Why I quit CNN & Turned down 100+ offers from Television to fight for your right to free speech!

Television is a whore, it only reports what the pimps of television wants to report and nothing else. Television is EvilCorp and I am one of few that categorically has been selective about who I work for.

CNN is just one of many I have turned down during my 15 years working professionally in the industry of film, television and radio. I have worked at the highest level behind the camera and even as a lowlife in front of the camera to fill in where it has been needed. I am here today to tell you what Mass-Media is all about. Read On!

This #steemit post is written to tell your the truth about the propaganda that hits everyone every day!


My name is @fyrstikken - I am here to tell you the truth!

When I was a little innocent and beautiful child, I noticed the television with a man inside informing my mum and dad about what was going on in the world. As a small child I was wondering, how did that man get inside the TV, so when my parents were sleeping, I snook up to check it out, and accidentally pushed the television to the floor and my mother came into the living-room as she heard the noise.

  • What have you done Fyrstikken!?! she said
  • I wanted to know how the man could fit inside this little box! - was my reply. I must have been three years old.

I got my first few television gigs when I was around 12, local television - then when I was in my late teens I wrote pranks and media-stunts for celebrities, so that they would get headlines and tv-time and I made a lot of money doing that, creating scenarios that a celebrity would do to get into a so called "scandal" which would boost their celebrity-status a whole lot and make not only national headlines, but also international headlines.

Evil-Corp is Television & Their Evangelists are the people who believe in the knowledge from Television not even knowing they believe in lies.


But there was something wrong about everything I noticed - and after a while working inside all kinds of studios, getting to know who is who in front and behind the camera, there was this feeling hanging over me, a feeling that is the most true feeling I have ever felt - In television - you do what you are commanded to do, you do not do anything creative, you do not go against the producers, the bosses - the will of the network owners, and I didn't. I remained loyal, until one day I realized what I was part of and my consciousness caught me and told me - enough is enough.


On Television, appearance is everything, so hair and make-up is part of the day-to-day life if you want to be in front of the camera. If you however work behind the camera, in the most lucrative part of the branch that is production and prank-writing, your job - your day-job if I might add - is to come up with ideas to fool people, to lie to people and to delude people from the truth by highlighting stupidity in order to create a world of humans, hypnotized to do what the mass-media tells them to do.


As Television-people, we have access everywhere, what you pay thousands of dollars to attend, we get paid to attend - backstage areas are for the industry-people, not for the "plebs", and we are all working against the plebs when we do what our television bosses or newspaper bosses tell us to report or make a documentary or a movie about.

I could not work with television - I value freedom of speech too much - and I am speaking against the owners of mass media!

Imagine Steemit, with 13 people who get to post, and the rest of you will have to just agree and upvote them to make money!

Television, Radio & The largest Newspapers, Magazines and Cinema are all shows and writings created for the masses. Including Mr. Robot, Star Wars, Star Trek, CNN, MSNBC, DISNEY... VOGUE, PEOPLE.... NY TIMES, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK - YOUR OWN OPINION and the opinions of your friends - they are mostly make-beliefs, not facts - peoples brains are easily corrupted by misinformation, and I used to get paid for it - I just couldn't do it anymore. It is immoral.

How I was noticed & hired by mass media

When I was 19 years old, I did a big prank. I printed 25 brochures which I distributed on a high-school, proclaiming that at 12:00 NOON the grocery store close to the school would give away everything you could carry until 12:05pm - a five minute window to basically "rob the store".

It did not take long until about 600 kids came to the store, and I was standing in front of the door counting down 3, 2, 1 - GO! so you can imagine what happen - at 12:05pm the store was emptied for all the candy, all the cigarettes, and a number of other items while the store staff was lunching in their staff-room.

That is how easy it was to make a whole school believe in a lie - and when the local media found out who was orchestrating it, I was called to work for them - and they offered me a handsome pay to create ideas for stunt-reports and news-pranks which gave me a great income at a young age, and a big foot in the door for larger productions later in life.

fyrstikken on set

Everything Television tells you - is a Big fat lie - mixed with some truth
and the "plebs" evangelize the lies because they believe they are true!

