How To Make More STEEM/SBD When The Prices Are Plummeting

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Almost trashed this video because of the wind noise but the information is crucial so I'm going to post it anyway.

While everyone is in a bad place because of the downtrends in the crypto markets, I'm going to teach you how to appreciate them and actually earn a little just by knowing a little neat feature of the STEEM blockchain.

It always sees SBD as it's worth 1 USD

SBD is currently worth 0.93$ on the internal market and other crypto exchanges while, the Steem blockchin will exchange SBD for STEEM at the price of SBD being 1$!

Meaning, that every 3 days you can make a couple % profit on any SBD you exchange in this process.

The process lasts 3 days and removes that SBD out of existence. It reduces the circulation of SBD and drives its price upwards.

#1 Blockchain SBD conversion through SteemConnect
Change runicar to your username and value 1.000 to however much SBD you wat to exchange for STEEM.

If you do more than one conversion, increment the requestid number by one every time. It must be unique.

In 3 days you will receive STEEM with which you can buy more SBD than you started with thus, turning a profit. It all depends on how low the price of SBD is though. The lower it goes the more you make.

#2 100% Power Up!

Does the same thing. The part you were supposed to get in SBD while taking a 50/50 payout is converted to SP at a price of SBD being 1$.

By using the 100% Power Up option, whenever SBD is lower than 1$ this extra % is funneled into more SP for you! Take every single bit of it and use this opportunity while it's still awailable.

By now you should be praying for bears!

I have always enjoyed the bear markets on STEEM as its the perfect time to accumulate more tokens easily. There is just much less competition for the same amount of rewards there is in the pool. Thus, those who stay during the "hard times" are greatly rewarded for their commitment to the platform.

Those that have the rght information in the right time, benefit even more. Knowledge is power, and we all know what power is. Money!

While you might be chasing dollars, the right information is what you should be seeking to get first!

The two tips I shared with you today are just a piece of it. Other parts will fit in as the market shift and turn.

I'll share any new ones I come across!

Cya in the next one!

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Nice camera angle. I have been playing with this exchange for the past 2 weeks. Wanted to verify everything before making a video on it. I am not one of those people who jump ship. Time to get a mic with a sound cover on it. Great advice overall man, STEEMon.

Thanks! How much did you make per trade at what price? Yea I know but sadly I can't afford to buy anyting now QQ Next bull is when I get all of the gear I need :D

I found about the same amount you stated 7%. I only did 20 and the first week. The next week I did it the day before the drop, unfortunately, that 14% drop in STEEM price killed my profits for that trade.

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Nice! Yea, sharp drops in price can kill profits as STEEM median price is used when calculating how much one will get. Median can stay high even though the price tanks as it's an average over 3.5 days.

Just recently learned about this trick, sadly I have not saved much for SBD for this occasion 😅

Valid information we should all know helping to reduce the blockchain debt!

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I have known about it for a long time but completely forgot about it until @acidyo reminded me about it when he saw @freedom doing the same thing with like 100k SBD

Good advice man... 😉 Thanks for the reminder.

Well to be honest I am just thinking on how I will be able. To pay my rent next month lolol that's all I can think about right now.

But I will figure it out. Ehehhe

This crypto crisis really messed up my plans for 2018 being the best year of my life 😭 but well there are worst things happens all over the world.

I will figure out a solution.

Anyway. Nice tips for everyone that is new he hehe 😉

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The struggle is real man. Tell me about it. You should see what I'm going through...

nvm all of that, I can go through a lot when I know how big the pot of gold is awaiting at the end of the road.

2019 should and is going to be a great year for everyone in crypto. Especially Steem. Institutional investors are coming in and that's why the prices are going down right now. They don't want to buy expensive coins so they are putting immense down pressure to induce FUD and make people sell their coins.

When Wall Street and friendsstart buying billions worth of crypto, sky is the limit to where prices can go.

Soon, we will have a whole nother set of problems to think about. Much better ones to have than the lack of funds we are currently experiencing.

I only can hope so. Lol

Anyway. This will only make me. Work harder to find solutions. And will only make me stronger.

Life of a person that want to live of their creativity was never easy.

Artists have always struggled. Eheheh

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I only can hope so. Lol

Anyway. This will only make me. Work harder to find solutions. And will only make me stronger.

Life of a person that want to live of their creativity was never easy.

Artists have always struggled. Eheheh

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I did a little trade using your Plan A and I hope that everything will go fine for next 3 days.

When did you initiate it? The only bad thing that can happen is if STEEM price tanks and aerage price stays high, or if SBD goes over 1 USD.Either way, I'm still waiting for my first conversion of 500 SBD to finalize. I'll go through it a couple more times to test my luck :D

I did a very small trade so it will not be going to make much difference however based on outcomes I will be in a position to see the benefits and loss out of it.

You can simply swap in the internal market instantly and power up.

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Ofc you can but, that will exchange the SBD at current rate which is around .95$ so you don't really make any profit. By doing a blockchain conversion, SBD is priced at 1$

Thanks for information! You are good trader :-) :-) Have a nice sunday!

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Np! thanks buddy!

These are some great tricks.

competely agree with all you say mate!! i like your vision

Nice information buddy though i was not abel to watch the video as i am traveling but as soon as i reach my home i will watch the video and i really got good info from your post.

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Didn't you used to be able to perform this kind of transaction directly from steemit? For some reason they took that option away...

It is good to accumulate cheap cryptos in these times @runicar and a good idea to burn SBD's too but whale sell-off can ruin the price of steem though.

I am literally going to uncheck 50/50 rewards distribution. This time for power up.

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