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RE: We Need Your Help to Protect Steem

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Accounts that ran the version 0.23 during the Hardfork on Steem and were still in the Top 20 rank, shortly before the Hardfork.

Accounts that proxied or directly voted to more than 10 witnesses running the version 0.23 on the Steem Blockchain during the hardfork with high influence.

Accounts directly associated with operating these accounts.

So basically you want to target tens of thousands of accounts that voted for the REAL top20? That's the most retarded plan I've ever heard. Good luck with the PR nightmare ahead, if you don't fuck up the fork before that.


That would literally target everyone supporting hive knowingly !!

"with high influence". The wording is terrible but basically they are saying they are going to freeze the major stakeholders. Presumably worded that way to include @theycallmedan as he didn't actually run a witness in the top 20

They want to mess with big stake holders who have lawyers and contacts. Good luck with that.

I hope they do it

As your Steem Pope, I assure you that my influence is the Highest, and as such, this fork is clearly a threat to crypto liberty and religious liberty!


Why would you think they would include him ?
I thought he wanted to stay on here. or have I got that wrong?

nah once Steemit started censoring posts from the blockchain Dan and 3speak declared full move to Hive, Dan is in middle of full power down. He didn't get included in this first wave of account freezes though so I was wrong about that part. Of course, still could be frozen in the next group of accounts and who at this point seriously doubts that more account freezes aren't coming?

Wow how strange.
He must know that people have been censored her from the beginning?
@thedarkoverlord years ago more recently @joe.public and many more completely ghosted before J Sun got here. Is Dan a bit slow? I saw a comment some days ago someone saying they dont have access to their wallet on hive so reality will not be any better there !

This problem of governance is very interesting. How would you deal with this childish behavior of continually voting witnesses into the top twenty then out again ? this is just one account another has been the merky mark
If I were Sun I would use my stake to stabilize the governance
How would you deal with people creating thousands of hostile accounts created only to flag people ? As seen by this account on steemworld day 6

I also have a very longlist of funded accounts that started way before J Sun only ever used to flag people

"censorship" via flags is a completely different thing. You can still click into and see posts that have been flagged down. JSun and crew have literally filtered out posts and entire user histories from the Steemit API nodes they run, so that these posts and entire user histories do not appear on ANY steem front ends. For instance visit: and you will see that it appears as if he has never made a single post. And note this is not even on which is directly controlled by JSun, as I said they are doing this through the API nodes. I can, today, visit @joe.public and read everything he has ever written on the blockchain on any Steem front end. He has not been censored.

I just went to the joe.public page clicked a comment and got the ''this page does not exist'' msg That is not from just flags.
I just went to themarky page and steemworld and nothing exist FUCK no trace whatsoever.
I notice his wallet is still in tact on steepeak thank heavens for small mercies as they say.
So he will still be playing games with witness votes and flags I guess ? or have they taken that function away?

What front end are you using? @Joe.public comments are readable on steempeak. See screencap. Also his posts. I just checked.


None of them are related to me and yet you mentioned me in that context.

I know who's accounts they are and I know they are not yours.
You were implying that I am some kind of delusional drug using hippie making up some bullshit, so providing some evidence of my statement was appropriate.

And yes, I just went back and read my original comment. It did imply you for which I apologize. I did not mean to link you to those accounts as I know who operates them.
(As a side note, I think clearly enough but not in words. I got a kick in head as a child and it fucked up the part of my brain that deals with language. Its difficult to link different things together in a completely coherent way. Steem has helped me immensely, but I still have work to do in that regard)

You wrote that I was creating accounts to spam and flag.
And that is a lie.

I actually made the valid observation that you have been 'claiming' lots of accounts and posed the question 'I wonder what they will be used for'. I have never seen you spam or seen much of you around at all, and I certainly did not even mention spam, let alone accuse you of spamming.

As you appear to be more invested in the growth of Hive which is fair enough, I have no idea why you would be claiming more accounts, unless you are expecting a big demand created by new users. That seems highly unlikely in the foreseeable future.

So let me ask you, why bother to claim more accounts if Steem is over for you? What possible use could they have?
Or are you actually fighting for the survival of Steem ?

I really appreciate the feedback

That is absolutely right

So basically you want to target tens of thousands of accounts that voted for the REAL top20? That's the most retarded plan I've ever heard. Good luck with the PR nightmare ahead, if you don't fuck up the fork before that.

Ya, this is absurd.

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