke Stokes and Aggroed, have really revealed themselves to be dicks.

You and me both. I'm currently not absolutely convinced of any true dedication to actual decentralization by any of them, and @aggroed and @lukestokes both keep me on their bad side as a result of my insalubrious remonstrances.

Not that I blame them. Hell, I'd censor anyone that used the phrase 'insalubrious remonstrances' in polite company.

This is one of the most incoherent things I've ever read. It manages to both say a lot and say nothing at all. This post is so poorly written, it should be reported as spam/low quality content.

The future of Steem is death. Censorship and pettiness is the death of this place. Who cares what witnesses who abandoned this place do? Steem isn't the Mafia. Nobody has to have an allegiance to Steem or any blockchain. Could you imagine if Ethereum tried to shun people who abandoned it for EOS. Or a better example, when Dan left Steemit and created EOS, nobody was petty he left and started a rival blockchain, threatening to remove his posts, rewards or account.

People left and started a rival fork, get over it you bunch of pathetic children. Justin and Steem lost. This place was the community and the majority left for Hive because this place is now a digital version of China.

nobody was petty he left and started a rival blockchain

@ned was, he even downvoted him. And he still seems to be defining the culture here.

Probably personal bad blood in that case. If @ned was using Steemit stake to down vote Dan, fair enough. Or threatening to freeze his account, fork him out of the chain. Ned might have been mild in comparison, but he is still the reason Steem turned to shit and pushed people away.

What Justin and his lap puppets have done and are planning to do goes well beyond even what Ned's tiny capitalist brain was capable of. Nobody is going to take this place seriously. Justin is clearly very insecure.

Can someone decipher what this post even means?
It's so poorly written I can't even understand what they are trying to do.
It's all over the place and mistakes everywhere. Let's hope they put more attention to code than they do to writing posts.

Or perhaps they miscalculated April Fools day by 2-3 days.
Likely it's a joke but they're going to great lengths to give PR to Hive.

If not a joke then I would suggest someone who can write coherent sentences give this another try.


I doubt this is a joke.

What does the highlighted signify? Witnesses already running the code?

Look to the right. Those with 22.888 are signaling they will run the code.

Sorry, I didn't see that before.

the recovery account is @dlike (for the @softfork22888 account publishing this post)

I will be forthcoming: I (along with my father @remlaps) was included in the hive blacklist. If anyone has reason to want this platform to succeed, it is me. I do not agree with this at all; it is counterproductive.

If @steemitblog or @justinsunsteemit wish to limit spam and milking, they should use the @steemit stake to downvote content which is doing those things, and use their stake to upvote content which is qualitative.

If @steemitblog or @justinsunsteemit wish to limit the dumping of steem, and the mass exodus of users, they should give them reason to stay by bringing quality to the platform which can't be matched by hive, and enhancing the value of Steem.

All this does is diminish what little value Steem had left. You had the high ground. Now both groups are in the mud wrestling while principles fly out the window.


Even though I was included on the hive blacklist, I strongly oppose freezing or limiting any Steem accounts that belong to Hive exiters (or any other legitimately acquired Steem account).

While I agree with the stated concerns about the systematic milking of the rewards pool and spamming of the blockchain, another ninja fork would do additional damage to the Steem blockchain's already strained credibility. In the long term, the integrity of the blockchain is far more important than 13 weeks of drained rewards.


Any thoughts?

Yeah, the post was so poorly written I didn't know what the idea is/was or if I was missing something.

I still have no idea if this is just "signaling".

But who brought undiscussed Softforks and false signals to the chain. Regardless of whether or not you think it is reasonable. A violation of trust took place and now it seems to be a reoccuring theme.

LOL my god woman.. when will you wake the fuck up?

It's amazing to me, even now after all this, that people still think soft fork 0.22.2 was unjustified.