Will Steemit make a change?

Television is extremely powerful, and it has had monopoly of information - or should I say disinformation since the man landed on the moon, and everybody witnessed it - on the television and radio, so will steemit make a difference? I doubt it.

Steemit is a great platform for social media, but until the people of the world, which includes the people of steemit as well realize the lies of the television - steemit aces will just keep pushing the same old political television-correctness they have been educated and grown up with.

If people would shut off the television and start reading the forbidden books - the knowledge that is frown upon by the media and the masses as knowledge that is rubbish - they will not get a step closer to the truth what so ever.

True Truth and True Knowledge is not presented on Television or heard on radio - even written about in newspapers. If you want to know how the world looks like, how the powers of the world really work - you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of pride which you currently believe is the truth.



Nobody voted for the people on Television to indoctrinate you - but they did it anyway

I want to see you - the reader aware of what television really is - a lie-machine - evil corp - the instigator of the worlds opinions. What is a Television Program? - It is a set of flicks and sound-clips put together in the editing-room to program you - the audience - the watcher - to do what they want you to do. I know - I was one of them!


Let us not fool the children anymore, let us rebel against the evil-corp and give freedom of knowledge a real chance!

I believe in you - Search for the Truth and you will find it! - Thank you for reading!

#fyrstikken #television #truth #knowledge #steemit #revolution

Please comment below, I will upvote all comments


We landed on the moon right? I saw that on the television after all.

Yes we did land on the moon and we have a hell of a lot more evidence than just the broadcast. For instance, there's the laser reflector we left up there to get distance measurements.

There's also the little fact that if you have a good enough telescope you can literally look at the moon and see the landers for the individual missions.

Please do not let a healthy skepticism of media information turn you into a raving conspiracy nut.

Is Mythbuster on TV? Gotta be true then. :-)

I challenge you to try to get a picture with the sun in your back that has shadow that can intersect. Good luck mate.

An old picture, taken with old film, with obvious gradients in slope and ground texture? Plus, the astronaut shadow doesn't seem to extend on the downward slope like the other long shadow. Plus it appears too dark as if no ambient light is touching any ground mass where the shadow is cast.

Your picture looks photoshopped to me. =P

EDIT : Based on that downward slope alone, that astronaut looks like he would be 20ft tall

The mythbusters is simply a good video explaining what it is. I'd get into the mechanics of using lasing as a system of measuring distance but I frankly don't think you'd understand it

First point: Those shadows DON'T intersect.
Second point: Thats an edited image. Here is the full image

The reason why the shadows appear to have two different light sources is because the image is a panoramic image produced by rotating the camera and stitching several images together. Most phones have the same capability in their camera modes, and a quick search of the internet can show you what the result of these things can be when you have movement.

The reason the shadows look like they are coming from two different light sources is because the images that constitute the panorama are taken by a camera pointing at different angles for each.


You really, really, really, read me wrong.

I was replying to @cryptoctopus that his argument was PWND by you.

Are you saying that I wouldn't understand it? Good Lord you've got some prickly skin.

Thank you for contributing such stunning commentary to our discussion.

Please, now tell me at length about how the jews did 9/11 or whatever other crap you're a fan of.


Sorry, I can't reply to the other posts you made for some reason. The way that your comment was formatted, and the way it was told to me in my replies folder make it look like it was in response to me, not him. Apologies for the insult.

Similarly, My response about not understanding it and the rest of that stuff was to @cryptoctopus, not you. I don't know if I accidentally clicked reply to your post or if for some reason steemit is telling you that it was in response to you, but it was in response to him.

