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Fellow Steemians,

this is a quick update to let everyone know that we've implemented the newly released chrome extension for private-key management on Steem, Keychain into

Use Keychain on

You're now able to transact on via this new and secure extension. Whether it is for promoting your posts (vote-buying & bidding) or for purchasing our reduced Steem Monsters packs.

Take a look at the gif below, which showcases how easy it is:


1, 2, 3 and you've got a brand new Steem Monsters booster pack (plus some savings on top!)


To sum it up. You're now able to use Keychain with the following features:

  • Buy & Bid on Promotion
  • Purchase Steem Monsters Packs & Starter Sets
  • Delegate Steempower

The next goal on our list is to implement Keychain for the login as well (next to steemconnect), which should be released in the near future.

But we just wanted to make sure our loyal customers are able to use Keychain already, as we truly believe in its convenience and security benefit :)

If you want to learn more about Keychain, here is the official introduction post:

Last but not least

Before we finish up this quick post, we want to thank and congratulate @yabapmatt, @aggroed, @stoodkev and @nateaguila for this amazing product.

This (besides Steem Monsters) is exactly what Steem needs right now.

Keep up the good work!

Sincerely ,
Team Smartsteem

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Hi there.... I sent you 1.5 Steem for the following post and did not see an upvote ??? did i make a mistake .?

Nice one upvote me please..

Thanks for making this possible. Keychains are really helpful in terms of security.

yeah been using keychain for a while and it is awesome hopefully all the services will implement soon

Nice post! thank you for these great tips on security. 👍👍

sehr gute Arbeit

iam using Keychain from last night ...

Sweet-no offense to steem connect team but keychain is technically more safer to use. If a couple of more dapps like @steemhunt and @dtube adds keychain it be great :)

I like this wallet but some features should be included.

Developers as great as them deserve the witness votes. They helped create end user products to simplify so many people's lives, plus make it more secure.

Well if you intend to use this for dtube log in please fix all the problems first.
Steemconnect is still causing login errors for dtube after months of usage.

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interesting friend publication, thanks for these tips so useful

i love this place thanks guys

How can i get the paid?