Have you been paying attention at all or are you blinded by your own bias? Justin Sun, from day 1, was a massive threat to Steem. The ridiculous AMA, the posts about moving everything to Tron, the lack of communication of intentions, the activities on Tron voting community tokens that same week... when sf22.2 was deployed, the voters DID respond. They voted out Tim because they supported the actions. Witnesses wrote their own posts explaining their actions and asking people to decide with their vote while also asking Justin to communicate. He responded THE SAME DAY without any malice or concern in his post, happy to have a town hall weeks later. Turns out he only wanted those weeks so he could coordinate taking over the chain completely using exchange funds.

Whatsup, at some point I hope you realize you're on the wrong side of history if you support what Justin did to Steem and still think those who deployed sf22.2 or moved to Hive were doing anything other than protecting the original value Steem created: the community.

Hi Luke,

This is yet another stunningly stupid move that took place on Steem. The escalation of emotionally driven actions seems to know no bounds.

It was petty, vengeful and dangerous. In addition, these very witnesses had vowed not to tamper with anyone's stake. (Isn't it beyond ridiculous that even had to be said)

If you take the back story out and look at the situation without bias, it is literally the same code, prohibiting the same actions, deployed on different actors.

I was told by our expert witnesses, some of the best in Graphene, that it was fully appropriate for the top witnesses to drop any code and others can choose whether or not to adopt it.

Using your version of events if Justin was a threat to Steem, prior to Hive it would also be fair to say that Steem witnesses were a threat to Steem/Justin's version after Hive. It's either "just code" and can be manipulated through the unemotional, non-judgemental "code is law" view. Or it is a story of who is right and wrong, which will always has two sides and is based on perspective.

It is clear that the current deployment of DPOS has massive security issues, recent history shows us getting a handful of people to agree to drop code turns out to be much easier than Dan had originally thought.

Based on results: to invest in a DPOS system one first determine if the major stakeholders are "good or bad" and if they only need to control 20% to have a majority and be a threat seems like it would take constant diligence in a shifting market space to know if one's investment is safe.

With all that being said, yes this was a dick move and does seem to validate that TRON MAN BAD, but having to determine what the motives/values of other stakeholders are was never why I wanted to get into crypto.

You should probably stop posting for a while now. Everything you said in these last few weeks has been

  1. Wrong.
  2. Stupid as shit.

Would be probably smart if you pulled an Exyle and gone silent for a while.

Who promised they would never freeze people's funds? ;)

That's an idiotic question.

well not really, because literally the exact group of witnesses that are already running this soft fork code all published witness statements swearing they would never run code to freeze people's funds. It is not an idiotic question at all. Each of these witnesses made the identical statement, here is one of them for example (zzan.witness) https://steempeak.com/witness-category/@zzan.witnesses/make-an-entrance-steemzzan-witness
And the important quote from these witness posts:

We will NEVER involve nor confirm any action or code that could freeze or limit the stake of anybody on the Steem blockchain.

We will strive for community development.

We will strive for the development of the Steem blockchain or Steem service.

The caps emphasis is theirs, I did not add that. Literally every single one of the witnesses who are already running this softfork threatening to freeze funds, made that statement promising they would never run code to freeze funds LOL.

Agreed, outrageous and ridiculous behavior a huge violation

did you ever thought about that you and your witnesses freeze also accounts form the steemit users who is not in line the so called HIVE-AND-OLD-WITNESS-OPINION, so stop doing the old mistakes again, sit back and think about what happend first, and who did first things that is not in line with the rules ;)

actually even the accounts excluded from the HIVE airfork were not frozen from other actions, which this soft fork does. Excluding an account from an airdrop of a new token, is not even close to the same thing as freezing an account that had bought Steem as personal user.

Because we all know Sun said that witnesses should promise to never freeze funds

Actually it’s not.. as all of them did to get Justin’s vote. 🤔

Do you understand now that there's no middle ground in a revolution?

This line:

Additionally, they decided to implement a selective distribution of their forked chain, not only excluding the Steemit Inc. stake but also from normal users that proxied or voted on Steemit Inc.'s witnesses.

Combined with this line:

The barrier for these rules can be lowered at any time when the circumstances require it and consensus is reached.