find other close views across moon. the domes in so many craters on the cusp of front and back of moon. You can view the story going on still until these days. How long have the latest control factors been controlling us and how advanced the means. My father would still be working with an agency I know nothing of and that has had passports signed over 17000 times and made him cold umntil lately and we are finally getting to know one another. He would only share one thing with my mom and I and that was to never watch TV. He did things that left us wealthy in a big home without tv. I started toyimg with computers at age 9, 25 years ago and I would get the best of all equipment as it came. My father is a very admiral man and if I covince him to go on record and chronicle only the things undermining our nation in detail I imagine all the disinfo online and lies on tv would finally be crystal clear to most.
And stop believing the election fake hype. Alex Jones, now a Trump supporter, is so because he has always been one to make truth sound ridiculous and it would only ever be partial truth. Trump and Hilary are in reality good friends. STILL, currently. America do not trust the news any longer. If there is a hell all , but approximately 4 of our past presidents that are listed after George Washington. DO all you must to keep your family and yourself far away from fear and unite the more fake shootings like Sandy Hook or the gay club fiasco.And all races realize police have been possibly placed to kill unarmed civilians, but the destructive nature towards this last, fading beacon of liberty must awaken each other and educate ourselves. There are same amount of blacks and whites approximately killed nationwide, but they show the black great men only their young ones killed. Black people have a deep good nature they are born with and read books to see how many presidents worked to corner them, make an industry of cages and try to turn thhhat joyful heart towards hate with music as the true meaning of THUG LIFE VIA 2PAC meant. Unite and never forget the civil war where people of all race fought gor freedom of another and in the end all parties realized how ridiculous it was and all lost someone; all because people think skin pigment makes us different? ALL LIVES MATTER! Beware if you continue watching tv over next few months.

we didnt land on the moon the moon landed on us... (if spike lee had directed apollo 13)

The flags are flying. The balloons are ready for release. It's a great day, one we've been planning and waiting for. I'm sure you'll concur, this is an agreeable welcome. @fyrstikken (^^)/~~~Well done!

What's one mistake you keep repeating (and repeating)?

all i have to say is thank you, im a fan of your strips, but this is just wow.. Thank you for not using your talent to fool people, and thank you for open up and tell the truth about that shitty system, i've heard a lot, but never from someone who worked for them

The true is here, and is out there. It's up to us to find it. Thank you for helping us open our eyes!

And keep the good work coming!

Great piece. I agree corporation keep feed us what they want us to believe and follow.

I stopped watching TV 10 years ago and I totally agree with you. Just wonderful the post you made.

The media like their scripted news don't they... people have heard as a joke that the media don't tell the news: they create the news. Case in point: Needing ...script-writers.

If you look into your own heart, you find nothing wrong there, what is there to fear?


Getting hard to comment between all the bots!
And it's even harder to find unbiased and objective tv programs.
I'll just post this cheesy line: the internet will set us free

Corporations are all about money. All they care about is their quarterly reports.

Welcome to steemit!

Exciting to have ya!


Thanks for sharing your experience sir.

Hey, @fyrstikken! I remember you from Twitter! You should post your video "Do you want to trade some shitcoins?" That shit was hilarious...
EDIT: I found it, LOL!!

upvoted for this. you're a nice fellah :)

Damn a shitcoin reference. I used that in my last article.

Ciao! Ciao!

congratulations dude for to keep your principles and not be sold as a whore

oh great men i following you on youtube channel you are the guy

Television tells lies is run by the elite, they tell you what they want you to know which is usually a load of rubbish

Ten years ago I thought that TV would become obsolete right now. This never happened.
People do not want to choose between different points of view. They need only one. Internet forces them to make choice every time. The same people in real life are quite reasonable, they take economical and social decisions every minute. It's hard work. So they find comfort in TV. CNN is a great manipulator, very professional.

When I was in the army I was in a middle of a real nasty event during a battle.
few weeks after my parents showed me a newspaper they saved which described what happened there. Safe to say it was all bullshit, they aggrandized the details to sound more than what happened.
that they I knew that media is full of bullshit and click-baits designed to keep you buying and consuming their shit porridge.

nice to meet you @fyrstikken and welcome to the best community over the Internet! 8]

Great read! Welcome to Steemit! You are just that kind of guy which Steemit need. I don't really watch television anymore basicly only some interesting documentaries and sports. Unfortunately most people don't know that they're being lied and when you tell them it they think you are idiot. It's hard to change people's perspectives and ideas about certain stuff. Hopefully in Steemit we see more truth and get more people to find the truth and questioning what they see & read.

