[Witness Report] @roadofrich by Blokfield.Inc

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Blokfield.INC has been involved in several development activities since HF23 and produced several significant results.

  1. DeFi system for STEEM
    steem.finance, operated by our team, is a DeFi system for STEEM users and works on the BSC network.
    Users can mine SFI tokens by Delegate SP and receive daily Upvote rewards.

  2. STEEM-BSC Bridge
    STEEM blockchain Coin can be exchanged 1:1 with BSC-based BSTEEM, and STEEM can be used on the BSC network.
    The bridge allows STEEM to be traded on a decentralized AMM exchange.

  3. @robinia, @wisteriaswap
    Our team has purchased about 1,000,000 STEEM from the market based on the service over the past year and is contributing to the STEEM ecosystem by PowerUp.

What's Next for Blokfield.Inc for STEEM?

  1. Witness Vote System
    @roadofrich has been a witness for years, but there has been no special publicity. Many users supported the @roadofrich account, but our team did not seem to be able to reciprocate.
    Blokfield.Inc plans to more aggressively promote and witness the @roadofrich account and strive to become the Top 20 witnesses.
    We will share Witness rewards with all users who support roadofrich accounts and upvote daily.
    Witness reward sharing has been developed and the daily Upvote system is under development. Hope to get an update soon.
    If you are looking forward to more STEEM rewards, keep an eye out for @roadofrich account.

  2. NFT
    NFT is not just ending in the realm of art.
    Recently, many large companies are interested in and participating in the NFT market.
    NFT has no doubts that this will be a new opportunity for STEEM.
    Our team plans to develop NFT development, marketplace, and minting system. It is also already in discussion with several companies as part of utility NFT.

If you think the @roadofrich account is helpful for the STEEM blockchain, please support it through Witness vote.


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