Those two thoughts lead me to believe you're attempting to freeze funds and hold those funds as a ransom until those excluded from the Hive airdrop receive the airdrop.

Extortion? That's a serious question, not an insult. This post doesn't explain which restrictions will be placed upon the accounts you're planning to disrupt. If your plan is to freeze funds until one side agrees to pay something, it's extortion. Extortion is typically frowned upon in our society. If I see anything that involves any sort of restrictions lifted once one side pays something to the other, I'm calling it extortion. Simple as that. So you might want to rethink your plan, if that's the plan, because it's not a good plan.

We cannot support this Softfork.

Our Statement here.

You just went from #1 witness down to #40. That makes this official. The "community" did not make the decision to push this softfork through. It's all controlled by one central authority that lies to everyone, constantly, from day one, and every day since then.

So now that you've been fired, you have nothing to lose, so answer my goddamn questions!

Do you have any information as to how this all came to be? Were you involved in any of the discussions? Is there an ulterior motive?

guess what.. Sun doesnt care about your opinion:


you are out of 20, welcome to centralised steem you backed


Absolutely pwned.😂

Can we trust you, though?

so chinese dick wasn't so tasty eh?

Don't forget to upvote all my other steemy memes :D

Hey @jayplay.witness @triple.aaa

I think you forgot you posted this:

"The team behind TripleA and the witness server will NEVER involve nor confirm any action or code that could freeze or limit the stake of anybody on the Steem blockchain."

You don't have my support on this. I was against the freezing of assets the first time around and was excluded from the Hive airdrop as a consequence. The same principles apply here.

Having said the above it would be helpful if those leaving Steem for Hive just Powered down, sold and exited gracefully. I don't see trashing Steem in anyone's interest.

It is clear from the Hive exclusion I am not welcome on Hive but I wish everyone there well and hope it is a success, all I ask is the same in return for here and hopefully everyone can move on from this very acrimonious split.

Now I understand the support for removing the downvote function. If you don't like it you'll just censor the accounts via forks & freeze their funds.

So this is what spending 2 and a half years building an App on Steem gets you if the new owner doesn't like you?

Unlike Softfork 222, which is decided by a small group of the previous witnesses with no transparency to the community. We want everybody's voice to be heard about how to move forward. We don't love fight, but actions have to be taken to protect Steem NOW, before it's too late.

Then you could have at least included the list of affected accounts and their imposed limitations in the post so that people knew what they would be implementing?

Also, the 222 softfork was developed by 70 people, and then given to the community for a whole week for them to vote in and out witnesses accordingly. For weeks, thousands of regular users voted in community witnesses that had run 222 after knowing all the details of the fork... This fork can now be pushed, and witnesses handpicked, entirely by the steemit inc voting account....

Accounts that proxied or directly voted to more than 10 witnesses running the version 0.23 on the Steem Blockchain during the hardfork with high influence.

If you included everyone who voted 10 witnesses running 0.23, then you would be freezing the stake of like 90% of your community?

So you add "with high influence" to the end, meaning whoever Sun wants to freeze?

Accounts directly associated with operating these accounts.

Again, that's anyone who commented with their displeasure of Sun?

This is a huge number of accounts.

We'll suggest no more than 20 accounts be included in the list.

It might start with the first 20 that Sun really doesn't agree with.

But if you think it'll stop there, then you're having a laugh.

What does 22.888 soft fork actually do? This post doesn’t seem to contain any information about those ops.

I'm not 100% certain but from the code link posted it appears to prevent voting, withdrawing, and transferring for these accounts:


Why they put only few accounts in block list? There should be more.
HIVE also not give many steemians airdrop. They don't like steem, so they created HIVE.

If someone creates something without you, do you feel entitled to it? The airdrop was just that, a gift which no one is entitled to. I didn't agree with locking any accounts beyond the Steemit ninja-mined stake accounts, but I was overruled. That's how consensus works. No single person gets to make all the rules.

You seem to think it's okay to remove stake of people you don't like. SF22.2 had a completely different purpose which many individual witnesses posted about directly. It was temporary and intended to determine the intention of Justin who was, up until that point, not communicating effectively with the community.