Thanks for sharing and glad to see you around! Your high-school prank was one hell of a take... I wonder why you weren't punished but rather promoted!
The mass media is a manipulation engine - mass media lies kill people slowly.

kill your television

The prank was hilarious! I wish I could mastermind something so masterful some day. Welcome!


a very aggressive position in my opinion

Hello fyrstikken,

thank you for your work. We need more people who try to open others the eyes.

Your post just confirmed what I thought: manipulation in the media.

That's why I don't watch TV and try to get my information through several different independent sources in the Internet.

Thank your for your encouragement sir!

To be honest I do not watch television anymore especially news, there is a move I watched many years ago called wag the dog http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120885/ it just really shows what power they have over peoples lives so yes great thank you for taking a stand for truth :)

I have a journalist cousin who looks up to CNN though : /
But he always tries to be impartial about everything, especially when it comes to the establishment.

Great and inspirational article. Bring the power back to the people!

life is one time travel. Do yourself.

Congrats on agreat post. You reached the TOP 10 Trending articles on Steemit so I've added your post to the Flipboard Steemit Trending Magazine for everyone to see it. Keep doing it!

Hi, off-topic but I was wondering if you were still working on
Quatloo Trader ?

Yes we are working on the Quatloo-Trader.

Good man. Tech change life, life need freedom, we love life, so we develop new technolgy for freedom

Enjoy your life!

@fyrstikken , you were already one of my favorite creators on Steemit. Now you are a true hero. :) People selling out to greed has led to the death of creativity and free speech. I have huge respect for anyone who says NO, and stands their ground. Bravo.

I think Steemit and platforms like it has the potential to groom a new generation of journalists and creators who speak directly to the audience, and not greedy middlemen.

wow. Had no clue you worked for CNN at one time.

Personally, I won't say I didn't see television for 10 years. But have to admit that I rarely see television nowadays.
You know what, in my country there are political channels flaming each others and broadcast distorted news. The crazy part is people on both sides believe in what their preferred media said. That now cause deep conflict in my country. Example for the global scale may like CNN and Al-Jazeera.

Back to your post, I think we still lucky enough that we live in time that there are many other ways to received information from the world not only the television and in the future television may not the main media anymore. Steemit is one of the way tho. ;)

But still, thanks to share and maybe to help someone to open eyes.

Why are bots replying all over this website? I'm trying to play Pokemon GO.

Thank you for telling us the true.. you was one of them and you have a lot of experience regarding this stuff.

I was at a conference where Ryan Holiday had a speech about how he manipulated media very easy and cheap. He bought articles on CNN and other popular media and he posted lies to manipulate people in a different way.

Is not so hard these days to manipulate people with media.. even with decent budget.

Your trolling surpasses mine, so it's hard to say if this is just fantasy.
But I lol'ed anyways. Well done!

Very well, but if nothing is done here, is what will happen to steemit: Read this is very important https://steemit.com/steem/@stea90/read-very-important-why-the-market-volume-and-value-of-steem-continue-to-decrease-what-will-happen

welcome To steemit @fyrstikken

I love this post, this is somewhat a call to all viewers in television or even listeners in radion newcasting. We must fight sensationalism. Because for them the television news networks, Good news is a Good news but Bad news is the Better one.

Veldig bra at du deler! Hvor fikk du jobb etter butikk-pranken? Har jobbet for amedia i en del år. Skjønte etter hvert hvor trist det opplegget er. Nå studerer jeg filosofi, og føler jeg stadig nærmer meg sannheten bak kulissene. Vil anbefale de gamle grekerne, og spesielt Platons "Republic" for å forstå forløperen til de maktmekanismene mainstream media er del av. Problemet med sannheten er at den er skremmende. Det krever mot å forlate den fjernsynsdistribuerte trivelige illusjonen. Som i hulelignelsen

Thank you !

Interesting read. Freedom of speech is more than just a right.

