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RE: We Need Your Help to Protect Steem

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I can't agree with this at all. I'm a witness that tried to talk to Eli, Sun, David and multiple others about a peaceful resolution and at the same time, I wanted Steem to stay Steem, no HIVE. So I voted on witnesses that were in the top 20 to maintain some kind of neutrality in the hopes you all could set your differences aside. This is just another mud slinging campaign and I will leave Steem because you'll force me to. Not because I want to, because I fall into 2 of those categories of accounts up there! Please, do not run this!!


I'm really surprised it took you this long to realize what you were supporting all along. Justin Sun directly attacked the chain and you went along with it and continued supporting it. Now you're upset when you realize how these actions can impact you personally. Very disappointing. I had more respect for you before all this.

Sorry, was trying hard to believe there was hope.

Hope for what? Once he attacked the chain, you continued supporting him? How is that protecting the blockchain community which is the one job a witness is elected to do? It's really disappointing that it took this long for you to understand.

As I said, hope. Hope that Sun and others would just stop the fighting and the spamming and the all the negative nonsense that nobody needs. Just hope for people to get along and coexist. That's what builds dreams my man. Not enough of it in the world. I 'hope' you understand.

I thought you love me! Please don't go!

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