@lukestokes I respect you. Your thoughts are very clear.
I understand the airdrop concept but this was given to all steemians except some steemians, those have different opinion from them. That's not fair, opinion can be different. They provided Hive to steem holders not anyone else. I am not agree with the concept of him.
The SF 0.22.2 had the same thing, they fear with Mr. Justin Sun thoughts and block the account. This was not good. Same thing they repeated, block the hive airdrop.

not communicating effectively with the community.

It means if anyone can't communicate correctly, they will block the account of anyone. That's the fact. The @themarkymark still blacklisted me for having different opinion. He didn't want to listen others voice. What is the problem if anyone buy the steem in large quantity, if they have problem ask to Mr. @ned, not to other. I 100% disagree with action taken by them for both incident.
We all can have a point of discussion. You are right, I am right and they will be right. But each have their priorities and act accordingly. For say i can say they have fear of their witness status gone (control over steemit), so they do this. Fear can be anything, what is right or wrong or imagery we can not decide. If i put my point strong with this statement that my thoughts is 100% correct "they have done witness voting disable for 30 days for new HIVE powerup". So that anyone can't takeover HIVE, they want their control, if anyone try their, they have 30 days to lock their accounts. You can put the same thing in different way with your point of view. You may be also right. But we all see what is going on, each have their different interest. Accordingly they divert the discussion.
All Is Well, All Is Well.
Say end is well.
Thanks for all, I respect you.

You were blacklisted for stealing other photographer's works and upvoting them for hundreds of dollars with bid bots. Your opinion had no part in anything and don't even know what your opinion was.

@themarkymark @buildawhale
I have many times told you that I was wedding planner in the name of 'vCare' wedding planner at Udaipur, India about 4years ago. I have the thouands of wedding photos with me and those are not stealing from other photographer's. I have the ownership of them. And I proved that on many platform on steemit. If you want, i can prove that. I don't understand, why you don't want to hear this and always told 'stealing other photographer's work'. That's not fair. Please, not order as judge without hearing others point. It is always upto you, what you think.
If you don't want to hear and understand, no one can present their point. That's it.

except some steemians, those have different opinion from them. That's not fair, opinion can be different

This wasn't about opinion. This was about actively attacking the chain and centralizing it. That is unacceptable and witnesses have the job to protect the chain. I didn't agree with excluding more than the Steemit ninja-mined stake (which I mentioned here) but I was overruled. The proposal system on Hive is still available for those who feel they should not have been excluded.

The SF 0.22.2 had the same thing

I disagree, but I understand why some see it this way. What was done in 22.8888 did not have community consensus and was controlled by one person. The witnesses who didn't agree were voted out completely by one person. 22.2 had vast amount of support from many different apps, token holders, and witnesses. It was done as a temporary measure to truly understand Justin's intentions.

if anyone can't communicate correctly, they will block the account of anyone.

No, that's not at all what it means, and it's ignorant of the history and facts to suggest so. Justin and Tron directly threatened the chain saying everything would move to Tron, did not effectively answer questions in the AMA, voted that same week with Tron Foundation tokens on his own chain, and also purchased around 20% of the tokens that were specifically meant to benefit the Steem ecosystem. Those tokens were different than any other tokens which is why the situation with Justin was different than any other situation. It's not just about owning a large quantity of tokens. I disagree with many here who have a large quantity of tokens but I would never lock their tokens up, nor would the other consensus witnesses. These tokens were very different and this has been explained many times in individual witness posts and the soft fork 22.2 announcement post.

For say i can say they have fear of their witness status gone (control over steemit), so they do this.

This has nothing to do with status and everything to do with the security of the chain. A centralized blockchain is not a blockchain and it will lose all value!

I hope you and the community who agree with you understand this before all the value you think you have here goes away. Tokens without a community are worthless and tokens controlled by a centralized entity are pointless.