Lovely story and pictures. Its a complex thing here on steemit as there are comments which indicate you are a bot, or am I getting that wrong? Anyhow it certainly is worthwhile thinking for yourself, and thinking IMHO is an underated activity

I'm respecting you more now than I did in the early days of slack general chat. :p

great post!
more people are becoming aware of the media deception. so there is hope.

Consider yourself followed. Can't wait to hear more. Peace


Welcome friend! Upvote and Follow ;)

👍welcome... Nice post

Voted for having been in the altcoin trenches with fyrstikken before.

Interesting read, and well formatted. The story with the kids is on one hand unbelievable yet on the other, not that surprising. I guess I want to believe in a just world.

Glad you stopped feeding the machine and got out of the corporate garbage pit that is lamestream news. The most important knowledge is generally hidden in plain sight. I have followed you're act on Twitter for quite some time now. Stay Awake!

This post deserves to trend. In the holy space whales we trust. AWhale.

You actually upvoted me, shitcoin legend.



For me you are actually one of the best ambassador we have in crypto´s, thank you very much for this

Welcome to Steemit @fyrstikken!

Here is some interesting info that will help you create AMAZING content. (Will change as Steemit grows)

How to Create Successful Steemit Content:

Reading & understanding the above posts will give the reader a SIGNIFICANT advantage on steemit.

Everyone is rooting for you!

Good Luck!,


I can only imagine how difficult it would be to stand in front of that camera and tell the world lies or news stories that you knew didn't tell the whole story or were politically swayed.

I think there are more people whose eyes are starting to open and see the scandal behind the media.

I loved the title of this post and then soon realized it was written by the musical legend: fyrstikken. What a pleasant surprise! I knew this guy was awesome for his

  • Shitcoin song
  • Biblical interpretations (discussed on his YouTube channel)

and now I see him fighting one of MANKIND'S greatest enemies: Televised Programming.

I love you brah!

Wow, fantastic article @fyrstikken. Really appreciate your passion in exposing the corruption of the media. It's also a passion I share! It is so important that change is made for the sake of every person who is vulnerable to the lies that shape this worlds giant facade that controls the masses! Great read!

Television has been called the idiot box for a long time for good reason and the masses using it for their only source for news is not a good thing. The producers of the news shows have a massive power of influence.

The dawn of the Internet has allowed for the citizen journalist to bring forth his or her opinion to the masses. Think of The Drudge Report, probably the most powerful non corporate news curation source in the US. There are of course many others.

With the promises of new technologies come new problems. The old adage, you can't believe everything you read, is more true than ever on the Internet. Unfortunately many people accept what people say as gospel if it is posted on the Internet. You see it here on Steemit, alt news sites, and many other places.

Corporate News did not give up in the age of the Internet as well. Most Internet citizens get the majority of their news curated from places like Facebook, Yahoo Bing and Google news which directs them to places like the Washington Post, CNN, Forbes, ABC, CBS and NBC news just to name a few.

The simple truth is most people are like cows feeding at the trough when it comes to news and information. They just accept what is given to them.

TV was and still the best brainwashing machine

I'm sharing your opinion about television and mass media, it's all scripted! Many facts are hidden by politicians or other influential people to manipulate the mass to reach their own goals or mostly to get more money! I'm from Belarus and living in Germany ... This problem of manipulating and hiding the mass from the truth is worldwide.

I clicked on the post, read it, enjoyed it, but the comments are far more entertaining (which I'm sure is the whole point). There is definitely propaganda out there in the media. Look no further than MSNBC, Fox News, and news outlets from other countries like RT. A decent teacher or two in your education should have been enough to enlighten you to this fact. Hasn't everyone learned critical thinking skills? News is entertainment, many times with a certain spin, but that doesn't mean we need to all wear tin foil hats. I know information can be manipulated, statistics can be skewed to look how you want, but this "internet is amazing, TV is evil" garbage is absurd. There is a lot, and I mean a lot, of disinformation on the internet. There is also a lot of honest, important news stories to hear on TV, radio, etc. Maybe it is hard for some to distinguish, but I'll give you some good advice that I heard long ago. Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see. Be skeptical, but think for yourself. There are two sides to every story. Don't lose your rational thought.

