Call to developers! Integrate Steem to IFTTT, plz!

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If you are not already familiar with IFTTT, check it out, it's great service. The full name is If This Then That". So basically it will make something happen based on certain triggers. They have already lots of integrated services, like Google, Dropbox, Philips Hue, mobile phones, social media, email, etc.

The Steem blockchain should be integrated to IFTTT as a trigger service. Any kind of transaction in Steem blockchain could be used to make some kind of action to happen. Because witnesses publish a price feed, we can also get very easily the price of steem.

For example:

  • if steem price goes up to 10 dollars, turn my lights green and blink them
  • if @dan upvotes me, send push notification to my phone
  • get email notification when somebody transfers money to my account
  • get list of new articles in a certain category once a day
  • publish my posts automatically in Twitter and Facebook
  • if my witness starts to skip blocks, send me an SMS

I would definitely use it. Especially great would be to get notifications on certain kind of posts. For example, if somebody who I follow posts in a certain category, I want to get notified because it might be really interesting or important.

Notifications in are very limited for a poweruser so this would be very practical addition to infrastructure.

Apparently you need to be a partner if you want to publish a service in IFTTT. That costs 199 dollars per month, so it's not free. This could be funded by post rewards for the developer or maybe Steemit Inc could give some sponsorship.

Marketing perspective

IFTTT integration would be newsworthy because so far only Bitcoin is there (through Chain).

Most other blockchains wouldn't even have that many usecases in IFTTT because they have only currency transfers and prices. In addition to currency transfers, Steem has posts, comments, upvotes and downvotes, followers, etc. which are actually very practical triggers.

I think this would be a great way to demonstrate how useful Steem really is. IFTTT is widely used service, we would probably get a few new users from there.

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You can use some of the features or create recipes with what we already have... Example, but I agree, having more ready to use recipes would be great...


Yep, we can already use it for some things, but it's still just a hack which you just have to know to use. Much better for users if it was available directly on IFTTT.

And of course for marketing/visibility the integration would be great thing. Other blockchains aren't there yet, only Bitcoin and with it only price can be used as trigger.


You are right though! I haven't tried to create recipes on ifttt, but I thought it should be possible and that's what Chain have done isn't it?! Need to check the details about ifttt recipes and how to share and make public bucket of them, I can be huge boost for marketing, I agree


Anybody can make and publish recipes easily, but the thing that is needed is to get Steem as a trigger option for recipes.

If I have understood this correctly, it's called publish a service for IFTTT, which is not free but requires paid partnership.

It would be fun to ask promoters of other blockchains: "yeah, but is it on IFTTT?"

Hi samupaha,

there are various ways to use IFTTT by using the rss feed that xeroc set up. See my for more information.
Such as

  • if author X writes an article send me a mail
  • Send me a mail if someones answers
  • publish your post automatically on twitter or facebook or any other social media page (by using the rss feed containing your author name

Just try it out, there are X ways to use IFTTT already.


Yeah, I use it already, but not with IFTTT. The RSS feeds go straight to my Inoreader.

But by integrating directly we could have much more triggers (basically anything that happens on the blockchain) and we would get much more visilibity (IFTTT is used by millions of people) which is a great way to do marketing. Because of these benefits I want to see this happening, I'm not suggesting this only to get a better usability of Steem for myself.


Yes, of course a straight integration into IFTTT would simplify things big time and allow plenty more options. So I am supporting your request.


Thanks, added it to the post.

Im new to the steemit community and am currently still trying to learn more about it, but so far my experience has been positive and ive even recommended other mates of mine who blog to get involved.

Great idea! I hope something like this is implemented. (=

I already did this and it hosed my followers list with hundreds of posts :(
I lost 4,000 followers lol

YES! Or at least allow cross-posting syndication of articles!