This wasn't about opinion. This was about actively attacking the chain and centralizing it. That is unacceptable and witnesses have the job to protect the chain. I didn't agree with excluding more than the Steemit ninja-mined stake (which I mentioned here) but I was overruled. The proposal system on Hive is still available for those who feel they should not have been excluded.

First, NO attack to chain, They have safegard their funds. That was blocked by old witnenss without vaild reasons, only fear was their. If anyone do this with you, what will you do. We will do whatever in our hands. So, Frist attack on blockchain done by old witness after takeover done by Justin, whatever in his hands he done to protect his funds.
What will proposal do on Hive? If they don't ready to hear any voice. And as you said earlier this was airdrop and whom to deliver is upto them. That is not our right, if they want to give, give. Why proposal needed? I don't like this proposal phenomena.

I disagree, but I understand why some see it this way. What was done in 22.8888 did not have community consensus and was controlled by one person. The witnesses who didn't agree were voted out completely by one person. 22.2 had vast amount of support from many different apps, token holders, and witnesses. It was done as a temporary measure to truly understand Justin's intentions.

I agree with you that 22.888 has done by this way, but this is what HIVE has done is replica of that. Hive blocked many accounts airdrop and Steemit blocked only few accounts. Think it other way. Who knows anyone intention?
Yes, all is already discussed before the fork. If only community has a value, NO WAY. All has the value, everyone has value. Without investors, No community has value and Without community, No investor is their. So both are vice-versa. No one can win without others. Both required each other.

Both chain has different type of centralization. or say decentralization. We only require, eyes to see that.

Thanks.You can now stop sucking my dig.

I knew you are not Mr. Justin. Thanks for your efforts.

What a giant piece of shit. The outright ignorance and corruption of Justin is astounding. Perfect little baby Jack. Mr Ma should be SOOOOOO proud of his little baby boy Justin throwing a temper tantrum and getting his way.

Just a fucking scam artist. Actually "artist" implies some kind of creativity. There is no creativity here, just typical corruption.

So the definition of private property changes now....lolz

@glory7 do you agree with freezing funds?

Wow. I keep thinking the world can't get any stupider, and I'm wrong every time.

The hostile attacks may never stop.

This has been my personal experience with some of the people involved in this.

Is there an English translation haha?

Locking ANYONE FUNDS is not ok they bought and earned them funds so basically your just a fucking hypocrite.

I can't believe you are actually doing this. This just shows how seriously fucked you are in your heads.

Let's get this straight. You complained when you were soft forked out of the game, but now you want to do the same thing as you vociferously complained about which will ultimately cause the demise of Steem!!
You couldn't make this up.
Asking for opinion? No you're not, you're basically telling the witnesses you have BOUGHT to agree with you. What happens if they disagree? (obviously they won't as they are all sycophants)
Steem is now a centralised money grab with zero control, zero direction and zero moderation. An absolute shambles and the blame for this lies firmly upon the shoulders of Justin Sun and his ridiculous and threatening statements when he first 'bought' Steem Inc. Nothing but a dictator and i, as a long standing community member say NO to your soft fork.

Steem to the moon. I'm so glad I have Steem in my wallet and can partake with the soon to be high prices due to censorship and the fact that most people can't do transactions with their coins. I'm elated you're listening to the community and protect us from ourselves.

Looks like.ypu guys will have a nice lawsuit on your hands.. crypto is being garbage and @justinsunsteemit your leading the way

A fork isn't a threat
Hive isn't the new chain, this one is. The witnesses here failed to implement the latest fork and steemit is still using the old one

The couple wasn't happy. One of them just moved in but was too bossy (let's call it "bossy") and decided to move everything the partner had been working on to a new location. Even talked about exchanging all the notes and coins for another currency. Well... the partner wanted to talk about it and decided to hide the wallet before the bossy did something stupid.

How could the bossy deal with this, display courage and show who's in charge?
Correct. Calling friends and asking for help to solve problems at home. And paying other people to help the cause. The bossy has deep pockets.