That's why I prefer the Internet instead of TV. Even tho we still get to see a lot of spam and bs, I can focus on looking and learning only about my interests and everything that relates. Great post, you deserve it!

[Mistake - Edited]

I'm a fan of your shitcoin singing/song <3

Sorry.. but I don't buy this story. Do you naturally look high all the time? Because some of the pics you shared.. you look like you have been puffing on the magic dragon to long. =) If you however naturally look high.. then that's cool.. because you have a fellow comedian in Jim Breuer that looks high all the time.. lol.

At the beginning of the story, you said you pulled a prank that ended, by the way in STEALING from a store.. from a family run joint that then had to pay out of their own pocket for the thievery that you thought was funny.

I don't buy it man.. If you started out doing something immoral and then was hired to continue in that immorality, how did you grow a moral backbone and get a prickly conscious enough to see what you were doing was wrong?

Thanks for the warning. Only the paranoid survive!

Great..A Big Step

Hi @fyrstikken! Welcome to Steemit! What a great introduceyourself post and how cool you have backstage access to many places!

In my introduction post about NLP and tips for life improvement I also took a moment to mention TV and it's negative effects on us.

Today I posted about BELIEFS, how they often limit us and how to change them to make them useful instead, check it out or just say hi! :)

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.

  • "Henry David Thoreau"

Nice post, keep up ur work

Hello there and welcome to Steemit !! So pleased to read your post, good that someone from inside the Hive of Evil admits this !! I have been posting quite alot of articles on certain issues which i find important here concerning world politics truth !! But with little success i have to say, I think Truth for many is a hard pill to swallow and people are just happy to be numbed to sleep by the Mk Ultra stream feed called Television news !! I am happy that someone has raised the flag of truth here on Steemit more efficiently than me and i hope this post might incite others to do the same !! Welcome again, here is my minnow upvote !! ; - )

See this is why I don't even have cable.. just internet.
My kids watch informational shows, and play like Minecraft.
They seem to learn more by creating and being interactive :D

Some say this is fake.
But what if it is true that in some country media is being controlled by the government?
What if they can only televise it if it is good for the government and if not it should be erased?

the media is totally controlled by the state, but ofcourse !! Have you not seen how the television was used during 911 with repetitive images and dialogues which beat us into submission and belief of a terrorist named Ben Laden and his band of merry men that attacked America on that day !! So it turns out he worked for the CIA anyway, but no one cared when we invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein, who actually had nothing to do with the afore mentioned government produced lie of 911, actually the truth was more that they did it themselves !! They said afterwards we should never forget 911, but looks like to me everybody did sadly !!


I'm making a clickbait contest, the most clickbaity post gets an upvote!

Thanks for your honesty @fyrstikken - I actually wrote a post 15 hours ago addressing what you are talking about from a censorship perspective while still backing up your statements with resources from the scientific community as well.


Personally I have a more optimistic view than you have as to the potential for change that Steemit has or will trigger. May the blockchain be with you ;-)

Thank you very much for telling us your story. I will come back and read it several times over because it shows us the real face of the society we are living in.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome fyrstikken...

Post of the year right here. Can we get this man a SteemIt Pulitzer or something please?

Good stuff bro! Hear! Hear! APPLAUSE!!! You deserve every penny you make off of this post and a ton more! You are a Worldwide Hero! A man of passion and care, a big heart and an intelligent brain. Passion is what will carry you through the good and the bad. You have what few others seem to have in this day and age.

Stay Steemy my friend! I hope to be seeing a lot more of you! :0)

-The Hatter

TV media controlled by corporation (ie the free press) will always have a slanted view and agenda. Hopefully we can make a difference as a community.

This is an excellent write regarding the Slimey world of Television Programming and Media. They are all LIARS and they are paid to tell these LIES!

nice story!

Welcome to my blog @alex2016

Awesome! I really hope you are able to reach an audience and report on things you believe in. :D

Than you for specking out for the truth. It seems you are very well rewarded here. Please continue to reveal the truth as you know it.

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