How to share your Steem posts to 300+ sites and promote your brand?

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We all use different sites and services online and have connections on different social media sites. Or we just want to promote our business and project, blog, etc. In this post, I will share one simple way to automate your post sharing that so you don't have to worry sharing to each and every one of those sites.

What you need

All you need is account on Here is step by step guide...

  • Create new applet

  • Choose Feed RSS option

  • Choose your next action, where you want new posts to get posted or notify yourself if other favorite blogger has posted new article. There are more than 300 services to connect to, twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+, email, sms, etc...

That's it! You are all set, you can do this multiple times for multiple services and other account blog posts. By doing so you will bring more awareness and promote Steem and your blog as well as your brand, product, project, etc.

Steem on!

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What a great way to help get the word out! After all, we are our own advertisers. I am just learning the swing of things here, but this seems like a great way to help.

@voiceofreason yes it means quite helpful!

That's great, what a way to easily automate sharing. I have been tweeting my posts manually but will check this out!

I have set it up long time ago and been meaning to make a post about it but never got around to do that. Now seemed like a perfect time to share this, quite amazing, if you ask me... takes you off from hassle of manual sharing and you just keep blogging, people and your followers from other social media finds you and Steem ;)

Yes and especially that last bit! Thank you for sharing!

Yes it works as I have been doing it for the brand already. The number of sites to share to for blogs is probably closer to 12. Some need third party apps like Buffer to work like Google Plus.

Great, the more we do that more people will find out about Steem. I really like your style and work with 200 social!
Not all of above 300+ services will likely support article/post sharing but depending what you use aside it will be helpful

Very helpful post and comments. Thanks guys!

exactly @hilarski - but worth a try, encouraging any steemian to check that - good reminder @good-karma

This is actually an awesome way to share our posts to numerous websites and spread the word out there about Steem and Steemit! :)

Wow nice! I use IFTTT But I never thought of incorporating Steemit in it.

Yeah it is powerful combination, which save a lot time for bloggers such as yourself and continue promote your brand/product/project...

Thank you so very much for this very good instructional post on how to brand ourselves/posts! This is straight forward and easy to use. Awesome! Namaste :)

You're welcome Eric! Yes automating some of this saves us time

Awesome tool! May have to check that out.

Big shout out to @xeroc who did awesome job by providing RSS feed for accounts and tags...

Great thanks for sharing, I think recipes speed this up even more 👍

Will look at this app for sure. I do spend quite a lot of my day on social media so it is always worth looking at ways to automate and leverage your time better. Thanks for the tip.

You're welcome Sebastian! Let us know how this works out for you 😉

Resteemed and sent a 5 Steem Tip. Until voting works better, I will no longer be playing that game. Comments, resteeming and tips will be how I show my appreciation.

Thank you! Appreciate it brother 😉

Excellent very good [email protected]

Thank you appreciate the comment and glad you find it useful 😉

thanks for you info...

Welcome 👍

Oh thanks for this, this should help a lot ive been doing everything by hand. This will save be a bit of time aye. Thanks again.

Glad that it helped ;)

I'm going to try this out and post about it and thank you for pointing it out ;)

Great, hope to see more people spreading and promoting themself... ;)

Beautiful post

I have ifttt for a while but I'm now thinking it's draining my battery.

What do you mean, using on mobile?!

Yes, I am using on mobile

I think, you can just automate things and uninstall app, applets will continue to work :)

Thanks. Never thought of that because some of my "automate" is turning on/off function on the phone. Now, I should explore other ways and then I can hopefully uninstall.

👍 great!

This is exactly the kind of thing Steemit needs to help spread the fire. Great post and even greater timing!

Thanks! ;)

IFTTT is cool. Automatically sharing posts is a great way to get the message out

Bang ! Thanks for this !

Thank you so much! It seems easy enough. I've been struggling here. I'll give it a shot! :)

Great 👍

I'm a big fan of IFTTT! Glad to see you getting the word out :)

I will try it tomorrow for my blog and Steemit post. Thank you. And resteem 🐕🐕🐕🐕

Yeah, why not, but you need an account at every site.

You can only share to the ones you already use... :)

That is what i meant...

bra inläg som du har delat thanks

Awesome and very useful,thanks a lot and more power ;))

I use only Steemit for socializing. Talk about loyalty, right? Thanks for the tip. Could be useful in the future!

Nice post..
I like it, thank you for sharing

@thecastle hmmmmmmmmm this what you been looking for?

Is this service available only on mobile phones, or it is also suitable for those who work on a PC?

It doesn't matter what device you use, is a website which you can automate your blog posts to be shared automatically.

Thanks, It's good news and new opportunities for all

Welcome, try it out and let me know your experience 😉

I want to share my post in Google+ acoount but I don't see G+ in the list:(

@good-karma Nice post, thank you for sharing

Thats one amazing way to create awareness!!!

applause 👏

Great post, thanks

By this way, steemit can only act as Trigger, can not do any Action like do a post or something.

Good job! Thank you !


Wow, great post....Will definitely try this method. Great posting especially for newbies like me and yes for old steemit members too.

How come it says not valid feed?

feed is not reachable at this time

I their entire service is messed up.....apparently I have an account with them yet if I try to reset my password all four of my emails are not registered.

You don't need account on streemian to use this, just enter you account name in URL like in post and it should already have feed