The situation was not getting better and the partner decided to go for a divorce. The bossy didn't mind getting rid of the inconvenient partner but could not tolerate the shame of being abandoned. Meanwhile the partner built a new place and left. Guess what? The bossy wanted a part of the new place. The bossy didn't help to build it, even was against it but wanted a share anyway. That didn't happen and the bossy got mad.

Unfortunately the divorce was not yet complete because the ex-partner needed 13 weeks to remove all the belongings from the house. After a couple of weeks, the bossy asked paid/forced some friends to help changing the door locks so that the ex-partner couldn't get in. In the bossy's way of thinking, to buy a part of a place and end up totally controlling the whole place is not enough. In the bossy's way of thinking, the ex-partner built a new place, therefore doesn't own the old furniture anymore.

I don't know why I wrote any of this.

Can't believe this is just Day 2 of 100 Days of Steem. I don't want to see what the rest of the days have in store.

Every day there will be a extended blacklist

Bad, bad, bad soft fork, please don't!!!

Hostile actions, such as downvoting, against Steem users with different opinions were taken by the the forked Blockchain.

Interblockchain communication if finally here.

i do not support this soft fork.

I think the only possible way Steem could save itself is by the very quick implementation of a completely decentralised real time multi-level governance system, such as Matrix-8 (the only one i know): https://peakd.com/hive-153630/@atma.love/matrix-8-questions-and-answers

Who wrote this? A machine?

Welcome to the business world.!!!!
“Breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth“

Pull head from ass! Wipe shit from eyes! Don’t bother trying again! It’s over... cut your losses!

Your welcome 😝

Well, nothing is clear to me with this publication, everything indicates that it seems to be a joke. But if true, they must be specific and make everything clear, and hopefully it will be for the benefit of the community.

응원 합니다.

Two wrongs do not make a right...

This all sounds like double-speak to me. I don't understand a word of it or what you are trying to accomplish here. Then again I am not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Do it are you taking nominations?


I have spoken.

I agree that there needs to be some solution to the spamming and reward milking that Hive people are doing. But this "soft fork" seems like a really bad idea to me, two wrongs don't make a right. It would be nice if the Hive people would simply choose to stop their obnoxious behavior here, but those sorts of appeals seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

It does strike me as somewhat hypocritical that the Hive people would be upset about this, since their argument with their own soft fork was that it's totally normal for blockchains to reject transactions and there's nothing wrong with it. If they wanted to show that they have the courage of their convictions they could execute the "decline voting rights" option here and focus their attention on Hive. Unfortunately many of them seem to think that tearing down Steem is necessary for them to succeed.

I hope that this idea is merely saber rattling as a prelude to peace talks and not an indication of how Steem will be governed going forward. Witnesses picking and choosing which accounts to honor transactions from left a bad taste in my mouth when they did it, it does the same with the roles reversed.

Everyone is milking on steem now. Steemit even hands out delegations to people that have been known as milkers for years. The people remaining here don't like downvotes, and this is what you get without them.

Ninja mined stake is very different than the stake of those on that list - who paid for it. Very different things happening. Don’t let their poorly written post try to convince you otherwise.

Blaming HIVE people for the #rewardpoolrape? That's a special kind of stupid. The Steemit stake was promised to never be used for governance, and it's even in the current TOS despite Sun's hasty updated rules to punish the HIVE crowd.

steemit v steem

Wow ... this is not happening.

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@jayplay.witness @triple.aaa @segye.witness are all showing their word is useless by running 22.8888.

Ironic that 8 stands for wealth as they've shown they care more about that then honour or honesty

I agree a clean slate is needed for Steem to move forward safely. I don't think it is wrong to treat the 0.23 supporters with the same respect as they have/had for Justin Sun and Steemit.com.

This is a positive move in the right direction for me. Go for it.

The list of accounts affected by this fork is not the same as the witnesses running 22.3, but a completely arbitrarily picked set of accounts.

I'm sure he will feel as justified as they did with the HIVE blacklist. Tit 4 Tat and all that.

I've come back to Steem because I believe things have changed and needed to in my opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing what TRON can do. Protecting his investment is part of the doing I'm afraid.

