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Hello steemit people!

I am girl who live in iceland, my job is bodypainting. I go in birthday party, festivals, weddings and paint people in face and body. I will post my work here regularly. My english is not perfect but I do my best. I don't really like talk too much about me so I want to write my thoughts today about steem vision.
I have been reading steemit for a week and have learn a lot from all of you ( Iam crypto addict now :) ability to reward artist,writers,etc..with real money is excellent, very innovative.
The most important in my opinion is user interface, even if people not paid a lot if design is top new user will stay, but today steemit interface is not very attractive, I know beta :) that's why I want to share my ideas.

Steemit and cruise ship analogy

What is your first impression when you enter a cruise ship? This place is DOPE right but why is it so? Simple, you can do everything you want in same boat, eat, play,jog,gamble,party,cinema,theatre,shopping,swim,etc.. How does economy work in the boat? you buy tokens/chips and can spend easily on everything. That's why people like cruise ship because it is simplicity and you have all you need very close.

Today there is no website same as a cruise ship, you want to watch movie you need to walk to youtube,netflix, you want to order food you need to go to,you want to listen music you need travel to soundcloud, you want to search info you go to or wiki, you want to buy clothes you need fly to ebay, you want to play poker you need run to,etc...
Steemit could and should build one giant cruise ship ( one website) where you could do all of these things within the same community.

  • steem watch / a place dedicated to watch videos ( youtube of steemit)
  • steem wiki / wikipedia for steemit
  • steem shop/ a marketplace to buy anything with steem ( ebay like)
  • steem music / artist can publish their song and get reward
  • steem vote/ a place where steem users can create polls and vote
  • steem chat/ build in chat system
  • steem casino/ steemers can gamble yay
  • steem play / @roelandp can build some good games :)
  • steem TV - news/ independant journalist could report on news, cool now we have real news . This thread inspired me , very good read
  • steem meetup / we can organize chat rooms or even real meetup
  • steem radio / the radio of the community
  • steem crowdfund / help other steemers get their project of the ground

Reputation and money system are two key element for society to work, when have both you can build real very interactive economy on the internet.

It is very important that all steem activities that listed above are part of the same user interface. That's the real innovation, to have all these websites into one site and with same framework ( steem blockchain ).

The benefits to have a "cruise ship" platform is

  • no need to login to every site when you want to shop,chat,watch videos,etc..,
  • stronger community feel and network effect,
  • appeal to broader audience
  • very interactive environnement
  • new concept/innovation
  • good for the steemit brand ( apple pay/apple watch/apple store succesfull company understand the importance of this)

My message to developers who creating steem application

  • use website as the core architecture
  • keep steemit theme color, simple interface to stay in connexion / harmony with main site
@etherdesign is very good designer, I hope he see the big picture and not create only simple site with one purpose, we need cruise ship

The power of this platform will be to add contribution to the main site and merge them to create one big entity so people can spend steem for goods and services, interact and do everything on the same site. Finish product should be cruise ship :) Every developers creation linked to the main site to create a giant online crypto society. I hope you can pictures my writtings in your head my steemit people!

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