And what happens to these these disagree.. hm.. let's see:



You can run but you can't hide. Let's hope he/she didn't try to sit on the fence for too long trying to play both sides?

Do you know who to trust? I don't.

If Steemit Inc. wants a clean slate, they can start by coming clean about their intentions and stop their coup against the community witnesses. That is the respect Justin Sun owed us in the first place, and the HIVE fork was the response to his dishonesty and abuse. Now you are claiming he was the victim?

The secret forkers should have never frozen his stake based on tweets and hearsay. The witnesses seem to go by this us against them narrative, but I don't.

I don't want to see Steem destroyed because of some proxy voting wars.

I've come to terms with the fact that Justin has bought the Pre-mined Stake + Domine Name = Steem Blockchain.

There was no "coup" as you say, the witnesses abandoned steemit and didn't even try to make things work. Let us be honest and say there was no real threat to the chain, lies.

Ned was surrounded by disrespectful people who from what I hear were planning to shaft him with this Forking rubbish months ago. smh.

Don't be disingenuous. Steemit Inc and several exchanges colluded to create sock puppet witnesses and used them to seize control of the top witness slots. What is that if not a coup, and a blatant violation of promised neutrality from Steemit and the exchanges? That is exactly the kind of interference the temporary soft fork was intended to forestall, and it shouldn't have mattered anyway since it was only a code enforcement of prior promises made by Ned et al. and the Steemit TOS.

Sun is the one actively destroying STEEM with proxy voting. When the witnesses were ousted, they also accepted Sun's dishonorable behavior as the new status quo and determined the only way to secure the community voice was to fork into a new chain.

If you are trying to draw some kind of equivalence between denying an airdrop in a new chain and freezing accounts in the old chain, or presenting a proposal for public discourse and creating secret blacklists, you can only be a quisling.

steemit v steem

We would like to remind everyone that the exclusion of several Steem users from the initial airdrop was based on meticulously defined criteria to exclude several targeted users who have shown neutrality, different opinions ... and several projects were forced to comply because of what they could lose (big stick diplomacy - aka speak softly and carry a big stick). The whole operation was hidden beneath an illusion of neutrality called {IF} which was obviously defined by a human factor.

We are in a transition phase and many people are doing a lot of work to support and secure the vital infrastructures of the chain. Such dedication cannot continue while several ex-whales and witnesses spam and systematically milk the Steem ecosystem, which will obviously compromise everyone's efforts to move on. Many people, unfortunately, have not accepted the idea that Hive can exist without having to bury Steem beneath it. Even the exclusion from the airdrop was not enough, they had to destroy Steem and ruin the people who decided to stay and keep trying.

We support 22.888 and we will work toward its implementation. We will also participate in discussions to find a final solution to all this mess.

You must support this fork because other way:



Lol, you do realize they are farming with Steemit Inc 1M SP delegation right?


Not only that, voting Haejin and other spammers. You need to wake up.

Can this get any funnier? You're going to freeze funds AND censor accounts.

We have already seen how the 20 whiners (previous witnesses) went to their new "decentralized" network but did not give "airdrops" to those who did not support their thinking, we also realized how those same witnesses are using their voting power to auto-vote SPAM comments and give negative votes to users who do not support those stupidities. This is not the time to start kicking spoiled children in the face, this is the time to act and do what needs to be done.

I want you for president at Tron.

I didn't know the exact details of SF22.888 but after reading the post i understand that you have blocked the some account (can you provide the list of account blocked?), those spamming the steemit and did not include many steemians in airdrop. This is very necessary step taken, it is late but you have done it. That's the great thing.

That is great news and i 100% agree with you. I also want to start a witness node but i don't have much support of this. If i receive supports from you or @justinsunsteemit i definately do that.

You can be bought to support the theft of property and censorship?

PS There is a difference in not giving someone something and stealing it.

steemit is doing the copy & paste of what Hive is doing. Just that, tit for tat. It is 100% correct, I like the way but take action too lately.